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Passions of a Gentleman is up for pre-order!!!

FINALLY!!!! I know some of you have already seen this and I thank you if you’ve already pre-ordered your copy. But for those who haven’t?

Having been thrown over twice already, Simon Appleton has given up his pursuit for a wife—especially if his only choice is the elusive Miss Henrietta Hughes…

Coming August 2, 2016

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Also up for pre-order…. Mistletoe & Michaelmas!

MandM The last thing Daphne Cavanaugh wants to do is marry—well, perhaps not the last thing, but it’s certainly not at the top of her list, especially if it’s only to get her out of her guardian’s hair…

Aaron Lentz has faith in marriage—for other people, that is. Having been betrayed and made a fool once before, he has no inclination to walk down the aisle…

But perhaps a sprig of mistletoe, a dash of fate and a shameless, meddling family (even in the form of an ancient duke), Michaelmas, 1816 might bring about a future they never expected.

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*This novella was previous released in The Duke’s Christmas Greeting

9 thoughts on “Passions of a Gentleman is up for pre-order!!!”

  1. Yes! I did not know that it was already up for preorder, so I have now put in my preorder for Passions of a Gentleman (I had already preordered Mistletoe & Michaelmas). Question. Is it really only 82 pages long? Not that I wouldn’t want it if that was the case, but that seems short compared to the rest of the series. I have been waiting so long to read her story (and his, but hers a whole lot longer), so I am super excited to actually have a date for this book. I think I will reread you books over the course of next month in preparation.

    1. I really wish there was a way to fix that page numbers thing. I had to use a “filler” file when I set up the pre-order and now it won’t say that there are more pages, but there are. It’s a full-length like the others in the series.

      I’m glad you’re excited. I am, too!!!!

      1. I’ve already read five of your books in prep for this (okay, so I read four of them in prep. The other one was Daphne’s story which I hadn’t read yet). Specifically the last two of the Grooms series and the first two in this series. I’ll probably read the rest of them before the end of the month.

        As for preorders, will you be putting it on Smashwords close to (or on) release, because I’d rather buy it there, but if it will be a bit, I’ll keep my preorder. I want to read this book so much.

      2. Thank you so much for pre-ordering! I am so sorry I missed this. I didn’t put it up at Smashwords. I’ve recently and some technical issues over there.

  2. Just noticed a little email in my inbox saying that it’s there! Yeah. If I wasn’t tried, I’d stay up and read it tonight. As is, I’ll get reading after I get up tomorrow. Busy day tomorrow, but I will definitely get as much reading in as I can. I want to know how this story goes. 😀

    1. Thought I’d let you know that I read it over the course of the day despite my busy schedule and put up a review. It was great and I enjoyed reading it. To prepare for reading it, I reread “Her Secondhand Groom,” “Her Imperfect Groom,” “Secrets of a Viscount,” and “Desires of a Baron” over the last couple of weeks. I probably should reread the rest of them, again.

      Happy reading everyone! You’re in for a treat with this one.

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