Worst daughter ever–that’s me!

As most everyone probably knows, I live in the USA, and here we have two holidays in celebration of our parents: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Last month was Mother’s Day and today is Father’s Day, and needless to say, regarding both of my parents, I totally struck out.

For Mother’s Day, I used an online floral company (whose name I’ll begrudgingly withhold) and ordered my mom some flowers and chocolate.

The flowers arrived half dead and flat (and NOTHING like the picture), the chocolate…it wasn’t even there.

Irritated that what I’d paid for didn’t arrive, I contacted the floral company. It was NOT a good conversation. It started with them saying they were sorry I felt this minor inconvenience was something I needed to complain about and only got worse from there. It ended when I told them I wanted a full refund of my money and I wouldn’t use them again. They said I could have a full refund…but they’d have to go back by my mom’s work and pick up the flowers. There is a reason most of my heroines and strong and feisty. They get it from me! Without hesitation, I told the lady that’s perfectly fine. Go pick them up. They never did, nor did I get a single cent refunded. Lesson learned: don’t use [BEEEEEP BEEP] to do business with.

Unfortunately, I still needed to do something for my mom and only had that afternoon to make arrangements as it was the Friday before Mother’s Day. I searched high and low and finally found a place that said they delivered fruit baskets on Saturdays! Perfect. I ordered her one that had a good mix of fruits and a couple small blocks of cheese. On the gift message, I wrote:

The chocolates were missing,
The flowers limp with disease;
I hope the apples counteract the cheese.

Right after I hit the “order”, I was emailed a message saying they wouldn’t be able to deliver it on Saturday, but would deliver it on the follow Wednesday. I just groaned, but it was the best that I could do.

Fast forward a month. My mom never said ANYTHING about the fruit and cheese. That’s very unlike her, so I finally called the place only to be informed that they no longer do those. What?!?! They why advertise it on your website and for goodness sake why send me a confirmation email telling me that it’ll be delivered on Wednesday?? Craziness.

So….today is Father’s Day, or the “Day of the Father” as my husband refers to it. I had a hard time deciding what to send my dad. My parents fall into the category that I really can’t buy them anything they need but couldn’t get themselves, it’s more of a sentimental token or trinket that I think fits them. This requires a lot of thought. I sent my mom flowers and chocolates (at work) because I knew that wasn’t something she received often. My dad was a bit harder. I pondered it for a few weeks.

Then I was on Amazon and I had a brilliant idea!

My dad is part Indian and some relation of his who was more Indian (I want to say his maternal grandmother) gave him an authentic Indian drum. (Don’t ask any more on that, because I don’t know if she actually lived in the tribe or what.) Anyway, growing up, my dad talked on and on about this drum. A few weeks ago, I put in to go to the Antiques Roadshow, not really believing I’d really get tickets. Surprise, surprise, I did! As you can imagine, my dad wanted me and my mom to bring his drum as one of our items.

That’s fine, but nobody knows anything about it. So my brilliant idea was to buy him a book about Indian drums so he could study up on it and give us a few facts when we go. First, let me tell you, there aren’t a lot of books on this topic. But I scanned through several and found one. Feeling awesome and that I had redeemed myself this year, I sat back yesterday and waited for the text that I knew would come.

Then it came:

Dad says thank you for the romance novel.

With the text were two pictures. One of him holding the book closed, with the cover facing the camera; the second he had the book open to one of the pages in the front where a man and a woman were looking at each other and leaning in for a kiss…

So…to keep in MY tradition of sending a romance novel for Father’s Day, I would like to do so again (this time on purpose) and will send one of my Banks Brothers’ Brides books to a random commenter who dares to expose their own gifting blunder.

*Open internationally, winner selected Tuesday, June 18th.

Finally, I want to wish any father, including my own, or father figure out there who might read my blog a Happy Father’s Day!

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The MOTHER of all things SCANDALOUS (well, just three daughters…)!

Red Beauty

I always knew the mother of the three scandalous sisters: Brooke, Madison and Liberty was forward, stubborn, determined, and all for breaking any rule she could. Now I know just how much!

Two weeks ago, I announced that the calm Regina and blunt Edward, cast of, His Contract Bride had won the Silken Sands Self-Published Star Award (which is a readers choice award).

