Inspiring Accomplishments

When I started writing my first book it wasn’t about seeing my name on a book cover or making a ton of money. It was because I wanted to tell a different kind of story. Something unusual that I didn’t think had been written before and I thought others might like to find read that kind of story as well.

A lot of uncertainty and worry goes through an author while writing their books, and that uncertainty and worry doesn’t magically go away after it get’s published, either. In fact, I honestly believe those feelings increase. However, I must say that earlier this morning, I had some of that unease slowly slide away when I saw this:

After only 31 days, I spent more than an hour ranked number 21 on Amazon’s Regency Romances Bestsellers list! I’ve since slipped back to number 23 (as of now), but still to be in the thick of authors such as Sabrina Jeffries, Eloisa James and Julia Quinn is something I never dreamed would happen and to me it’s really neat to see my name with theirs! Talk about inspiring! 

A large thank you to all of those of you who have bought (and enjoyed) the book, this would have never happened without you!

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