Character Interview with Andrew, the Morning of his Deed

First, I’d like to say I hope all the moms out there had a good Mother’s Day yesterday. Second, thank you to all of those who sent me e-mails over the weekend. That was very nice of you. In case you hadn’t heard, which I’m not sure how so many knew in the first place, I had four impacted wisdom teeth removed on Friday. It goes without saying, it was not a fun weekend for me. But I’m doing better this morning and as promised, I’ll get back to my character interviews this week. I believe I only have four left. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Good morning, Andrew, you feeling all right?

*glares at me* Could you have possibly found another way for the two of us to meet?

Is something wrong with your current situation?

Yes! In the next twelve hours she’ll be gone.

Ah, so tonight is the night?

Yes. Sadly.

And are you having second thoughts?

No. I cannot have second thoughts. If I don’t go through with this, who knows what that degenerate will think to do to Brooke or her sisters. It’s just easier this way.


Yes. Easier.

For her or for you?

For her, of course.

And what of you?

That doesn’t matter. This is about her. I want her hurt the least possible. And if that means I go through with this stupidity, then so be it.

You think if you don’t follow through tonight she’ll be hurt more?

*snorts* Think? No, I know she will be. Gateway won’t stop whatever it is he’s up to until he gets what he wants.

So could it be said you’re being a gentleman be ruining her?

No. I’m being a cad. But still better to be a cad and be forever cast in that mold than not go through with it and see something worse happen to her.

What is your plan for the night?

Take her out to Alex’s telescope for a bit of star-gazing and seduction.


Not a full seduction, of course. I could never do that to her. She might be ruined in name, but not in truth.

Ah, so you do still have a gentlemanly bone in your body.

Yes, albeit a small one.

Good to know. What if her parents demand marriage tonight?

I expect they will. I’ll just have to tell them no.

And Alex?

Oh, I’m not worried about  him. He’ll probably be in his conservatory looking at his plants or reading in the library. He won’t have a clue what’s going on tonight.

Hmm. Interesting. Well, I do wish you luck with however this turns out.

Thank you. I’ll certainly need it.

Yes, you will.

2 thoughts on “Character Interview with Andrew, the Morning of his Deed”

    1. Yes, well we’ll just have to see how he resolves this one… LOL

      I am doing better, Ruth. Thank you. I won’t lie, though. I’m glad it’s over!

      Have you started book three yet?

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