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FLASH POLL: Is it time for a cover makeover?

As most of you know, I now have four different series out and three of the four have matching covers with text in the same places and a bar or something to “tie them together”. My original series does not.

I’m *thinking* (and fortunately I didn’t hurt myself too badly during such a strenuous process) that maybe I need to change the first three covers to look more like they belong together to a series. Some people do this with their books, others don’t, but I need some input.

Here are the covers as they are and below is a poll. If you have a few minutes, I’d appreciate it if you’d vote for your opinion.



Intentions of the Earl

Liberty for Paul

To Win His Wayward Wife



So what do you think? Should I leave them (it has been 2.5 years so it’s not like I’m trying to present these as new books), keep the picture but change the lettering/positioning or have them completely re-done.


8 thoughts on “FLASH POLL: Is it time for a cover makeover?”

  1. It dose not matter to me I have read them all and have them all still to reread when I am ready. The covers are fine with me.

  2. Personally, I find the first three covers to be my favorite (“Liberty for Paul” is my favorite of the covers). If you do decide to change them, let your fans know ahead of time, so that I can purchase physical copies with the current covers. Thanks.

    1. I’ll be sure to let you know before I change them (if I do). I will say, however, I will be getting my print rights back in November and for a while the paperbacks won’t be available. Hopefully it’ll only be a week or two, but when they come back, that’s when they’ll be changed, if i do change them.

  3. Since all of them are the back of dresses, they are essentially alike…all of them gorgeous! Hmmm…if anything were to be changed, I think I would have matching letter fonts or something like that. Otherwise, they are awesome (just like the author).

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