A day in the life…Part 3: Real Life Romance

Is my life full of romance like what I write about in my books?


Not just no, but “No!”

I will say though, my husband does try. For example:

  • Last week, for the fourth time in our seven-year marriage, he bought me a bouquet of flowers. Granted, he paid for a dozen roses and there were only ten in the bouquet, but I loved them anyway.
  • Three weeks ago, I went to a wedding, and when I came home my husband was on the computer. This was odd. He’s not much for technology. I asked what he’s doing. His response? “I’m ordering you Zumba, dear. Won’t that be fun?” (For you perhaps, you’re hoping you’ll get to sit down and watch me shake my backside. But I got news for you…)
  • “Hey, I just had the perfect idea for your next book!”
    He nods while a huge grin splits his face. “One that I’m fairly certain hasn’t been written yet.”
    Lifts eyebrows. “Yes?”
    “An Eskimo vampire who gives up his life in Alaska to be a llama farmer in the plains.”
    Blinks rapidly. “What???”
    “You know, he’s a vampire, but he starts out as an Eskimo up in Alaska building kayaks–don’t worry, I’ll help you write the part of the book where he’s actually building the boat–then he decides he should look for a bride by moving to the plains where he buys a llama farm.”
    “Uh, okay.” What a weirdo I married!
  • “Come sit by me, sweetheart, and keep me warm.” (No further comment needed.)
  • “Wow, we’ve been married for seven years, I cannot believe you’ve put up with me this long.” (Truthfully, I can’t, either. LOL)
  • “Which movie do you want to watch? Anaconda or Happy Gilmore?”(Oh my! With two such wonderful options I don’t know which to choose…)
But there’s also the question of does my husband read my books and incorporate some of the romantic parts into our life?
Once again, no. He’s had a few complaints such as, “Why not? The characters in your books do that!” But in general, he does not take me on picnics, or schedule appointments at a spa/mineral bath, nor does he steal kisses. However, he does:
  • Hold my hand in public.
  • Lift the armrest between the seats at movies, and wraps his arm around me.
  • “Research” with me. Such as, he got up at midnight and sat outside with me in the cold until 3am (just to get up two hours later for work) to watch the lunar eclipse.
  • He also played croquet with me–and helped me *wink, wink*
  • Took me fishing, and helped me catch a fish by draping his arms over me.
So in a way, yes, my life is full of romance, just a romance of the peculiar variety. As for if he employs the tactics in my books as a way to spark romance, uh, not-so-much. However, there was one aspect of one of my books where my mother called me to make sure I did NOT get the idea for that scene from my husband.
Toward the end of Liberty for Paul, Paul takes Liberty fishing and asks her to grab his pole while he untangles the fishing line. Liberty misunderstands and thinks he’s talking metaphorically and reaches down below his waist… Well, my first unofficial date with my husband was a fishing outing. After reading that scene, my mother called to make sure I hadn’t written that particular part about a real life experience I’d had!
Enjoy your day, everyone. Tomorrow I’ll post what’s new for November, then on Weds or Thurs I’ll write about my research methods, and I don’t mean from a historic standpoint.

6 thoughts on “A day in the life…Part 3: Real Life Romance”

  1. Your husband is far more romantic than mine. My husband’s idea of romance is, “I updated your computer so you have the latest version of blah, blah, blah.” I honestly don’t care because more times than not, he’ll mess something up with it. But to be fair, my idea of saying “I love you” is making him something to eat, which, if you understood how much I hate cooking, really is saying a lot. 🙂

    I think it’s safe to say a romance author’s real life is nothing like it is in a book.

    I do have a couple questions.

    1. What is Zumba?

    2. What made him think of an Eskimo vampire and a llama farm?

    If you really wanted to be original with the vampire slant, how about a vampire who regains his mortality? I don’t think it’s ever been done.

    1. I wouldn’t want my husband to update anything on my computer. He’s so technologically impaired, everything would be unintentionally wiped out. “Oh, you wanted me to reset it to factory default, didn’t you? That way it’s all clean and you can start fresh. Right?”


      It’s very safe to say a romance author’s life is nothing like her books. Same with those who write crime books. Just because they write them doesn’t mean they go around killing and stealing in their real lives.

      Zumba is this Latin America dance craze that’s supposed to help you lose weight! Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Supposedly, if you follow their moves (which are not as easy as they look) you’ll burn a bunch of calories, and be skinny again. Now I must ask if my description has compelled you to order? LOL

      The Eskimo vampire idea was something he and one of his surgeons came up with. The thought it sounded original. I thought it sounded terrible. I’m not into paranormals anyway (just not my thing) but I do have to admit this suggestion still cracks me up.

      1. Ewe on Zumba. I’ll pass. No one needs to be subjected to me making moves that would cause a man to go blind. LOL

        Starting fresh… Just what every author with her books on the hard drive dreams of. This sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen.

        The older I get, the more convinced I am that the best way for spouses to help one another is to stay out of the way of what we’re doing.

        Hmmm… I wonder if horror novelists get asked if they have spooky stuff happening in their house. I heard Stephen King has to cover his windows when there’s a full moon out, but I don’t know if there’s any truth to that rumor.

        Well, the Eskimo vampire would have the advantage of long nights in the winter. I guess they spend their summers in coffins fast asleep.

      2. Yeah, I’m not loving the Zumba. I know lots of people do, but good grief, I am the most uncoordinated person on the planet, and it shows!

        The starting fresh was an accident cover-up. He’d accidentally restored the factory settings, therefore, he pretended he did it on purpose. I could have brained him.

        I agree. It’s best if he stays at least 10 feet away from my computer.

        LOL on Stephen King. Good grief. People come up with the craziest things, don’t they?

        I didn’t know that vampires chose coffins for their summer vacation hot spot–no pun intended. I really do learn something new every day I guess.

  2. Romantic is relative. For example, one year, for our anniversary, I told my husband I wanted something intimate. He got me two brand new toilet seats. One for each bathroom in our new apartment. He said one can’t get any more intimate than something upon which I spend a lot of time.

    Another year, for also for our 8th anniversary, I asked for roses. I got them. BARE ROOT roses. I had to plant them myself.

    Another year, for Valentine’s Day, I got Turbo Tax. Deluxe. With State. Of course, with the tax refund that year, he built a redwood deck for our doughboy pool…

    The next for Valentine’s Day, he handed me a brick when I got home from work. “There’s more where that came from,” he explained, “1799 more.” Then he showed me the pile on the side of the house. Which I had to help move to the back yard. That week he and my son built me a brick patio to go with my redwood deck.

    My favorite, though, was our first Date Night that we had the house to ourselves in 3 years. He declared it was chick flick night — my choice of chick flick — and he gave me five choices of dvds: Tombstone, Clear and Present Danger, Air Force One, The Rundown, or The Quick and the Dead.

    This is a picture of my husband on date night.

    He made up for it the next day by watching Pride and Prejudice without falling asleep. The Colin Firth version. 🙂

    1. That picture is GREAT. Sadly, these days it’s ME who’s falling asleep during movies on date night. Between getting up on the crack of dawn to see my husband off to school, followed by watching the kids all day and writing in between soccer games and swimming lessons, I’m beat.

      (By the way, Turbo Tax is a wonderful gift! I love Turbo Tax.)

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