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A plot cannot move and a story cannot be told if the characters lack the personality to pull it off. (Unless, they don’t stay true to character, that is.) However, it’s not just the leading characters that make up the book. The secondary characters are just as important.

I’m the kind of person who finishes a book and wonders that happened with so-and-so. Some authors will later use that character again in another book (and with any luck, make them the hero or heroine). I’m one of those authors. Not all characters are redeemable or in a position to show up as the hero/heroine of another book. However, I feel if a character is likeable, single, and/or has a past that presents a good story front, there’s likelihood they’ll show up again. Hence, why I made a series. I could NOT leave Brooke’s two sisters without a HEA. I just couldn’t. Even if neither of them possessed a personality that lent itself to writing their book, I just couldn’t leave them off.

When I wrote the first book, I  knew it would be a series, and I decided to include several scenes that not only focused on the hero/heroine’s relationship but a family relationship, too.

Over the next few days, I’ll try to go over the main characters in my first book, and how their personality made it easy for me to stick with my original plot idea as well as briefly cover the secondary characters and how it took all of them working together to pull off the plot.

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