What a day!

First, to anyone out there who is an elementary school teacher, you have my admiration. Today I did another all-day field trip. And nearly returned home bald. It was THAT crazy. The coming, the going, the hustle, the bustle, the NOISE, the yelling and screaming, the weeping and gnashing of teeth. It was almost more than I can handle. Almost. But there were three things that got me through the day, two of which were my children. I went because I love them. Which is pretty obvious when you consider the conditions I had to suffer! And the other reason? Three years ago today, Intentions of the Earl became my first eBook! I have had A LOT happen since then: made my way up and down the sales charts, won awards, made the USA Today, met readers who love my books, met a few who didn’t, flown to multiple conferences and events to meet other authors and awesome readers and published 14 more books! Yes, in the last three years, I’ve had 15 books come out! Isn’t it awesome? I think so and because it all started three years ago today, I thought that such an event demanded something special: A PARTY!

So on Monday, February 17, 2014 from 7-9pm CSST, I’d like to have you and anyone else log onto Facebook and come join my party! Here’s the link (a cover image will be added when I have a chance to come up for air and make one).

All the good things that have happened to me these past three years wouldn’t have been possible with all of my readers and I want to thank you all so much for sticking by me. After having 15 books, there is bound to be at least one somewhere in the mix that you didn’t just love, but nonetheless I thank you all for staying with me on this journey! It has been extremely exciting.

Second, tonight, I’ll also be attending another Facebook party hosted by Darcy Burke to celebrate her newest release: Scoundrel Ever After. There will be several authors there doing blurbs and giveaways, come join us! My time is 7:45 EST. If you’re interested, anyone can join at this link.


Thank you all for your support, I appreciate it and look forward to many, many more years!

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The MOTHER of all things SCANDALOUS (well, just three daughters…)!

Red Beauty

I always knew the mother of the three scandalous sisters: Brooke, Madison and Liberty was forward, stubborn, determined, and all for breaking any rule she could. Now I know just how much!

Two weeks ago, I announced that the calm Regina and blunt Edward, cast of, His Contract Bride had won the Silken Sands Self-Published Star Award (which is a readers choice award).

Well…leave it to Carolina the heroine of His Yankee Bride and her forward approach to everything (and not backing down for anything) to be a finalist in the Colorado’s Romance Writers Award of Excellence! This is one of the few contests that’s open to any published book, no matter who the publisher. I scanned the list and only recognized three or four finalists out of the 45+ in all categories that weren’t with a traditional publishing house. So, even if I don’t win my category (winners are announced June 8), for me, just being a finalist in such a well-known contest with some of these other very prominent names is very humbling and exciting all at the same time!

So in honor of that…I think another chance to win a signed copy or two of His Yankee Bride is in order.

This time, instead of leaving comments (which you’re welcome to do, if you’d like) if you will share on Facebook about my current sale at Amazon for Jilted being at $.99 (yes, this was supposed to end on Monday but despite my efforts to change the price back, it’s stuck… So feel free to take advantage and buy a copy for yourself, a friend, etc.) Please go to this page and share the top post about this sale. I can only keep track of shares done from my original post, if you share it directly off of Amazon I have no way of knowing seeing who you are and adding you to the list of entries.

I’ll randomly pick one winner for every 30 shares the status gets between now and Friday at 6pm CST so feel free to ask others to share the status, too, if you want to increase the number of prizes.

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Big, Exciting News!

I need to preface this with a few weeks ago I mentioned I have three Facebook accounts: one for Rose Gordon the person, one for Rose Gordon the author page and one where I use my real name and nobody knows what I really do (or at least that’s what I pretend).

So last night, I got some, what to me was is, exciting news. Will others think it is? I have no idea. I almost doubt it. But nonetheless, there I went to Facebook to “vaguebook” as my friend calls in when she posts something so vague it intrigues half her friends, but she really can’t reveal what it is and I did it under the wrong dang account! Instead of vaguebooking privately to just my friends, I put it on my author page for 500 sets of eyeballs to see.

