Mega Giveaway Winners Announced and a New Giveaway

Thank you so much to all who participated in my Mega Giveaway this month. The results are in:

50 Amazon GC Amanda DiDonato
25 Amazon GC Alison Dobbins
10 Amazon GC Kinberly Moge
Traveler Jessica Grogan
Traveler Judy
Traveler Sue London
Traveler Jeanne Miro
Traveler Nikki Smith
Traveler Celene
Traveler Tammy Turner
Traveler Tamera McIntosh
Traveler Beth Stahlberg
Traveler Lisa Wolf
Bostoner Rachel Rossano
Bostoner Lisa Ringsby-Schmidt
Bostoner Connie Fischer
Bostoner Jo-Anne Boyko
Bostoner Rebecca Naeder
Southerner Sharon Fournier
Southerner Dawn Janis
Southerner Crystal Coe-Benedict
Southerner Julie Ann Sherwood
Southerner Cathy Bennet Lascow
FGOS Billie Marshall
FGOS Linda Rudd
FGOS Angi Neal
SSS Shannon Romein
BBBS Yolanda Wiles
GS Anji Louise Wentzel
Sudden Michelle N
Sudden Sue
Sudden Rachael Constant
Reluctant Carissa Huber
Reluctant April London
Reluctant Tammy Tran
Contract Darah Gill
Contract Vicki Garlock
Contract Debbie McCreary
Yankee Nicole Laverdure
Yankee Alisha Gallant
Yankee Janice Hougland
Jilted Tammy Houston Thompson
Jilted Lori H
Jilted Sally Turner
Brother’s Jess Para
Brother’s Stacey Bible
Brother’s Kristin Rutcavage

All winners have been contacted.

Now, for a new giveaway!

A review blog, Tifferz and Her Sisterz, is doing a HUGE giveaway with multiple authors, including: Catherine Bybee, Gemma Halliday, Ruth Ann Nordin, me and several others. Prizes range from free ebooks to paperbacks to audiobooks. I’m tossing in 12 paperbacks and 6 audiobooks. Entering is easy and painless so click on the picture below and go enter!



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