Character Interview with Madison Banks, Heroine from To Win His Wayward Wife

Good morning! Today is Thursday, and as promised I will be interviewing Madison once again. I’ve caught her at a time where she has just as much anticipation as the rest of us: the day before her book starts.

Madison, thank you for once again coming to join me, it was most kind of you.

You’re welcome. But you know I only agreed in an attempt to talk you out of this…this foolishness.

Poppycock. You know you’re warming up to him.

No. I don’t think I am.

Well, you’re planning to be warming up to him tomorrow night, right?

 *Grimacing* Yes, I know my duty, but that doesn’t make it any less daunting. I’d prefer not to think of sharing his bed, please. Let’s talk of something—anything—else.

 Hmm, well, the last time we spoke you were about to begin a formal courtship with him. Has he proved a good suitor?

No. Although, I can’t fault him there. It’s not exactly easy to conduct a courtship with Andrew and Brooke hovering about.

So he did try to court you?

I suppose.

Good to know he’s coming around a little and making an effort. 

I guess.

Is there any part of you excited about tomorrow?

Depends how one defines excitement. Eager? No. A basket of nerves? Yes.

You’re not nervous about—

The wedding? Yes, actually I am.

That wasn’t want I was going to say.

I know. I just wanted to halt your words before they scared your readers, or me.

All right, I’ll change the subject. Is there anything you’d like to tell our readers before your debut?

No. You know, Ms. Gordon, this is our what, fourth interview now? I daresay nobody else has been interrogated as much as I have. Do you know what it’s like to be constantly asked questions and forced into exposing parts of yourself you hadn’t planned to. 

Are you asking me if I’ve ever found myself on the other side of the interview?


Yes, I have. In fact, just yesterday I was and you can read about it when we’re done.

I think I just might.

More power to you. Now, let’s talk more about you impending marriage.

Let’s not and say we did.

Why, Madison Banks soon-to-be—

Don’t you dare say it!

—that would be lying!

Oh, and you’ve never fibbed?

No. Never.

*Snorts* You just did.

I know. Back to our interview, and don’t you dare think that if I get sidetracked talking to you this morning I’ll forget what I have to do here in a little bit.

I wouldn’t dream of it.

Yes, you would and we both know it. All right, do you at least think he’s handsome?

 Yes, he’s handsome Nobody could deny that.

And, do you think some girls have ever spun dreams about marriage to him?

Probably. And if any of those young girls would like to step up and take my place at the church tomorrow they are more than welcome.

That won’t be happening, dear girl. You will be the one on Andrew’s arm trotting down the aisle tomorrow.

I can hardly wait.

I know. And neither can I (or the groom)! But we must. Tomorrow all will be revealed and you shall be a married woman! Until then, have a good day everyone!

Now about that interview…

Oh, here it is.

2 thoughts on “Character Interview with Madison Banks, Heroine from To Win His Wayward Wife”

  1. Poor Madison. So much to deal with before she’s forced off to marry the painter (of something) whose pocket watch is stuck at 6:45 (hence why he can’t read it). After he wisks her off to Belgium where he’ll feed her delicious waffles, she’ll eventually consent to enjoy herself on the bearskin rug and have to admit the author was right in pairing her up to him, even if he is ‘dumber than a stump’ and ‘confuses the meaning of words’. Hmm… So maybe it’s not a bearskin rug. Maybe he wants her bare on the rug.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing how right I am. 😛

    1. You have one wild imagination, Ruth. I guess that’s why you have so many great books out there! Keep dreaming up the possibilities, tomorrow all shall be revealed!

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