A day in the life…

This isn’t a book, however, I am doing a series of blog posts about what everyday life is like for the romance novelist.

Part 1: The “Editing” Husband  My husband likes to help me edit… You cannot imagine the comments I’ve had from him.

Part 2: The uncooperative character Old habits die hard, and when one of my characters from my upcoming novel starts acting up, I pull him in for a character interview!

Part 3: Do romance novelists live a life full of romance? Uh, you can read the answer to that for yourself!

Part 4: Research of the Non-historical Variety Odd things you may not know–about me, or the things I include in my books.

Part 5: Annoying Heroes Dealing with my real life hero…

Part 6: Stashed in the Glovebox! My husband thinks I’m nuts for what I keep in the glovebox and I have no idea why!

Part 7: Things that make me go HUH?! Read this at your own discretion.

Part 8: The Domestic Goddess I’m not one, read all about it here.

Part 9: Height differences…  For Christmas, my towering husband built me a “kissing stool”.


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