Dedication Page with Clues for To Win His Wayward Wife

It’s Wednesday which means only two more days before To Win His Wayward Wife comes out! I’m very excited and from a few e-mails I’ve gotten the past few days I realize I’m not the only one! Tomorrow I will do one final interview with Madison, which has left me undecided about today…

I know it’s not the most interesting post you’ll read from me, but I think today I’ll post the dedication page for this book to give clues about what to expect. If you haven’t read my posts on the dedication pages for Intentions of the Earl and Liberty for Paul just click one of those titles. I generally weave clues about scenes or themes in the dedication pages.

For my youngest son who wakes me up every Saturday morning at quarter to seven so I can make Belgium waffles by coming in my room and screaming, “It’s time to make the muffles, muffle maker!”


And to my husband who has encouraged me in all of my hobbies, including painting; and even allowed us to display the painting I did of him after our oldest son looked at the picture and said, “That doesn’t look like Daddy. It looks like the teacher from Brown Bear!” (Just so you know, the teacher from Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? is a woman…)


There they are. Both passages hold a clue about what is coming up in the book!


8 thoughts on “Dedication Page with Clues for To Win His Wayward Wife”

  1. Okay. I’ll make some guesses.

    1. Madison is abducted at a quarter to seven or she has a cloth tied around her mouth so when she speaks, her words are muffled.

    2. The hero thinks he can paint but can’t.

    I’ll see how accurate or wrong I am when I read the book. 😀

    1. Those are some great guesses! Really funny, too.

      I’ll even help you (and anyone else who reads the comments) another clue: you have something right on. Not all of it, but there’s a little piece you got right–and it has nothing to do with the fact he abducts her, I made that plain as day in two other posts I’ve done.

      1. Hmm…

        For something that is right out in the open, it’s eluding me. Okay. He can paint. Despite his lack of vision and being late, he has a great talent when it comes to painting! He paints waffles. 😛

      2. Oh Ruth!!! I CANNOT comment back, I’m sorry. It’s killing me not to, too. When you get about halfway through the book, you’ll know exactly why I cannot comment!!! Thank you for the laugh you didn’t even know you were going to give me!

  2. Oh, he learned to paint in Belgium! That’s where he went when he left Madison! For some reason, he couldn’t tell anyone why. I think Miss Small is not a love interest but had something to do with him not telling Madison where he was going.

    I still think the quarter to seven part is important, but I’ll find out when I read the book.

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