Of course, prodding and questions came in, most notably: are you having a baby? Uh, no. (Ironically, as I was editing this, I my mom called and before I could even say hello, she asked if I was having a baby! No, no, no!)

Back on track.

I did make a promise to share this news on here today so it will stream to FB and everyone will know at once.

In no particular order here are my updates for the day:

1. Live Chat

Live chat image

WHEN: Tonight April 4, 2013

WHERE: On my website. Follow this link or click the graphic above.

WHY: To celebrate that the somewhat unapproachable Henry Banks will soon meet his match and reflect on all of the Banks men that I shall miss dearly…

TIME:  Starts at 8 pm EST  and will go to 9 pm EST.

This is a come-and-go event, you do not have to be there at the beginning and stay to the end. Drop in whenever you’d like and stay as long as you’d like–until 9, then I’m going to bed..

Looking forward to seeing you there!

2. It’s Thirsty Thursday again over at the Timeless Quills Blog.

Because I know how everyone just loves to hear about my eating/drinking habits, I have once again posted for Thirsty Thursday over at the Timeless Quills blog. Come see why I’ve gotten so much writing in the last few days (more than 15,000 words combined) and say a silent prayer of thanksgiving that it was me drinking that slop and not you. Oh, and comment for a chance to win a $10 gift card to Jamba Juice (or the equivalent in your area).

3. His Contract Bride took first in the Gulf Coast Chapter’s RWA Silken Sands-Star Contest (a reader’s choice award)!

In December I saw this email going around about contests that I’m eligible to enter–which let’s face it, there aren’t many. Because I don’t have a true publisher (only the company I incorporated myself for tax purposes) I am restricted from entering most writing contests because I’m published (from myself), thus making me ineligible to enter in the unpublished category, but because I’m publishing my own work and not being backed by a different entity, I can’t claim to be published, either. I’m in limbo and the amount of contests I’m eligible for is about 1/20 (if that).

But there is one that caters to and only allows those in my position to enter–which means it’s flooded with entires, including my own. I entered this last year and took third for Her Secondhand Groom. This year, even though there were even more entries and the competition was tougher, I gave it another shot and sent Contract and Yankee off not thinking I’d even final this year. Let’s face it, there are so many of us who fall into this category and so many have so much talent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downing myself and saying that I don’t, but I know my books are a bit different and don’t follow the mainstream crowd. Either people love them for that or just hate them, but it’s what makes my books unique and even if it means harsh criticisms at times or not winning contests and whatnot that’s perfectly fine with me.

So when a forward email of an old PayPal receipt with the word “Congratulations” and a link came in, I was caught completely off guard, followed the link, then nearly fell of my kitchen barstool!

One reason being what I already stated about my books pushing the edge of the mold and while some like that, others don’t and really it’s up to whose hands the book lands in. The bigger reason for my reaction being, I almost didn’t submit that book! I thought Yankee was more “exciting” and stood a better chance so I almost just sent that one, but in a last-second decision, I sent them both.

I cannot thank the Gulf Coast Chapter of the RWA enough for being the first chapter brave enough to offer such a contest and I have noticed a few others who are now allowing those in my position to enter, but I think they really helped pave the way.

I also want to thank everyone who helped me with the book: editors, proofreaders, critique partners, early readers, reviewers, and particularly all of you who’ve ever read any of my books. Had it not been for the response to my early books, I’d have never continued to write books and this particular story would have never been written.

*In all fairness, I am not the only one who can claim to have won first. Apparently it was a tie!

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 7.07.09 AM

Congrats to the other winners and finalists.


