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Intentions, Good or Bad?


It’s hard to believe it was nearly a year ago that I shoved a slip of paper in the middle of the novel I was reading, tossed it on the counter and plopped down behind my laptop, intent on writing a story about a plot I’d never read before.

Sure every Regency romance reader has read about an impoverished lord who is out to gain his fortune by duping some wealthy chit (usually a naive debutante or an old maid) into marrying him so he can have her dowry. In the end it comes out in one way or another that he’d only married her for her money, but fell in love with her along the way…blah, blah, blah. Very plain, boring and quite frankly overdone.

But what if the hero’s intentions were not so noble, hmm? What if the hero would gain the fortune he needs not by marrying an heiress, but by not marrying her? And what if said hero loses his heart to her along the way, but is forced to choose between marrying the woman he loves and remaining impoverished or doesn’t marry her in order to regain his much-needed fortune?

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