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Video Blog 2–Feeling Old

I’ve uploaded another vlog–Video Blog–on things that make me feel old. YeeHaw!


And yes, I just LOVE the thumbnail photo. NOT!!!!

2 thoughts on “Video Blog 2–Feeling Old”

  1. LOL! You do make me laugh. Now . . . I need to go to the rest room. 😀

    BTW – which G rated movie did you see on Tuesday? Do they really still make those? Was it worth the $5.00? Me? I just wait until it comes out on video, buy it, then I can watch it when ever, how ever many times I want – without commercials. (There is a pause button for when a break is needed.) OR there is Netflix. Did I mention, I am one of those seniors on a fixed income. I actually remember paying only fifty cents to watch a movie. Wow! I am old! Darn!

  2. Hey Rose, I hope you get back to your vlogging.
    Girl watch what you wanna watch!
    You have children! Your mom has had children!
    And if you tell me that she still think you don’t know any bad words, or what goes on in your stories I will say then you are reverse sheltering your mom.
    Heck my husband and I love this one neighbor of ours who is 97 and acts like such a sweetheart, until you get her riled then she lets loose with a darn you or a stop getting under my goat! Said in her strictest voice. And when we laugh she calls us a tease and laughs with us.

    Keep writing and hope to hear from you.

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