Oh Dear, Looks Like Liberty’s at it Again…


Well, folks, as you can guess by the title of my post, Liberty’s stirring up trouble again, and this time she’s been nominated as the worst heroine ever! Here’s her nomination:

I nominate miss Liberty Banks fromLiberty for Paul (Scandalous Sisters Series, Book 2) she was already introduced as an unsavory character in the first book of the series Intentions of the Earl (Scandalous Sisters, book 1) as the younger sister who wouldn’t compensate her lack of beauty with a wining personality. She never smiles (because of her cocked teeth) and she lectures her sisters and parents about property (she owns 500 books on the subject). Now we also learn she has a second passion: revenge. She plans a revenge against the hero (Paul) because he saw her naked (while he was saving her life) She says she would prefer to be dead (!) and the resulting scandal leads to their marriage. The story that ensues is a real torture to read. At every oportunityshe runs to her sister’s house, she belives gosip that Paul (who is a vicar and a virgin to boost) has fathered 14! bastards, she constantly misinterprets Paul’s good intentions and the cherry on top: she is unfatefull to him (after all this talk about property) with a masked stranger!!

(Please note, I have not altered this entry in any manner. This entry and all others, can be read on the Amazon Romance Discussion Forum, under the title: “Contest to find the worst romance heroin ever *entries are open*” )

I won’t lie, as an author I took a measure of pride in seeing this post. See, it’s not every day an author can write such a memorable character who not only gets nominated for such a title but is also the inspiration for a new thread!

As the author who dreamed up both Liberty and the man who would eventually grow to love and corral her, I thank you for the nomination and proudly accept. But I must admit, there were a few misleading parts in this nomination that just may take her out of the running and since I’ve gotten several e-mails about this, I think it’s best I air the secrets and leak a few spoilers. Be warned.

First, for as much as Liberty loved propriety (manners) and had 519 books on the subject, she was not unfaithful to her husband. She was, however, tricked into going to a ball where she “met” and eventually kissed her own husband who was heavily disguised. But she didn’t actually cheat on him, and she even told this “stranger” later when he (Paul) thought she was about to cuckold himself with himself that she intended to stay faithful to her husband.

Second, it’s true Liberty thought her husband, who ironically was a Man of God, had fathered 14 illegitimate children. It’s also true though, she wasn’t informed that Paul was a…er…virgin, until the very end of the book when he embarrassedly admits this fact to her in order to prove his innocence.

So there’s the truth about Liberty, Paul, and their soap operaish story, and if these clarifications take her out of the running, well, what can I say? But if not, I’m rather curious as to what the prize is?!

If you’re curious to read what other commenters have said about her, or wish to nominate another heroine, here’s the direct link to the Contest to find the worst romance heroin ever *entries are open*

Good luck to all the nominees and may the worst one win!



Just for Fun

Today I’m going to break away from my routine and do something different. From writing a book to trying in vain to promote it, lots of uncomfortable, unusual and just downright humorous things happen. So today, since I can’t seem to focus on anything else, I thought I’d let everyone have a laugh–or at least a grin–at my expense.

A typo, you say?

When I first finished writing and had done a few rounds of editing for Intentions of the Earl, I decided my husband should read it. Why? I have no idea. I guess I was just looking for his opinion. Not that he really could have one, of course. He’d never read a romance in his life. I don’t even think he’d read a book with a romantic subplot, either.

So in July when we went our annual camping trip I nervously gave him a copy of the manuscript. As he read through he wasn’t looking for errors, but found a few anyway. When I’d see him uncap his pen, I’d ask him what he’d found wrong and he’d ignore me or say I’d see it when he gave it back. Well, one night by the fire he starts howling with laughter! And while I think there may be a few parts of the book that are worthy of a smile, howls of laugher wasn’t what I expected. Especially from him since he rarely thinks things are funny. Anyway, when he finally calmed down, I asked what was so funny. His answer? He looked down at the paper and read, “Then Andrew dropped his right hand from her shoulder and started caressing  beasts.”

