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Happiness is…

Ever have a “Plan B” day? For whatever reason (weather, traffic, mood, kids misbehaving) your original plan for the day gets scrapped and you decide to do something else? That’s a Plan B day. (The something else, might or might not be better, no guarantees.)

I have these days quite frequently. In fact, some days it’s more like I’m on Plan Q by lunch. Anyway this past August, I was sans kids for a few days decided to take a little drive to Pawhuska, Oklahoma. I’m sure the majority of you will be wondering why in the world would I want to drive to a city with such a funny name and a percentage of you will know immediately: the Pioneer Woman has her mercantile and restaurant there. For those who have never heard of Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman and her claim to fame, you’re not alone. I wouldn’t know who she was if it wasn’t for my mom and some lady at my church being so obsessed with her and her dishes. She has (or had??) a cooking show where she prepares down-home, comfort cooking. She’s written several cookbooks and even has a line of dishes and kitchen accessories that you can find at most Wal-Mart stores–which I will admit, I do like her turquoise dishes. She lives on her husband’s family ranch near Pawhuska and in town she owns a general store and deli that has been devoted to showcasing her design line and recipes.

Pawhuska itself is a very small, quant town with those old brick buildings all throughout the streets of downtown. You can’t argue that driving around you feel transported back to a much simpler time until you turn the corner and see this massive line of people that (no kidding) is a block long all standing in line chatting with friends or texting on their smart phones. Apparently people come from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY to go there, not just those who live a few hours away. Not only could I not find a place to park, but when I finally did and walked the four blocks to the entrance and inquired as to how long the wait would be I was told at least three hours. Um, I am sure the restaurant is delicious and I DID drive two hours to get there, but I don’t want a sandwich or whatever else is on the menu (I never saw it) that bad.

So I started back to my car and when I saw a little boutique on my left, I formed a Plan B. Here I am in a town I’ve never been to and likely won’t visit again, it has a beautiful downtown with plenty of other stores and things to see and do. Let’s do this! 

I am so glad I did. I didn’t find too much that needed to come home with me. In fact, I think I only bought one thing besides a jar of BBQ sauce that was locally made. Other than that, I just enjoyed looking around at their old buildings and neat old junk from yesteryear in some of their antique shops.

What I find that I couldn’t live without was this:

It’s a little hard to read but it says, “Happiness is like jam. You can’t spread even a little without getting some on yourself.”

I just love this because it’s so true. I don’t know how many times I have gone to do a task or volunteer to do something that I wasn’t super excited about at first, but after I started seeing how people responded and their happiness, I was just as happy and excited as they were. It’s contagious and in a world that seems so cruel and bleak at times, happiness is something we can all spare to “catch” or smear and get covered in!

I have a series of books to give away (either my westerns or my Banks Brothers’ Brides books–winner’s choice) for a random commenter either here on my blog or on my Facebook Page who comments to share either A. their favorite “Plan B” experience; B. what happiness is to them; or C. a picture of their favorite sign/saying/picture in their house.




4 thoughts on “Happiness is…”

  1. Love this topic – Plan B days. Wonderful. I think most of my days are Plan B days. I always plan to clean or or something, but usually end up doing something else crafty. Which brings me to my favorite says. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures. My all time favorite was on a trivet that hung in my Mother’s kitchen for always. It said “Come in. Sit down. Converse. Our house doesn’t always look like this. Sometimes it’s even worse.” Another one I like that hung in my house, “If you want to see me, stop by any time. If you want to see my house, make an appointment.” In case there is some doubt, we were not/are not the world’s best housekeepers. We weren’t bad, but seem to be allergic to floors and dusting. 😀 I was once told my house looked “lived in.” I believe the individual who said it was trying to insult me – her house was always spotless. I was actually complemented.

    The best Plan B experience though was an entire vacation. We had planned to go camping at one place for deer hunting. We generally went with the entire extended family. Parents, siblings, and all the kids. About nineteen people. The camp ground was extremely primitive – for hard core hunters only. Not family gatherings. The hunting did not live up to it’s name either. So we pulled up stakes, and went somewhere else. Ended up doing a very touristy vacation near Crescent City, California just south of the Oregon boarder. We saw the Oregon Caves. Drove through the world’s biggest tree. Hiked along the beach and found a huge lobster trap. Caught our own crabs for dinner. Wondered through museums and just plain enjoyed ourselves. It was the best “hunting trip” we ever had and didn’t do a bit of deer hunting.

    Wow! That was another life time. Thank you for the memory.

    1. I need one of those signs about making an appointment to see my house. I live in my house. My mom’s house needs a curator. Mine doesn’t. I live here and so do my kids. Things are meant to be used. There is a fine line between used and abused.

      Oh, and I’d have felt complimented about that too. People need to be able to live.

      Loved that story! I grew up in Oregon and remember the caves!

  2. I know what you mean about happiness. I feel this way when some of us from our church congregation serve food to the residents at the homeless shelter. Most of the churches that prepare food for them just leave it there, but we always serve it. It amazes me how grateful these folks are for a hot meal. And they express their gratitude freely. They are always so polite and respectful. It makes me really happy when it’s our turn to serve.

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