Interview with the Earl and Countess of Townson, After He’s Come to His Senses

Well, it’s Friday, the last day of the week, and coincidently the last day for my character interviews. (For now.) Today I’ll have a brief comfy coze with the new Earl and Countess of Townson to see what they might wish to tell us about what just took place at Covent Garden just a short while ago. Brooke? Andrew?

Brooke: Nothing so out of the ordinary for the end of a romance novel. He got on his knees and vigorously begged my forgiveness for his stupidity.


Andrew: She has the right of it. That’s exactly what I did. Like a lovesick fool, I sank to my knees in front of her and made a huge cake of myself in front of the entrance of Covent Garden.

And was it worth it?

Andrew: More than you’ll ever know. I love her and if acting like a lovesick puppy is what’s required to have her, I’d do it all over again.

I believe he’s a keeper.

Brooke: I think so, too.

Andrew: You two do know I’m right here, right?

Of course. I just thought you’d like a flashback to the first day the two of you met and everyone kept talking like you weren’t in the room.

Andrew: Indeed.

Well, I’m not sure what else to ask the two of you about—

Brooke: That’s a first.

Wow, what a snarky young lady I created. I had actually planned to ask you all sorts of questions about your feelings and such, but just now seeing as the two of you are quite content, I think it’s all better left this way. No need to trudge through feelings again.

Andrew: Agreed. No use in beating a dead horse.

*Starts* Yes, I suppose you’re right. Well then, you two go off and enjoy your day. Any plans?

Andrew: I do need an heir—

On that note, enjoy your weekend, you two. I’ll be back on Monday with the answers to ALL the questions I’ve been asked—including a few about these two—as well as the clues I weaved into the first two books about Madison’s hero.


Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Interview with the Earl and Countess of Townson, After He’s Come to His Senses”

  1. You know, I actually prefer the hero’s point of view in a romance because he has thoughts of a more sexual nature. I am looking forward to how you-know-who handles things in the bedroom. But I promised a friend I’d let her borrow my Kindle over the weekend, so I’ll have to wait until Monday to see what the botched wedding night thing is about.

    1. Well, you’ll be in for quite a treat and something not-so-great when you get your Kindle back. The botched scene is her POV (and I think I told you before, it’s a terrible misunderstanding, not that he’s awful). But later when the time actually comes it’s in his POV–at least for their majority of the encounters. *wink wink*

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