To this day he still gives me a hard time about that one. However, there was another, far more embarrassing typo he missed that I caught the next time I read it. The scene: Andrew waiting with the baron for John to return with news of Brooke. The line, “Andrew resisted the urge to twist his neck to look at the clock he knew was behind him.” That sentence (probablyly altered a little for the final draft), was missing one little letter. If you read back through my last sentence, look for what’s in italics to figure it out!

Unusual searches that led to my blog

When I first started blogging I found it rather interesting that I can see what people have typed into a search engine that led to my blog. Here are some of the most interesting search terms:

what to say to a wayward wife (Uh…probably not going to find the right answer to that one here.)

rose gordon sex scenes (I honestly didn’t know what to make of this one)

her sudden groom (Now, this was actually flattering. The book where I advertised I’d written this book, To Win His Wayward Wife  had only been out one day!)

rose gordon books free (This one gave me pause. I won’t go into a detailed account of the work/time that goes into writing books. But I will say, it wasn’t easy. I honestly think the price is more than fair to both parties, however, I do understand not every eReader is the same or uses the same format. Therefore, if you’ve bought my book(s) and for some reason change your eReader and need a different format, please contact me and I’ll be happy to provide you a complimentary copy in the format you need.)

And finally

rose gordon gun in your face (Quite frankly, I found this one to be rather disturbing)

I hope at least one of these got you to crack a smile. Have a good weekend!

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A Meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Gateway, Character Interview

Good morning, all. It’s finally Friday! And a Good Friday at that.

You think you’re funny, don’t you?

*Glances around to see who could have possibly said that* Oh, it looks like my guests have arrived a bit early. *Blushes with embarrassment at being caught snickering at her own joke. Clears throat* Well, today I have with me, the Duke and Duchess of Gateway, Benjamin and Madison, the hero and heroine from To Win His Wayward Wife. All right, so let’s get started.

B: How ‘bout that, we have some important things to go do.

Like what? I already gave you a baby. Sort of.

M: Yes, yes, that’s true. Say, what are you looking at?

*Moves laptop out view of nosey character* Nothing. Now, let’s talk about you two.

M: No. You shan’t get a peep out of either of us until you reveal what you’re looking at. I know you, Rose, every time you drag me here, you focus completely on me. But this time you’re not, you’re grinning like a jackal and staring at a bunch of pictures. What’s going on?

*Sighs* All right, here it is. *Turns screen to face invisible character joining me at my dining table* Brooke’s book make number one on the Regency Bestseller charts at Amazon.

M: I have no idea what the significance of that is, but I’m guessing it’s good. Oh, look, you waited too long to add the link and the book moved back to no. 2.

*Gasps* I sure did. Okay, here’s what we’ll do… I took a picture of it earlier this morning when I first saw it, so I’ll just attach it here.

B: Pardon me, ladies, but I was in that book. I do believe I was the best part of that book. If not for me, and my undying love for my wife here, that book would not have existed. *Folds his arms and shoots me a smug smile*

Perhaps you’re right, Benjamin. However, you forget, it was my overactive imagination and fast fingers that created that world and put you in it, unrequited love and all.

B: It wasn’t unrequited. She loves me now and she loved me long ago. We just had a dry spell, that’s all.

If that’s what you want to call it, fine. Why don’t you tell us all about that “dry spell”?

B: Well, as you know I was in America visiting my clodpole of a cousin when we first met. We spoke a few times then were separated for a few years then met back up in London where I took advantage of a situation that led to our hasty marriage.

Is that really all you have to say on the matter?

B: Yes.


M: In America we didn’t really have much to say to each other, though we tried. Sadly, whenever we’d start to talk, Robbie would jump in our way. After a few weeks with several interrupted attempts to talk, things fell apart completely when that cad lied to me and manipulated me into thinking Benjamin’s intentions toward me were dishonorable.

Were they?

B: No. Never. I would have married her the day I first saw her if her father would have agreed to perform the ceremony.

