Didja Know?, I'm the victim of myself

Didja Know?

As I’m rapidly approaching a milestone birthday I’ve decided I need to start tackling my Bucket List–specifically the items that take a little more time than skydiving (which isn’t on the list, so calm down , Mom). And because I’m as odd as (or possibly odder than) Sir Wallace Benedict one of the things on my list is to learn something new every day for a year.

Yay me! And YAY YOU because you get to come along with me on this journey AND your Didja Know lessons begin a day before mine with a little tutorial at how to follow this series (and my whole blog) in your inbox so you don’t have to rely on if Facebook will show you the post and possibly miss some crucial, life enhancing information that we all know you all are dying to keep track of. 

So…in the upper righthand corner has a little subscribe button (if you’ve already subscribed it’ll tell you so–and thank you) but if you haven’t, just click the “sign me up” button. It’ll ask for your email address, then send you an email to confirm.

That’s it. Then you’ll get to enjoy all these daily treasures with the rest of us!

If you DON’T want daily email, you can make sure you see these every day by going to my Facebook Page  and do the following:

  1. Like page.
  2. Hover your cursor where it says “liked” and wait for the drop-down menu to come up.
  3. Look at the bottom option where it has notifications, click there and check either All Posts or you can be more specific about which ones.


Now, to answer everyone’s burning question of if this means I won’t be blogging about my own craziness for the next year–the answer is: of course I will! It just means some days there might be two posts.




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