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Little annoyances!

My current keyboard has a little flaw, if you will. The piece of plastic that holds the :; key on top of the rubber that touches the microchip is broken and that blasted little square keeps popping up or changing positions. It wouldn’t be an issue BUT when I learned to type I was always instructed to always keep your fingers on your “home row” and well this dratted key is part of the home row so it feels really awkward. What’s funny is, you don’t realize how much you move the fingers that aren’t pressing keys until you have a loose key square and you keep inadvertently knocking the thing out of place!!

Then, every so often, the thing pops up so much you MUST fix it, which results in:


Yes, that’s how long I had to hold it to get it to snap back into place.

Yet, I LOVE this laptop. I bought it in 2012 after my son Eddie who was six at the time accidentally dropped its predecessor on the steps of a hotel on our trip to Gettysburg. I myself have dropped this ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (see did, it again) particular computer myself a short distance and scuffed up the the metal ;;;; edge right where my wrists rest! No, it doesn’t feel good–and I’ve even tried “filing” ;;;;; it down, but it didn’t make a huge difference. This laptop has been with me all sorts of places: the food court where I met a pimp who offered me a job, it’s flown with me to Phoenix, New Orleans, Dallas, Kansas City; has attended;;; countless lunch dates with John & Carolina, Amelia and Elijah, Henry and Laura, Wes and Allison, Jack and Ella, Gray and Michaela, and Sebastian and Belle at Panera ;;;;;;;. (The majority of the other books were written after I stopped going to Panera to write.);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

This laptop and I have a history together and I cannot end the relationship–though I probably should. I will say that because the key issue annoys the daylights out of me, I don’t hardly use it for excessive typing anymore, but I still cannot bear to let it go.

QUESTION: Do you have something you SHOULD throw away but just cannot bring yourself to let it go because of your sentimental attachment? Or do you say “It’s just stuff” and give it the old heave-ho?

(By the way, I do have another computer that I use regularly to get things done and while I am sentimentally attached, I am overwhelmed at the idea of trying to move all the files and info from this computer to another. So that has helped me to hang onto it, too. 😀 )



6 thoughts on “Little annoyances!”

  1. Great post! I would recommend using OneDrive if you are using Microsoft Windows or iCloud if you are on a Mac. Both options give you 5GB of free storage so you are able to save files and access them from any computer. Alternatively a flash “thumb” drive is a good portable option and are very cheap these days (I found a 128GB drive for $15 on Amazon).

    1. I know and I have those things. I just CAN’T throw it out. LOL I think when I remember how hard I had to work to get the money to pay for that computer I have a hard time parting. I need to though. Oh, how I need to.

  2. Actually I’m emotionally attached with a lot of my old belongings. Just don’t like the concept of replacing the old ones with something else. I’m old school in these cases. Old is gold. 😉

  3. Once upon a time I held on to everything. Not so much anymore. I either moved too often or/and ran out of room. Now I try to keep things to a minimum. Well, that sounds good, doesn’t it? There are a few items I will not part with. The earrings my dad gave me on my sixteenth birthday. It is beside the point the that I do not wear jewelry at all any more. My DAD – who rarely bought gifts for anyone – got them for me. They are precious. (And they really don’t take up much room.) However the huge office chair that is currently sitting in the middle of the floor in my office that I can no longer sit in because hydraulics finally gave up the ghost, really should go. But I have had it for fifteen years. It fit me so well. And there is history . . . *sigh* Yes! I know how you feel. Some things are hard to part with – even when there is really no room to keep them and/or if I actually got rid of it, I would have room for a new one. This straight back chair is cutting it for me. 😀

    1. I’m coming to find I’m a stinking packrat. I didn’t realize it because I have space to move around and there isn’t stuff on every surface, but there is TONS OF STUFF in every single drawer and cabinet. I need to purge. But I just can’t.

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