Character Interview with Alex Banks, Hero from Her Sudden Groom

Good morning, Alex–

Why do you keep coming to see me?

*blinks* Is something wrong?

No, not wrong exactly, I’m just busy at the moment.

Too busy for me?

Yes. I mean, no. I mean, what is it you need?

I just wanted to talk, that’s all.

Why don’t you go talk to Marcus?

I’d love to, but I…uh…I missed our interview yesterday.


Well, now I don’t know if he’ll be kind enough to give me one.

He will.

How do you know?

*sighs* I’ve known Marcus a long time. He’s generous. He’ll give you the interview still.

What makes you think he’s so generous?

Besides the fact I’ve known him nearly all my life, he was kind enough to honor that last page.

That’s great news, Alex! So whom do you think you’ll pursue?

Rose? Is that you?

*turns around* Why Marcus, so good to see you today.

Yes, yes. I thought you’d decided against our interview when you didn’t come yesterday…

I was ill.


Indeed. A stomach virus of some sort.

Ah, the love bug?

What?! Oh, I understand. *blushes slightly* No, not that. Or at least it better not be that or my husband has a lot to answer for. Just a stomach virus.

Are you sure?


Are you still sick? I can send for Mr. Thompson and he’d be here in less than an hour.

Marcus, I am perfectly fine. I know you are accustomed to Olivia and her ailments, but I assure you I shall survive and do not require the attention of a physician.

All right, then. So what was it you wanted to discuss with me?

The contract.

By the contract, I’m guessing you mean the addendum. Yes, I saw it.

And I also heard you’re going to acknowledge it.

That’s correct.


Too many reasons, not enough time.

Well, give us one at least.

I think Alex and Olivia are very ill-suited for each other. There’s a better match to be made, Alex just has to be creative.


Meaning, he better make this top priority. His flowers and plants will have to wait if he doesn’t want to marry my sister.

And what if he does want to marry your sister?

*nearly chokes hiding his snort* He doesn’t. But I also know that Alex is a man of his word who always honors his agreements–even the ones he himself didn’t make, so if he cannot find another, I trust he’ll honor the contract.

One last question, if he’s been given a reprieve, why is he still here at your house? Shouldn’t he be out wooing a potential wife?

He’s about to. You just wait and see. It’s all part of my master plan…

Your master plan? Hey there, I’m the writer here, isn’t it supposed to be about my master plan?

Ms. Gordon, I feel obligated to inform you Alex’s happily-ever-after ceased to become your master plan when you thought to match him up with my sister, Lady Olivia, in Intentions of the Earl.

But I didn’t go through with it! I realized she had a beastly personality back then and called off that subplot. 

Not until after you made me escort her around Watson Estate for an hour.

Ms. Gordon, the fact remains you still planned it. Then you turned around and did it again with this book.

I did no such thing! I never actually meant for Alex and Olivia to end up together–

Then you better hope his latest experiment works or it’s on your head.

Oh dear, what have I done?

 I don’t know, but let’s all pray–you, me, your loyal and not-so-loyal readers–Alex’s experiment works out.

What on earth does a science experiment have to do with this, fellas?

You’ll just have to wait and see.

Well that didn’t go as I’d hoped… 

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