Interview with Madison Banks, Secondary Character from Intentions of the Earl

Good morning, today I have Miss Madison Banks with me to discuss her sister Brooke’s currently tattered relationship. We haven’t yet heard her spin on her sister’s sudden romance, so as the second to last interview, I thought it was appropriate to bring her in. *turns eyes on an awfully quiet Madison* Care to enlighten us?

What would you like to know?


Even I don’t know everything. But here’s what I do know. Less than a fortnight ago Andrew, Lord Townson appeared at our doorstep and charmed Brooke under his spell that very day. Then, he courted her. They went on a ride in the park, snuck into a private room at the museum and then did who knows what scandalous activities at Uncle Edward’s house party.

Pardon me. You don’t know what all your sister did at the house party?

Actually, I do. However, I’d like to guard her reputation—even if there isn’t much of one left—as much as I can. Therefore, I won’t say any particulars.

How unlike you. I thought you’d open right up about anything she did. You’re not typically a stickler for the rules, after all.

That’s true. However, I love my sister dearly, and part of loving her is protecting her. Even from herself. So no, I won’t be sharing the details of their scandalous activities.

Very noble of you.

I try.

I know. All right, so the two were finally found out during one of their scandalous activities. What then?

They married.


Use your imagination, Rose.

I’m not talking about that. Everyone knows what they were doing following their wedding.

Good. I didn’t wish to discuss those details with you, either.

She told you about her wedding night?

No. Thank goodness.

I guess we’re all happier on that point not to know. All right, so what happened that has brought Brooke back to living in this atrociously decorated townhouse.

That would be Andrew’s doing. I don’t know all the details on that, either, I’m afraid. But from what Brooke told me he was up to no good from the start.

And do you believe that?

I have no reason to doubt her. She made several valid points.

Do you think it’s possible there could have just been a misunderstanding?


Ah, I see.

But I do think there could have been a change of heart.


Yes. I just hope he’s able to communicate that to her in a way that seeps into her thick skull before she does something drastic like going back to New York.

You don’t think he’ll be able to.

Quite frankly, no. My parents have taken to protecting her like she’s Yorktown or something.

Well, perhaps he’ll figure something out.

Only if he’s given a shove in the right direction.

Oh? And do you have an idea?

A lady never tells. *checks watch pinned on her bodice* I must be off. Good day.

*blinks* Good day.

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