Dedication Page

One of the most fun things authors get to do before publishing their book is write out a dedication page. Some don’t see it as fun and just put a simple: “For my husband.” or “Dedicated to So-and-So for all the support.”  Others like to have fun with them and will put something unusual that either tells the reader more about the author personally or is just there for humor.

Mine fall into the latter category: humor and person. They also let on to a little about what you might find in the book.

For my first book, Intentions of the Earl, the dedication page read:

Dedicated to my maternal grandmother who possessed the worst decorating skills I’ve ever witnessed.

And, to my loving husband who has always supported me, even if it meant reading a copy of my first manuscript by the fire on our annual camping trip. I love you!

 Putting aside the fact that my maternal grandmother would spin in her grave if she knew I’d ever written a romance (especially one with sex in it), I chose to dedicate it to her based solely on her horrific decorating skills. In the book, the Banks’ family lives in an atrociously decorated townhouse. One room specifically is talked about having lime green carpet, purple drapes, gold wallpaper, a pink settee, a red settee and an orange wingbacked chair. My grandmother’s living room had pink carpet, gold drapes, white walls, a green vinyl chair, an orange leather wingbacked chair, and a long white vinyl couch with orange flowers all over it. The living room connected with the dining room which had forest green drapes, orange and black bar stools, a wooden table with a long white tablecloth that nearly touched the orange tile floor. To top it all off, she had brass animals–ducks, eagles, fish etc–she either had resting on the flat surfaces or hanging on the wall. And while these decorating themes may have been very popular in the 1970’s, she still had (and loved) all that furniture and decorations past the year 2000.

As for the part about my husband, I must tell you he has been the biggest supporter of me. He even read my first book twice even though he hates to read a book more than once. The first time he read the book was last summer when we went out our yearly camping trip. While camping he read the entire book. What I didn’t put in there, but I still tease him about was a missing page. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know one of the most exciting parts is when John, Brooke’s father, rushes into the library after he’s been informed… Well, for some reason when I was printing off the MS that page got misplaced–and no, I did not do it intentionally–and while my husband was reading through, he flipped the page and yelled, “The page is missing! It goes from 127 to 129, where’s 128?” At first I laughed at his expression, then I dug frantically through the car to see if I could find a copy of the missing page.

Dedication pages can be a lot of fun to write and read sometimes, so next time you pick up a book, read the dedication page.

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