Giveaway, Passions of a Gentleman

Passions of a Gentleman is here…and a GIVEAWAY!

In case you missed it, Passions of a Gentleman (Simon’s story) is finally here! (A HUGE thank you to all who purchased it on release day or pre-ordered it. As always, I am so grateful to have such loyal readers.)

After being thrown over for the second time in one Season, Mr. Simon Appleton’s interest in courting another young lady is less than his interest in reconciling with his estranged brother.

Entering into her third, and dare she hope final Season, Miss Henrietta Hughes has a single goal: make it to August without becoming engaged, thus securing her sister’s promise of being allowed to become a spinster.

But with the most scandalous woman to ever step foot in London acting as Henrietta’s chaperone and Simon’s undeniable urge to vex her every chance he’s afforded, they both might find themselves with new plans.

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To help celebrate this grand occasion and because I have TONS of books I need to clear out of my office 😀 I am conducting a one-week giveaway.

The Prize: A medium-sized priority flat rate box stuffed full of books (some mine, most are not; some are new, some are used) and swag that I’ve collected at various conferences.

To enter, click here: a Rafflecopter giveaway


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