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Reviving some old blog features–cast your vote!

I’m thinking to bring back some old blog days: Story Sample Sunday, Wicked Wednesday, Fun Fact Friday, Meme Monday, and maybe a few new ones. My question to all of you, what scenes would you like to see posted? It can be from any book I’ve written.

Please note, I don’t plan to feature ALL 19 of my books one week at a time again like I did last time, just kind of hit and miss on each of these features.

Also, if there are any other features I’ve done in the past you’d like to see come back, let me know!


6 thoughts on “Reviving some old blog features–cast your vote!”

  1. I liked seeing your husband’s comments when he’d read over your books prior to publication. Those were funny. Of course, you could tell any real life story and make it sound a lot more interesting than anything that ever happens to me. 🙂

    It was neat to find out little things that inspired parts of your book and read the character interviews.

    1. Bob always has something to say about my books, doesn’t he?

      My life is…well, it’s what novels are made of: craziness!

      Your interviews are 1,000x better than mine!

    1. No. It’s not. I think I worded this wrong, though. I meant that I plan to do these things again, but I’d like some scene suggestions! From the books favorite scenes they want to see on my blog. Oh well, now I’ll have to come up with some myself. Beware.

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