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Just a few updates:

1. Everyone who was a winner in my giveaway has been contacted. 

If you have NOT received an email or a Facebook message from me, please email me.

If you have not received your prize/book by January 1, 2013, please email me (the exception to this is if you live outside of the USA, naturally your package will take longer, especially since one of them required me to mail it Media Mail).

2. Jilted is rolling right along–thank goodness. 

So here’s a confessional that might be useful to any of you aspiring writers. When I have completed books in queue to be released, it’s easy to write. Why? Because not everything I have done is already out. I still have a safety net. When I no longer have a completed book that I’m holding on to, just ready to publish whenever, I start to get nervous–and being nervous makes it difficult to write.

It took long enough, but finally the inspiration has hit and this book is moving along very nicely now. Let’s just hope it continues.

I think that’s all. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

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