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I’m sorry, what?!

I personally do not like being sung to for my birthday by a whole restaurant (or anyone for that matter). However, my kids, like most kids, do. I have all sorts of pictures of my kids at various restaurants wearing sombreros or crowns or holding a scepter or some other trinket to signify they’re the Birthday Boy.

Recently it was that time of year again and I was a little (okay, very) disappointed I didn’t get to go to dinner with my baby this year who is entering into his last year of single digits! (Yes, I’m officially old.) Instead, my parents took him and his brother out and sent me a picture of him with a cookie about as big as his face–no joke.

When he got home, I realized it was fate’s working that kept me from being able to attend because I’d have made an ass out of myself had I been there.

“Mama saw that huge cookie! Did you eat it all?”

“Yep, every bite,” boasts the child as he bounces off the walls.

Great. Now he’ll never sleep. “Mimi just sent me a picture of the cookie–” shows him the picture on my phone– “was this when they sang Happy Birthday to you?”

“No.” Shakes his head wildly and bounces around a little more. “They didn’t sing to me.”

“They didn’t?!” I purse my lips and give him a look that I’m sure of disbelief. This kid LOVES attention. “Please, don’t tell me you didn’t want them to.”

“No, I wanted them to. They just said they they don’t sing to kids for their birthdays because it makes all the other kids in the restaurant jealous and they get upset.”

Excuse me, what?!?!?! Had I been there and the waiter/waitress had said that to me, I’d have spouted some very unkind words. That is utterly ridiculous. Life isn’t fair. We all have one birthday a year. The other 364 days of the year are NOT ABOUT US. Deal with it. For a place–a family pizza parlor at that–to have instated such a policy is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, seriously? I hate to tell on myself, however, I think in our efforts to validate everyone’s feelings about every little thing, we’ve neglected not only common sense in some situations, but are taking away the very things that will  help our future generations learn how to function in a society.

This just amazed me and not in a good way.

14 thoughts on “I’m sorry, what?!”

  1. I’m not one to hear the song for myself, it really? Not even for the kids with the birthday And celebrating it at their place? Who cares if the other kids get jealous, they can have their turn when it comes to theirs. That’s just a childhood dream killer.

    1. LOL It IS a childhood dream killer! Well, he didn’t seem to care too much so I didn’t say anything further to him about it, but had I been there I’d have something to say.

  2. Really!?! That is truly wrong. Miss doing that to – er I mean – for my kid. But after the last time, she was 28, she just doesn’t like going to restaurants with me on her birthday anymore. She looked so cute in that fish hat too. 😛

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This made me laugh so hard. When I turned 13 my parents took me to a fish house and they put that damn fish hat on ME and took a polaroid to post up in their foyer. That was the LAST TIME I agreed to eat out on my birthday. LOL

  3. ME (to principal): a mom wants to know if she could bring store-bought cupcakes for the entire class for her daughter’s birthday.
    PRINCIPAL: I’m sorry, no. It wouldn’t be fair for the kids whose parents can’t afford to bring cupcakes for their kids on their birthdays.

    ME (at a meeting a few days later): I don’t think it’s fair to expect all students and parents to access the internet for homework assignments. Not everyone has Internet or even a computer at home.
    SAME PRINCIPAL: Life’s not fair. They could go to the library or borrow a friends. If they cared enough they would find a way. Otherwise it’s just too bad.

    I’m with you on this, Miss Rose. Methinks there is a double-standard on what’s right and fair…

    1. Good grief! I Cannot believe it. But then again, I should…

      What’s actually kind of funny is a few weeks ago I got an email from my son’s teacher wanting to schedule when I was coming up to bring treats for the class. Uh, I never said I was! LOL Of course I don’t have a problem doing it, I just found it kind of humorous that she was presuming I would.

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