Character Interview, Benjamin Collins, Duke of Gateway, Hero from To Win His Wayward Wife

Good Thursday morning to you, today I have joining me Benjamin Collins, Duke of Gateway, the hero from To Win His Wayward Wife. He’s going to talk to us today about how it felt to go from “that bastard you love to hate” in Intentions of the Earl to “the most besotted man in all of England” in To Win His Wayward Wife.

*Groans* Madam, do you have to call me that? It’s bad enough my wife does. Do you have to, too?

Of course, I do.

*Rolls eyes* Very well. Let’s just get on with this interview; I’d like to return to my fetching wife.

All right, so tell us something we don’t know about you.

I don’t like interviews.

Funny. Find something else.

Hmm, well, it seems you already know everything about me: I’ve married the best woman in the world—who I practically stole from her family; I’m a bastard—literally and figuratively, I’m afraid; I have a total dunce for a cousin; and I once tried to pay a man to run a family off the continent.

For good reason though, right?

Depends who you ask. I thought it was at the time. I later realized it probably wasn’t and just left things alone.

I see. Do you wish now you’d just left things alone to begin with?

Absolutely not. If I had, Brooke and Andrew wouldn’t have me to thank for their lasting happiness.

Oh, I see. It was all just part of one big scheme?

Of course.

You’re full of hot air; and worse yet, you know it.

All right, truthfully, in the year that passed between my offer to Andrew and my marriage to Madison—and even for a while after my marriage to Madison—I might have entertained a thought or two wishing I hadn’t done that. *shrugs* But it makes no difference now, it all worked out.

Yes, it did. Now, tomorrow you’ll join me again with your wife, so I won’t go into asking you questions about your current relationship with her. But I do want to know what went through your mind during those four weeks leading up to your wedding.

The same thing that goes through every man’s mind leading up to his wedding. I’m not going to deny that I was looking forward to getting her in bed.

And that didn’t go so well the first time, did it?

Not as planned, no.

Do you blame her for leaving?

No. I admit I was pretty nasty to her. Not that I intended to be.

Yes, I know. All right. Can you tell our readers what it’s like to go from one personality extreme to the other?

I didn’t. Not really anyway. I read those scenes I was in in Intentions of the Earl Brooke and Andrew painted me a villain worse than Satan himself. However, that’s not really who I am. It’s just their tainted opinions.

Well, do you blame them?

No. Not really. Andrew’s despised me since school—

For good reason I hear.

That may be true, but I do not cackle and sneer nearly as much as they both claim I do.

Uh huh, and let me guess, you don’t have an eerie villain’s laugh, either?

Well, actually, that part might be true. I’ve heard that a time or two for others.

Have you now?

Of course. But still, I believe both Andrew and Brooke made me out to be far worse than I am.

Is that so? Do you plan to call them out?

*Chuckles* No. Only him. I couldn’t bring myself to kill my wife’s sister. Her husband, however…

Oh, do be serious.

All right, no I have no plans to call him out. Even if he did slander me quite thoroughly.

*Rolls eyes* How in the world does Madison put up with you?

Don’t know. She just does. Guess that’s the magic of love.

Must be. For just now, I think I’m siding with Brooke and Andrew, you’re being insufferable.

No, I’m not. I’m just not answering like you’d like me to. Much like in the book. You tried to keep me all ogre like, but I wouldn’t heed your commands.

Yes, I noticed.

That’s just what happens when a man loves a woman. If he really loves her he’ll treat her right. Now, I’m not saying I didn’t have my moments where I wasn’t a shining example of a good husband. But, I did treat her well overall, and the reason for that was because I loved her. Love softens the hardest of hearts.

Wow, rather eloquent words from a snake, don’t think?

Of course. But it’s true.

It’s good to know you love her so much, both now and before your marriage. Tomorrow I’ll talk to the two of you about your first meeting in New York as well as the early weeks of your marriage.

Fine. Now can I go back?

Yes. Be gone with you.

Don’t have to tell me twice, *muttered as he springs from his chair and walks out the door.*

2 thoughts on “Character Interview, Benjamin Collins, Duke of Gateway, Hero from To Win His Wayward Wife”

  1. “I do not cackle and sneer nearly as much as they both claim I do.”

    LOL The key here being ‘as much’. 😉

    Okay. Now I’m curious what mean and nasty things he did on the wedding night. Good way to intrigue. Too bad I didn’t read this on Monday when I’ll get my Kindle back.

    Again, I just love how men think about sex. What do women think about before marriage? If memory serves, I was thinking, ‘I finally get to have a husband and kids.’ But that was almost 11 years ago, so who knows if that is accurate? I do remember freaking out a little bit about the wedding night, but in the end, I wore him out and he needed to rest. What a wimp. (joking on the wimp part…kind of)

    1. Oh my… That’s all I can say about your wedding night confession.

      Okay, I’m composed a bit more. In cause you’re wondering there is a part or two where he might misbehave. But we can’t all write “perfect” characters. LOL!!!

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