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Brooke, the Heroine

Before I pressed the first key on my laptop I knew Brooke had to have a personality that would lend itself to falling into the hero’s trap. She had to be so many other things in addition to being dismissive of the rules in order for the plot to work.

Several times before publishing I considered dropping the first chapter and starting where the men strike up their deal. However, when I read it (and had others read it) that way, it became obvious that the first chapter was necessary because it laid down the groundwork for the personalities of the family, and not just for this novel, but for all three. Therefore, it was necessary to leave it in there.

The book starts with Brooke being alone with a man in a dark garden, declaring for all and sundry, she doesn’t give a fig for the rules. Once she goes back in and her sister lists off her sins, so to speak, it becomes obvious just how much Brooke likes to flout the rules. And not only does she flout them, she doesn’t care, nor is she embarrassed. In fact, she’s rather bold about it.

Brooke’s boldness came to the forefront several times during the book. She had several moments where she knew she should be embarrassed or ashamed, yet didn’t. Another way her bold personality came to light in a way that moved the plot along was how she so easily talked about scandalous topics and willingly went off alone with him.

Why would she so willingly go off alone with a man she hardly knew? Because she’s too trusting. Brooke is so trusting, she sees no problem going off alone with a man, nor does she suspect his intentions are anything but honorable, which was another way that helped move the plot. Unlike Liberty, who is skeptical of everyone, or Madison, who dislikes men in general, Brooke easily gives her trust, which became crucial to her downfall.

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