Character Interview, Paul and Liberty Grimes, Secondary Characters from To Win His Wayward Wife

Good morning, all. Thank you for joining us on this Friday morning. Today I’m starting my round of character interviews with the characters from my upcoming book, To Win His Wayward Wife, which is coming out April 15, exactly two weeks from today. I thought it would be best this time if we didn’t start with the main characters, but instead with the secondary characters. So today I have Paul and Liberty Grimes with me to talk about their happiness together and maybe share a little about what we can expect to see in To Win His Wayward Wife. Liberty, Paul, before you tell us what we can expect, why don’t you tell us how things are going for the two of you.

LG: Well, as you know, we’re expecting–

PG: That alone should tell you just how well things are going!

LG: Would you stop it?! The entire world was already privy to our first intimate encounter and knew full well we were about to have another; but must you feel the need to broadcast to the world that we still we have marital intimacies?

PG: Of course I do! As I already told you, I may be a Man of God, but I’m still a man. And a rather proud man at that. I certainly never thought such a thing would be happening between us, ever, so why not be happy about it?

LG: Men.

Just so. Now, lets quit this topic and discuss something else, shall we? When your story ended the two of you were at a ball hosted by Brooke, right?

LG: Yes, we were there.

I take it you have some rather sour feelings about that night?

LG: Why would you say that?

Because normally I cannot get you to close your mouth, and you just said a mere four words in answer to my question then you lips pursed as if you’d just eaten a lemon.

LG: I’d rather not discuss the night in question. That wretched man just cannot leave well enough alone.

PG: Calm down, darling. Just think, it’ s not you who married him. Though if Madison had accepted your previous offer of you letting her take your place across the altar from me, you could have married him.

LG: Well, let’s just all say a prayer of thanksgiving Madison wouldn’t have you.

PG: Yes, because I turned out to be such an awful husband.

LG: No, because you’re such an excellent husband. She’s the one who got the short end of the stick.

Now, now, I wouldn’t say that. I think he is the perfect match for her and will treat her just as well as Paul has treated you.

LG: Are you aware he’s kidnapped her?

Yes. And, I know just where he’s taken her.

LG: Well I should hope so. Brooke has guaranteed me that all shall turn out fine, but I have doubts about the optimism the two of you share.

Ah, but you also had doubts about the man who I chose to be your husband, too.

LG: True. I did have my doubts at first, but I did come around to see your way of thinking.

PG: And she’s very happy about it now.

LG:  Would you stop gloating? It’s rather annoying, you know?

PG: I know, but you like it when I’m annoying.

LG: I do not. Nobody likes to be annoyed. It’s annoying. Now stop.

(Perhaps I should have started with a different couple…) *Sighs* All right, you two, just answer some quick yes or no answers for me. Does Madison get engaged the night of the ball you all were attending in the final scene of Liberty for Paul?

LG: Yes.

And is Madison excited about her engagement?

PG: I think it depends on how one views excitement. In a way, yes she is. In another way, no she isn’t.

Very true. All right, what of the family? Are they excited about the man she marries?

LG: No.

PG: I don’t know everything about this particular man and his previous involvement with the Banks family, but I do know enough to know not a one of them was championing the match.

Well, that’s too bad. But you do think it’ll work out?

PG: I do. I know Liberty doesn’t, and where you currently yanked us out of the past, we were just in the middle of the story, so I don’t know exactly what is currently happening with the two of them or where it will lead. However, I imagine things will eventually work out for the two. I have my faith in him.

That’s good to hear. Before we go, I have one final question for Liberty. What did you store in your memory chest?

LG: Nothing so great. Especially not compared to what Madison had in hers if her reaction to seeing it was anything to go by. I mainly had a few special hair ribbons and a haircomb one of the little boys at my father’s church in New York gave me.

That’s still rather fascinating. I’m glad you and your sisters were able to recover your sentimental belongings, even if one of them didn’t want to claim hers. Well, have a good Friday everyone and I’ll be back on Monday to talk to another character. Enjoy your weekend!

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