Character Interview with Madison Banks, Secondary Character in Liberty for Paul

Today I have Madison Banks here with me to give us her take on Paul and Liberty and their unfortunate first impressions on each other. Thank you for joining me today, Madison. You are actually in a rather unique situation since you were present for the first…uh…incident involving Liberty and Paul. Is there anything you can tell us we don’t already know.

I don’t think so. I told everything to Brooke already, that’s all there was to say.

Ah, but you’re assuming everyone who’s reading this has already read Intentions of the Earl.

You mean they haven’t? Well, they should go to pick up a copy post haste! All right, you make a valid point, so I’ll just give a brief summary of what transpired that dreadful day. Mr. Grimes overheard Liberty say some unsavory comments and gently put her in her place. Shocked, and undoubtedly embarrassed, Liberty shot to her feet and said some equally unsavory comments to Mr. Grimes. Something about him not having any ballocks and hoping his troubles worsen so he has to go live out the rest of his life in a hole. It’s been a while, but I think that just about covers it.

She seems a lovely girl.

Actually, she is. Aside from her annoying love for propriety and her utter hatred for Mr. Grimes she truly is a lovely girl. You just have to get to know her a little better, you’ll see.

I think we shall all get to know her better very soon. However, do you think Mr. Grimes would agree with your description of her being lovely?

No, of course not. I don’t mean to sound critical, but have you read Intentions of the Earl? The two cannot tolerate each other, anyone who’s read the book would know that.

I’ve read that book more times than you think. But that’s not the point, what I was saying was… Wait. Have you read the book?

Of course, I did! Who hasn’t?  Well, except for those who haven’t found it yet and didn’t want to cut short this interview to go find their copy.  Although, just between us, I must admit I had to skim a few areas since Brooke is my sister and all.

But of course. And did you learn anything from the book?

Yes and no. Naturally, I already knew most of the details of Brooke and Andrew’s relationship because she told me, but I had no idea exactly why Mr. Grimes sported that nasty bump on his forehead at Brooke’s wedding, nor all the details of his lawn bowls game with Liberty. However, what I was most surprised to learn happened at the front of the book. Spacey? Really? Putting aside, the fact that the word “spacey” probably wasn’t even a term anyone would have thought to use back then, I was still rather shocked because all this time I actually thought you liked me.

I do like you. That’s why I have the perfect hero lined up for you to marry.

Save your ink. My interest in marriage in general rivals Liberty’s interest in Mr. Grimes. Actually, that’s not true. Liberty does have an interest in Mr. Grimes. It just seems his indifference toward her soured her feelings for him.


Just because I sit quiet and tend to let my eyes wander off to…to….out the window, does not mean I’m a featherbrain. The truth of it is, I’d wager Liberty was attracted to him from the start, but he seemed rather disinterested. Or if he was interested, he surely didn’t make it known.

Very observant. Would you say if the two were to marry interest for the other would spark?

I suppose it’s possible. But it’s unlikely they’d willingly marry.

So it is. That just means the hand of fate (or in this case, my hands) will have to interfere and see what can be done.

Just as long as those hands don’t try to create a fate for me, I don’t care what you do.

Oh, ye of little faith, you–and all our other readers–will just have to see what I have in store for you in To Win His Wayward Wife. Don’t roll your eyes, you will be the heroine.  And, even more exciting, you’ll be back in the interview chair in the next week or so when I do character interviews for the characters in that book. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Can hardly wait.

I knew it. But please try to contain your excitement. Until then, keep reading everyone!

2 thoughts on “Character Interview with Madison Banks, Secondary Character in Liberty for Paul”

  1. “Well, they should go to pick up a copy post haste!”

    Now, this is a good sales pitch! 😛

    You know, I’m wondering what is going on in Madison’s head. She’s an enigma because she doesn’t say a lot.

    1. Lol!!! Believe it or not, I didn’t really think of it from the “sales pitch” stand point. See, Madison may not talk a lot, but when she does, she’s very, very blunt.

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