Character Interviews with John and Carolina Banks, (Minor) Secondary Characters from To Win His Wayward Wife

This morning I’m once again on at ship making a voyage to England from America, but instead of talking to Robbie again, I’m here to interview John and Carolina Banks. John, Carolina, are the two of you excited to be going back to England?

CB: Of course we are. We’ll get to see our three girls.

JB: Which is a good thing, indeed. Carolina will be there to console them after I kill two of their husbands, one in particular.

Now, now, I know you have no intention of doing such a thing. However, I must know, which husband in particular would you like to kill, or shall we say injure because you will not be killing anyone?

JB: Which one do you think? The one who caused this situation.

CB: That could be both of them, dear. Ms. Gordon, the one he’s most angry with changes hourly. Just excuse his attitude. He doesn’t like being in a situation where he cannot do anything at the moment.

Very well, Mrs. Banks, and are you angry with one of your daughter’s husbands?

CB: Of course. But unlike my husband, I think this all could have been avoided had Andrew and Brooke been keeping a better eye one her. See, I imagine Brooke wasn’t the best chaperone I could have found for her. Looking back on it now, I should have asked Regina, or even Liberty would have been a better chaperone than Brooke.

*Coughs and nearly chokes* Liberty? But she’s the younger sister by three years that would not have gone over well at all.

CB: No, it wouldn’t have, would it? But the truth of the matter is, while Andrew will take the brunt of the blame from my husband, Brooke probably ought share it.

JB: Townson will not be encountering my temper alone. He’ll have company. That no-good, filthy wastrel who married Madison will be right beside him.

*Exchanges looks with Carolina* I see. So, is it safe to assume if you’d been present at the wedding you would have objected?


A moment later: CB: No. Though the whole mess is rather sordid and does not meet our approval, we would not have publically objected to the match that way—

JB: Instead, we would have never agreed to it in the first place.

CB: But we weren’t there when the betrothal was announced. All we could have done had we made it back to England before the wedding would have been to try and convince him to cry off.

Him? Why not Madison?

CB: She wouldn’t have done so. She may not be as much as a propriety-lover as Liberty, but she also wouldn’t have acted as Brooke and refused marriage to the man who created a scandal around her, no matter how unsavory he is.

Is it fair to say you don’t approve?

CB: As a mother, no. I honestly don’t know anything about the man to recommend him as marriage material for my daughter. On the other hand, I do know he comes from a family with a respectable position and has the means to take care of her. If he chooses to do so, that is.

You don’t think he will?

JB: We have no idea. He may have money and position and it may be known he keeps his business affairs in order, but our concern is his private life, which happens to be the part of his life our daughter will fall into.

I suppose that’s a legitimate concern. But would it help if I guaranteed you that when you arrive in England you’ll learn he’s turned out to be a better husband than you’re thinking he is?

JB: I suppose it might help ease our minds a bit. But not much. Knowing him, he’s probably abducted her or some such.

CB: Oh, John, don’t be so dramatic. Even he wouldn’t do that.

JB: *Snorts* Yes, he would. He is exactly the type who would do such a thing.

CB: Don’t mind him. He’ll be on edge until we arrive and find out the truth of everything, including just how exactly she ended up married to such a reprobate.

Yes, well, I…um… I think I better be going now. It was very nice to talk to the two of you, we’ll chat again later.

CB: That was most odd.

JB: She ought be running. Marrying our daughter to him.

CB: Would you stop it. I wasn’t talking about that. Did you see the started fidgeting when you mentioned an abduct…


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