An Afternoon Chat with the Duke of Gateway, Villain from Intentions of the Earl

Good afternoon, everyone. Today I’m meeting once again with Benjamin Collins, Duke of Gateway. Together we’ll be discussing his irritation about the lack of progress Andrew is making in his pursuit of Brooke Banks. Your Grace?

Well I think you just about summed it up. I want him to act. Now.

He’s going as fast as he can.

It’s not being fast enough. He’s taking too long about it. He needs to step it up?

Step it up?

Yes, step it up. He needs to do the deed and be done with it before…

Before what?

Never mind that. Just make him hurry about his business, would you?

And why should I? I think the two of them are having a fabulous time as it is.

No doubt they are.

Then what’s the problem?

That’s not what he’s supposed to be doing! He’s supposed to be ruining her reputation, not taking care to secure a chaperone to go tour the estate. I’ll grant you, he chose the right person for that job, but he still has yet to produce any results.

Why are you so worried about this? There wasn’t a timeframe set.

No. But he’s dallying.

No, he’s gaining her trust.

No. He’s dallying. Before you know it he’ll decide not to follow through.

And is that such a bad thing?

Yes! He made an agreement, he better follow it through.

And if he doesn’t?

You better hope he does.

Tell me, Your Grace, just what is the benefit of this for you?

That is none of your concern, madam. Now you do your duty and give him a shove in the right direction.

And if I don’t?

Well, as you’ve already admitted, I’m a renegade character. So you better see to it Townson pulls this off or who knows what havoc I might wreak on your upcoming novels.

Oh, you wouldn’t dare.

Wouldn’t I?

No. You really wouldn’t. There’s more here than meets the eye and I’m sure we’ll all discover the truth of it soon enough.

Well, good luck with that, madam.

And there you have it, a nice little chat with a villain. How better to spend the afternoon? Tomorrow I’ll post the first of my book reviews, let’s all hope for the best on that score.

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