Reader Questions

After more than a week, I still have a cold and cannot think of a single thing to write for the blog (although that’s not necessarily unusual…). Anyway, I thought I’d answer a few reader questions I’ve been e-mailed.

1. Is your husband Andrew Black, Earl of Townson?

No. As much as my own parents like to argue that with me, he’s not. The two do have two physical similarities: unusually tall and a broken nose. That’s it. Hair is different, eyes are different, body build, the reason for the broken nose, etc, all different. As for the personality, completely different. My husband is for the most part very carefree and laid back, his tongue would never get away from him and get him into such a bind.

2. Who’s your favorite character from Gone With the Wind? (This was e-mailed after a blog post I did on the movie/book.)

To be honest, my favorite is Mammy. When I read the book I was rather indifferent about her. But when I watched the movie, to me, she stole the spotlight. The lines she had in the movie were identical to the ones in the book, but the way the actress carried them off was incredible! Her facial expressions and body language coupled with her tone and pursing lips when she was upset made her my favorite. One of my favorite lines is right after Bonnie is born and Rhett is celebrating with a drink and hears Mammy’s stiff petticoat rustling under her dress. He asks her what’s making the noise and figures out she’s wearing the red petticoat he bought her on his honeymoon then asks her to lift her skirt so he can see it because he won’t believe it until he sees it with his own eyes. A coy smile takes Mammy’s lips and while she slowly lifts her skirt a few inches for him to see, she says, “You is bad, Mr. Rhett.”

My other favorite is when she puts her hands on her hips, scowls, shakes her head and hollers, “It ain’t fittin’. I say it ain’t fittin’. It just ain’t fittin’.”

3. Who is your favorite author?

This is really hard to answer because I don’t have one. There are a select five or six that I follow and always buy their books. However, since I started writing, I haven’t had as much time to read and I have to confess I think I’m currently behind on all of those author’s latest books…

I do read books outside of that group, too. I try to find a new author each month and if I like them, I’ll go back and buy more of their books!

4. Do you plan to write another genre?

I have no idea. Right now, the three books I’ve completed and are ready, fall into the Regency category, which can also include broad historicals. My fourth book which starts a different series also falls into the Regency category. So for the time being I plan to keep to Regency historicals, but that might change after the second series. I don’t really know. I’ve no plans at this point to write contemporary I do know that, but for historicals, it’s possible I might change eras.


5. Did you intend to make Paul and Liberty despise each other so much in the first book, and how do you plan to resolve that?

Talk about a loaded question! I’ll answer part of that and let the book answer the rest! I did not intend to make them dislike each other so much. When I started writing Intentions of the Earl I knew it was to be the first in a three book series and I wanted to include enough of the secondary characters to spark interest. However, my plan for Liberty and Paul was not to dislike each other at all but to have a mutual secret attraction that they both tried to deny because of her father (Paul’s mentor). But then Liberty burst into Brooke’s room and all the sudden my fingers took on a mind of their own and instead of writing she thought she’d fallen in love with Mr. Grimes, she said she hated him!

At first, I stared at the computer–stunned. What was I going to do now? Then I remembered this nifty little key labeled “backspace” and just as I started to backspace, I stopped. While a secret love affair might be fun, it was too soon for those two to be in love. For goodness’ sake, the hero and heroine weren’t even in love yet, how could the secondary characters be?! Besides, I think it turned out better this way. Liberty has a lot to learn about herself and life before she can fall in love! And she’ll do just that in her own book, Liberty for Paul.

Have a question? Feel free to write it below or visit my site and e-mail me. If I get enough, I might do more of these type posts.

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