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The Officer and the Southerner is Now Available!

~*~New Release! The Officer and the Southerner~*~Red Beauty

Second Lt. Jack Walker doesn’t always think ahead and when he decides to defy logic and send off for a mail order bride, he might have left out only a few details about his life at the all-but-forgotten Fort Gibson…

Upon arrival at a forsaken military fort in the middle of Indian Territory, Ella Davis learns Jack’s situation isn’t quite what she’s believed from his letters and while hoping to avoid such a fate, she’s been made the fool again. Unfortunately, this time she can’t run and hide from the man who’s done her wrong, but neither is she convinced their marriage will be the same one she’d envisioned for them…

Now it’s up to Jack to find a way to show his always skeptical bride that he is indeed trustworthy and that despite what she might believe she does belong somewhere in the world: right there, with him.




As some of you might already know, this book’s official release is tomorrow August 30th, but me being me, I inadvertently just publicly let the cat out of the bag on Facebook when I went to see how a certain picture would look as my cover picture on Facebook. However, in honor of the release I’m doing something I’ve never done before and having an official new release party on Facebook!  There’ll be games (a few have already leaked my direction and have me quite worried about the kinds of questions my readers want answered), prizes and fun. If you’d like to join, please do by following the link.

Thank you all for the continued support I hope you all love Jack and Ella as much as I do!

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