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Poll for To Win His Wayward Wife! **SPOILER ALERT** Read at Your Own Discretion

Okay, the book has been out for at least 36 hours now and I saw the surprise has already been announced, so now I must ask:

There were several hints (not real giant ones, though) woven into the two earlier books. On May 16–exactly one month from today–I’ll do a post containing all the clues, why did or didn’t this or that happen in certain books, as well as give details as to when and why I decided to match the pair up.

I hope you all enjoyed the third book, and I also hope nobody slammed their Kindle against the wall when they read the first line of the second chapter.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts on the match in the comments section or click here to go back to my website and send the comments in through there.


6 thoughts on “Poll for To Win His Wayward Wife! **SPOILER ALERT** Read at Your Own Discretion”

  1. I’m still in shock. I never saw it coming, so what clues? This is why I don’t read or write mysteries.

    I still can’t believe it. I thought it was going to be Robbie. Wow.

    1. Ruth, you are too funny. I actually hurt myself laughing at your e-mail this morning! I’ll be posting the clues on Monday! A few already guessed them though. (Check your e-mail in about 10 minutes.)

  2. I was pretty sure I knew who it was and only slightly shocked that I was indeed correct. I was so happy about the match, though. I was hoping for more info on Gateway in the first book. My favorite couple out of all seven books.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Madison and Benjamin are my favorite couple, too. I think they go very well together. Sadly, I think several people were disgruntled that there wasn’t more information on Gateway in the first book–but since I already knew he’d marry Madison in book three, I had to be very careful with what information I did give about him.

  3. Because I read the description of book 3 before I read book 2, I immediately guessed that it was Gateway when he showed Liberty the engagement ring. I love Madison and Ben, I love how you made it all a secret. The reason on why he wanted the Banks to go back to America was so sweet . Well done Rose! I can’t wait to read the Groom series 🙂

    1. Hi T,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the surprise! Him showing Liberty the ring had to be the biggest clue. I hope you enjoy the Groom Series just as much.

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