Next up, Marcus Sinclair…

I’m going to walk a very tight line this morning, and I might pay for it this afternoon if I’m not careful.

On the heels of the next unsuspecting gentleman—Marcus, Lord Sinclair—having his bachelor freedom ripped from his hands, I’ve received an influx of e-mails this week.

One popular question is: Will all the characters from the previous series be in this book, too?

Er… No. Not really.

While all the main (and some secondary) characters from the first series showed up in Her Sudden Groom, the plot for Her Reluctant Groom does not lend itself to have them all show up for interactive parts. Since Alex was a cousin to the three heroines from the first series, it made sense that they’d have decent roles in his book. This book’s hero and heroine aren’t related to the Banks family so it’s hard to use all of them.

That’s not to say they’re not there either as a cameo or a few of them having a small part in a scene. Several of them do appear, but only when the plot/scene allowed.

One of the hardest things about writing a story is deciding which characters to use again, and to what degree. I’ll openly admit I haven’t written a main character I didn’t like (and that includes Liberty). There’ve been plenty of secondary characters I didn’t care for: Lady Olivia; Sam Grimes, Viscount Bonnington (Paul’s disgusting brother); Robbie Swift; and I’m sure there’s a few others I’m forgetting at the moment. But for as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about Brooke, Andrew, Liberty, Paul, Madison, Benjamin, John, Carolina, Regina, Elizabeth, Alex and Caroline, this isn’t their story—it’s Marcus and Emma’s.

So what I’m saying in a roundabout way is, if you’re planning to read Her Reluctant Groom, please do so with an open mind. The Banks are a very fun family and I certainly intend to continue to write about them, but for this book, and the next, please don’t power up your eReader with the expectation of seeing Andrew and Benjamin take center stage.

All right, I’m off to go change out my laundry and scrub some pots and pans to get some of my nervous energy out! Enjoy your day.


4 thoughts on “Next up, Marcus Sinclair…”

  1. Hey, Robbie Swift had the best saying of anyone I ever read in your books: “You love me. I know you, you know it, so let’s go show it.” (an approximation of the actual quote)

    It doesn’t matter what kind of mood I’m in. Whenever I think of that one, it brings a tear to my eye because I can’t stop laughing. So I love Robbie for that one single thing he did to brighten my day. He’s better off dead, of course, but his memory lives on. 😀

    1. *grins* That is too funny. I’m glad I could evoke such a longstanding emotion in you. Ironic though, your reaction when you found out Gateway was the hero never fails to make me laugh like a hyena.

      I agree, though, Robbie is better off dead. I must have been drinking some sort of heavily-caffeniated soda the day I wrote that line. I don’t think Robbie actually says it (sad when the writer of the book has to rack her brain to remember the fine details of her book), I think Benjamin thinks it.

      Actually, that line could go either way. Either A. Robbie was such a dunce he really did say something so stupid at one point or B. Robbie really didn’t say that, but Benjamin with his chronic sarcasm—particularly where Robbie was concerned—just made it up in his mind as some stupid line Robbie might try to use.

  2. You know that does sound like something Robbie would say but I could see Gateway saying it as well, given his relationship with his wife. Ok now I’m curious Ruth, what was your reaction when you found out Gateway was the hero?

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