Character Interview, Brooke Black, Secondary Character in To Win His Wayward Wife

Today I have with me Brooke Black, Countess of Townson here to talk about her sister, Madison, and her past romance with a fellow named Mr. Robert Swift.


Thank you for joining me today, Brooke. The readers of the first two books are very curious about Madison and her past relationship. What can you tell us?

Nothing good. The three of us used to play together as children. As we got older, Madison developed a rather disturbing infatuation with him. From there, she allowed him to court her for five years before tossing her aside in favor of another.

And I’m guessing this did not endear him to the family?

No, it did not. Would it endear someone to you if you saw that person treat someone you love poorly?

Point taken. But I’m the one asking the questions, remember?

Then ask sensible ones, would you?

A mighty sharp tongue today, eh?

I just can’t believe you did that, that’s all.

You mean—

I mean who you affianced her to! Have a heart, would you?

I do. And so does he. He may not know how to show it, but he does have a heart.

Good to know. I’ll go cut it out after this is over.

Oh, don’t be so dramatic.

I’ll try, but no guarantees.

Very well. Let’s talk more about Madison’s relationship with Robbie—

I’d rather not.

—Why  specifically do you dislike him so much? And don’t just give the vague, “he treated my sister poorly,” line.

I think the better question would be why should I like him. But since you asked why I don’t, I’ll name you a few reasons. First, he’s dumber than stump. He can’t read his own pocket watch. He constantly confuses the meanings of words. He doesn’t think before he acts.

Perhaps he just gets nervous?

No. He’s not nervous, he’s a clodpole. And yet, he’s a walking contradiction. One minute he’s charming and has a silver tongue then the next he walks into a room and makes a complete fool of himself.

Sounds like an interesting fellow.

He’s not.

All right, I’ll take your word for it.  Just one last thing, is there a man somewhere out there you think she would have been a better match for?

Yes, but it matters naught now. She’ll never have the chance to discover the truth of that mess. Not that she’d want to. She seems bent to believe the worst about him, even if I don’t.

Thank you for talking to me today, Brooke. I hope you’ll all join me tomorrow when I invite Madison back to help me answer a couple of reader questions.


2 thoughts on “Character Interview, Brooke Black, Secondary Character in To Win His Wayward Wife”

  1. LOL He’s dumber than a stump.

    I have to admit that he’s not sounding so great right now because he ditched Madison in the past. I look forward to seeing his side of things to find reasons to like him.

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