A day in the life Part 6: What’s in the glovebox…

A little more than a year ago, we finally became a two-car family after sharing a car for several years and haven’t really been in the other’s car unless we’re going on vacation or to church. Other than that, his car is his, and mine is mine.

This weekend, that all changed. (If you don’t know why we were forced to share a car, please read my post about annoying heroes and real life.) Late yesterday, my husband suddenly couldn’t find his phone and was absolutely convinced it had to be in my car.

All right, fine. He can go look for it. But I already know it’s not out there. I saw it earlier that day in the house, but no, he doesn’t believe me. (Of course!)

So he goes out to look for it, and when he comes back, I want to know if he put all the contents of my glovebox back.

He gave me a weird look, and it was all I could do not to laugh.

While most—normal—people have things like their insurance information, registration papers and maybe a spare pair of sunglasses in their glovebox, I have some rather obscure items in mine.


Here we go:

  • Insurance card
  • Registration information
  • Blank notepad
  • Napkins
  • Two happy meal toys
  • Two pens
  • 1 Feminine product…
  • 1/2 roll of TP
  • Penlight
  • 1 full-length, unread novel
To me, all of these are common sense things, but apparently not everyone agrees…
The napkins are common sense. I have two little boys. Enough said.
The book and toys… Well, the thing is, two winters in a row, I’ve been stranded in a parking lot during a heavy snow and/or an ice storm and read a book to help keep my mind off what’s going on while my kids play with “new” toys. So why read one I’ve already read one?
Now, about the TP. I think that is a common sense product that everyone should have in their glovebox. What if you’re driving in the country and you have to go?! I’m dead serious. I haven’t had to use it yet (thank goodness) but in case I do, I have it. And don’t even suggest to use a napkin. Those things are like sandpaper. No, thank you.
Okay, so this was a quirky post where I’ve divulged one of my biggest oddities. Anyone out there brave enough to share what unusual item(s) they store in their glovebox?

6 thoughts on “A day in the life Part 6: What’s in the glovebox…”

  1. I must be the most boring person on this planet because all I have in my glovebox are the car’s owner manual and my insurance registration papers.

    However, I do have a car kit, a towel (for when a kid has an accident), and an extra pull-up on the floor. I like the TP idea. I should also include wipes (one for hands and other Lysol wipes) for the accidents when my kids have them. I keep a maxipad, Pepto, Aleve, pad, pen, an extra pull-up, cough drops, nail clippers, and a cell phone in my purse. When I was on vacation this past summer, I went to the bathroom and found out I had started my period, so now the maxipad goes in my purse. (It was in the car prior to this.)

    1. You don’t even want to know what’s in my trunk… LOL

      I actually have many of the same things you listed in my trunk. But if I get stuck in a parking lot during an ice storm (again) I don’t want to get out of the car unless I have to. LOL

      Thanks for sharing.

      (Oh, and as for the maxipad in your purse. That is a really good idea–unfortunately I don’t do that though. Funny story though, I know a woman who lives on a farm and she stuffs one in one of the little compartments on her tractor… Takes all kinds, doesn’t it?)

  2. This post makes me feel much better. While I live in the desert of AZ and have no reason to ever be stuck in a snow/ice storm, I do keep a book in the glove box just in case. I have a pad of paper and napkins as well. But the thing that gets the most looks is the box of plastic spoons. Yes, I keep a supply of plastic spoons in the glove box. You never know when you need a spoon. Every Monday after my Twins’ speech therapy they get Wendy’s for dinner complete with small chocolate Frostys. They eat the Frostys on the way home so they won’t melt (yes they eat all their food when they get home despite eating desert first) and sometimes those stinkin employees don’t give me spoons. When my 6 year old was younger and would go to the grocery store with me he always wanted to eat yogurt on the way home so the spoons came in handy then as well.

    1. LOVE the spoon idea. I’m the witch who doesn’t drive away from the drive thru window until I’ve checked the order to make sure it’s right, so I get my spoons! But I often forget them or can’t find them (or butter knives) when we’re traveling. More than once I’ve used the handle of a spoon or fork to spread peanut butter and/or jelly on a sandwich, so your spoon comment inspired me to put a package of spoons in my glovebox for those little emergencies.

  3. Recently my husband needed to use my car for a business trip and the “do you really need all this” conversation took place. I have the normal cards and manuals, plus pens, pencils (for those “I forgot to do my homework” on the way to school), packing tape and black marker (for the that time I had to make a “birthday party this way” sign at the end of the road), comb and elastic bands (bc my girls got the hair), small scissors (to open popsicles after softball practice), spoorks form Sonic, a DSI charger, sunblock form last summer and my license plate that should be on the front but there’s not a spot to attach it. However, that isn’t nearly as bad as the console between the seats. It has wipes, lotion, more pens, 2 lip glosses, chapstick, make-up power, nail file, extra keys to house (and other peoples houses), car phone charger, garage door opener, hard candies, and tissues. I don’t like to carry a purse so I guess my car is my purse.

    1. Amber, my answer to that question is, “Yes. I really need all this stuff! And more.” LOL I have no idea why men cannot understand that it’s because we have all this stuff that the world keeps spinning.

      Have you ever seen One Fine Day with George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer? During the middle of the movie they have to drop their kids off at a daycare that’s having “Costume Day”. Naturally. So calm and collected, Michelle Pfeiffer opens her mega purse and in a matter of about five minutes, those kids are transformed into superheroes.

      The only difference here is that we keep our “tools” in the glovebox.

      By the way, I don’t like to carry a purse (just started recently, actually), so I, too, treat my car like my purse. But I also had to comment on the sporks from Sonic. I’m jealous. All the Sonics in my area give spoons only. No forks and no sporks. And frankly, sometimes you NEED that spork!

      Thanks for sharing. I feel like less of a weirdo now!

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