Well, I’m a weirdo! But we already knew that.

As you all know, I’m a little strange. But hey, who isn’t?

We just made our way through the Holiday Gauntlet lined with crazy family members and staunch traditions. To offer a little comic relief to everyone who survived, I am going to share with you all a little bit about some of MY crazy family traditions. Well, just one.

When I turned 30, my sweet parents threw me a huge party. They drove in from out of state, decorated my house and pulled out all the stops. The theme: Rose’s Favorite Things. Sitting on  the cake table was a green trifle bowl with a new cluster of wax grapes. To drink we had one of those bottles of sparkling grape juice to go with:


Yes, that is a cake shaped like a hedgehog!

And finally, when I went to the kitchen, I was terrified when I saw:


I wasn’t sure what was the gift, the fake head or giving my heart a jumpstart. My mom explained that the head was because I like hair styles and this was a “practice head” that cosmetology students use to practice styling on. Since I’m  not in the market for a new career, I just nodded as the prefect idea for this head came to mind.

“Don’t you like it?” my mom asked.

“Of course. I love it! And I know just what I’m going to do with it.”

A few weeks later, I was packing up my dad’s Father’s Day gift and sending my mom something I’d found at a flea market. There was a little extra room in the box….so in went the head!

I can only imagine the surprise on their little faces when they opened that box and pulled back the tissue paper!

This is the picture they sent me when she arrived.
This is the picture they sent me when she arrived.

From then, the game was on! This head has gone back and forth between us.

They gave me a box of old DVDs they didn’t want…and what else did I find in the box?


When my kids went to ride in the car with them during another visit, I put the head in one of their backpacks and asked them to very quietly (no giggling!) slip it into the floorboard of their rig.

It was all well and good until they went to look for something and found it before they drove off and when I went out to the porch to say goodbye, I saw this:


This head has gone back in forth hidden in bundles of clothes. Hidden behind objects in the bed of a pickup truck. And what I’d consider the most daring of all, if I do say so myself, involved getting some help from a source outside the family!

After my parents’ last visit, I got up early and drove down to their hotel, then carried that head inside the hotel in my jean jacket as if I were smuggling a watermelon out of a farmer’s market. Anxious of what the clerk’s reaction would be upon seeing me remove a head from under my coat, I carefully approached the counter and asked if I could leave something for one of their guests. She agreed and asked if I wanted it brought up to them? I said, “Nah. Just when they come to check out give it to them.”

She said that’d be fine. Taking a deep breath as I reached into my jacket, I said, “Please don’t panic when you see this.” I set the head on the counter and we both dissolved into a fit of giggles.

I quickly explained the story behind the head and scribbled out a note to my parents.

A little later, I received a text:

If you look close, you can see where I wrote "enjoy" on their note!
If you look close, you can see where I wrote “enjoy” on their note!

The “gift” as the hotel referred to it had been delivered!



Now that you all know about MY weird traditions, I want to hear about yours! Weird or normal, I want to hear them all! I have a mystery box to send the winner! (I promise, there will NOT be a head in it. 😀 )


9 thoughts on “Well, I’m a weirdo! But we already knew that.”

  1. Bahaha!! I adore this kind of humor! Hubby and I have tried to start a few things in our families, but apparently we are the only ones who find stuff like this funny. 😉 We do it to each other with different things. Keep it going! Loved reading this. 😀

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! That is so funny. I wish my family and I did things like that. You are not a weirdo, you are funny. Oh, and I loved the cake! 🙂

  3. Ha ha! I wish my parents had that kind of humor. We have a few family in-jokes that we only use with each other. When my daughters were younger and a cell phone was a new novelty they recorded a song song they made up on it. We listened to that song over and over. The original recording has been lost over time (automatic backup wasn’t really a thing then) but I just need to start singing it and then we’re all singing it.

  4. Hahaha, I love it!
    A few years ago, hubby and I went out of town with his parents for a weekend in nature (hiking, kayaking, fishing). When we stopped at a store, we saw a 2-pk of toy snakes that grow in water. We thought it’d be hilarious to put one in the cabin shower, and the other on a fishing pole. Sadly, the joke didn’t play out as well as we’d hoped, but now the hubby and I use the snakes to prank each other in our own house.
    I’ve packed one in his work lunch box… he’s hidden one in my purse… I put one near the pull-start of the lawn mower… he in turn hid one behind my shampoo bottle.

  5. Ha!! That is a lovely but scary head. We don’t really have any weird traditions in our family. Every Christmas my brother and I get some form of a toy from my parents. I think it came from me saying that it didn’t feel like Christmas without a new toy.

  6. We have something of a christmas tradition: every year, we invite friends of ours (usually friends of my mom, last year my husband’s best friend) to celebrate with us. I love our family Christmas but it is even nicer to share it with someone else who otherwise might not have had such a nice holiday (though I say so myself). Our other slightly weird but maybe normal Christmas tradition is connected: we always say we won’t gift something but still in the end everyone magically has a present. 😉

  7. That makes my family seem pretty tame! We are all sorta awkward around each other. The kids are a good buffer now

  8. How fun! What a wonderful family tradition. The item we kept sending back and forth was not near as entertaining. It was in fact quite practical – a suitcase. You know how when you visit you seem to always have more to go home than you arrived with? I don’t know how it happened but “the suitcase” always seemed to be available at the correct house when this happened. The same suit case. It went across country so many with Grandma, with Mom and Dad, with a sibling or two. It may have even been to Europe once. It got around about as much as your head does. 😛 I wonder what happened to that suitcase and who has it now.

    BTW – isn’t everybody’s family a weird in one way or another? My family is totally weird on a daily basis. But that is another story for another day.

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