Interesting. Next week you’ll be back to talk to me again about the deal you made with Andrew, this is part of Brooke’s agreement with me in order for her to get past her hurt of having her book uh…shall we say, frowned upon due to lack of historical mentionings (read post here). So she requested we do interviews for her book because she thought how I handled her story was boring and droll. Anyway, we’ll talk to you about that then. So for now, we’ll skip that and you two can tell us about the early weeks of your marriage.

B: Do we have to?

Yes, you have to. It wasn’t so bad, was it?

M: No, it wasn’t so bad. Not all of it anyway. Benjamin and I didn’t hit it right off, so we agreed to go live at Rockhurst—

B: Agreed? We didn’t agree. I was forced into it by that weasel brother-in-law of yours.

M: Oh dear, well, yes, um…following our wedding night, which is one of those memories I’d rather forget about, I went to talk to Brooke and well, one thing led to another and soon we found ourselves living at Rockhurst where Benjamin stayed in a gamekeeper’s cottage and spent his days trying to woo me. And his nights thinking about me. *winks*

Is that so?

B: That’s about the lot of it. And I was doing a good job wooing her, if I do say so myself.

M: Yes, you were until you decided to abduct me. That did not endear me to you, I’m afraid.

He abducted you?

M: Yes. Twice. After he abducted me the second time, he hired a Neanderthal to follow me about all day.

B: Jamison is not a Neanderthal, he’s just husky. Anyway, I did that for your protection. Your addled former suitor could have struck at any time.

M: Pffft, you’re paranoid.

B: That may be. However, I’d lost you once; I did not want to take a chance on losing you again.

M: You didn’t. Not that Jamison did any good. He wasn’t even around when Robbie came at me with the gun; he was too busy throwing punches.

B: Yes, I’m aware. And believe me, he received quite an ear blistering for that, too.

M: *rolls eyes* And so did I.

B: That had nothing to do with your leaving Jamison’s side.

M: I know.

We all do.

B: Tell me, Ms. Gordon, do you think she deserved what I said.

This isn’t my fight. Anyway, two can talk about this later—

B: Then we’ll get to make up. *eyes light up*

M: *shakes head* You’re insufferable. Pray continue, with whatever it was you were about to say before my rude husband interrupted you.

That’s quite all right. I’m used to being interrupted.

M: I told you that was Brooke’s idea, not mine.

Well, it doesn’t matter, the problem got solved. Or so I hope. All right one last question, if you could go back in time and change everything starting from the time you first met, would you do things differently?

B: Yes. I would have throttled my cousin that first night and made Madison my wife the next.

M: Actually, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. At one time I think I might have but it I’d have found my happiness back then, Brooke would never have found hers. Nor Liberty.

That’s a very strong sisterly bond right there. I do wish you both lasting happiness in the future. Don’t forget you’re going to come talk to me next week (but you won’t remember agreeing to this since we’re going to go even further in the past to hear the details of Brooke’s romance). Then, in early to mid-May, everyone will be back one last time for a final catch up on life after the novel. Have a good weekend, everyone.


Inspiring Accomplishments

When I started writing my first book it wasn’t about seeing my name on a book cover or making a ton of money. It was because I wanted to tell a different kind of story. Something unusual that I didn’t think had been written before and I thought others might like to find read that kind of story as well.

A lot of uncertainty and worry goes through an author while writing their books, and that uncertainty and worry doesn’t magically go away after it get’s published, either. In fact, I honestly believe those feelings increase. However, I must say that earlier this morning, I had some of that unease slowly slide away when I saw this:

After only 31 days, I spent more than an hour ranked number 21 on Amazon’s Regency Romances Bestsellers list! I’ve since slipped back to number 23 (as of now), but still to be in the thick of authors such as Sabrina Jeffries, Eloisa James and Julia Quinn is something I never dreamed would happen and to me it’s really neat to see my name with theirs! Talk about inspiring! 

A large thank you to all of those of you who have bought (and enjoyed) the book, this would have never happened without you!