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Caption Contest! Write a caption for this picture and win a copy of the book!

Following my announcement that I was looking for libraries to donate books to, a reader asked me to send a copy of His Contract Bride and His Yankee Bride to her local library.

I did and two weeks ago, she sent me the following picture:



So…the goal is to write a caption to fit the picture for a chance to win a copy of the book (with this cover or the one with her lounging in the field, showing off her legs).

Here’s mine: “Ugh, I’m stuck in this awful, stuffy library when I should be outside chasing John! Someone, please, come rescue me!”

All right, give it a go!

This is open Internationally and you may leave your reply here in the comments section or on FB. Winner selected Friday.


For a chance to win more books from me, head over the The Window Seat on a Rainy Day to read an interview I did about my writing, behind the scenes info on His Brother’s Bride and even some details on my audiobook.

11 thoughts on “Caption Contest! Write a caption for this picture and win a copy of the book!”

  1. “If my shelf-mate ‘All Signs Point to Murder’ gets any closer to me (or tries to steal my man), there WILL be murder.”

  2. psssst! pick me, you won’t regret it! come join me as i get my man. i can guarantee it won’t take 14 days to read me (you won’t be able to put me down), unless you want to read me more than once!!!

  3. Nora Roberts, eat your heart out. There’s a new author in town.

    (that’s all I got) I was going to do something about ZZ Top and their song about legs, but then I thought some people won’t know what I’m talking about. (And now I’m showing my age.) BTW, I didn’t even see the legs on the other cover until you mentioned them. (My eyes went to what was above the title. But now the legs are the first thing I see. LOL)

  4. Thank you ALL for posting captions. I’d selected a winner and for some reason it didn’t post like it was scheduled to. Which was probably a good thing since I have an announcement to make about this book tomorrow…along with the announcement of the winner! Thanks again. I really enjoyed all of your comments! SO much better than mine.

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