Well…leave it to Carolina the heroine of His Yankee Bride and her forward approach to everything (and not backing down for anything) to be a finalist in the Colorado’s Romance Writers Award of Excellence! This is one of the few contests that’s open to any published book, no matter who the publisher. I scanned the list and only recognized three or four finalists out of the 45+ in all categories that weren’t with a traditional publishing house. So, even if I don’t win my category (winners are announced June 8), for me, just being a finalist in such a well-known contest with some of these other very prominent names is very humbling and exciting all at the same time!

So in honor of that…I think another chance to win a signed copy or two of His Yankee Bride is in order.

This time, instead of leaving comments (which you’re welcome to do, if you’d like) if you will share on Facebook about my current sale at Amazon for Jilted being at $.99 (yes, this was supposed to end on Monday but despite my efforts to change the price back, it’s stuck… So feel free to take advantage and buy a copy for yourself, a friend, etc.) Please go to this page and share the top post about this sale. I can only keep track of shares done from my original post, if you share it directly off of Amazon I have no way of knowing seeing who you are and adding you to the list of entries.

I’ll randomly pick one winner for every 30 shares the status gets between now and Friday at 6pm CST so feel free to ask others to share the status, too, if you want to increase the number of prizes.

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The winner of the Caption Contest is…



“If my shelf-mate ‘All Signs Point to Murder’ gets any closer to me (or tries to steal my man), there WILL be murder.”

Thanks everyone who came up with something. This was really fun! I do/did have an announcement regarding this book…but after waiting ALL DAY LONG for permission to post it, it didn’t happen (get permission that is, the exciting thing is still a go). Maybe tomorrow.  I did want to post this though. Have a great night!

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Caption Contest! Write a caption for this picture and win a copy of the book!

Following my announcement that I was looking for libraries to donate books to, a reader asked me to send a copy of His Contract Bride and His Yankee Bride to her local library.

I did and two weeks ago, she sent me the following picture:



So…the goal is to write a caption to fit the picture for a chance to win a copy of the book (with this cover or the one with her lounging in the field, showing off her legs).

Here’s mine: “Ugh, I’m stuck in this awful, stuffy library when I should be outside chasing John! Someone, please, come rescue me!”

All right, give it a go!

This is open Internationally and you may leave your reply here in the comments section or on FB. Winner selected Friday.


For a chance to win more books from me, head over the The Window Seat on a Rainy Day to read an interview I did about my writing, behind the scenes info on His Brother’s Bride and even some details on my audiobook.

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Big, Exciting News!

I need to preface this with a few weeks ago I mentioned I have three Facebook accounts: one for Rose Gordon the person, one for Rose Gordon the author page and one where I use my real name and nobody knows what I really do (or at least that’s what I pretend).

So last night, I got some, what to me was is, exciting news. Will others think it is? I have no idea. I almost doubt it. But nonetheless, there I went to Facebook to “vaguebook” as my friend calls in when she posts something so vague it intrigues half her friends, but she really can’t reveal what it is and I did it under the wrong dang account! Instead of vaguebooking privately to just my friends, I put it on my author page for 500 sets of eyeballs to see.

Of course, prodding and questions came in, most notably: are you having a baby? Uh, no. (Ironically, as I was editing this, I my mom called and before I could even say hello, she asked if I was having a baby! No, no, no!)

Back on track.

I did make a promise to share this news on here today so it will stream to FB and everyone will know at once.

In no particular order here are my updates for the day:

1. Live Chat

Live chat image

WHEN: Tonight April 4, 2013

WHERE: On my website. Follow this link or click the graphic above.

WHY: To celebrate that the somewhat unapproachable Henry Banks will soon meet his match and reflect on all of the Banks men that I shall miss dearly…

TIME:  Starts at 8 pm EST  and will go to 9 pm EST.

This is a come-and-go event, you do not have to be there at the beginning and stay to the end. Drop in whenever you’d like and stay as long as you’d like–until 9, then I’m going to bed..

Looking forward to seeing you there!

2. It’s Thirsty Thursday again over at the Timeless Quills Blog.

Because I know how everyone just loves to hear about my eating/drinking habits, I have once again posted for Thirsty Thursday over at the Timeless Quills blog. Come see why I’ve gotten so much writing in the last few days (more than 15,000 words combined) and say a silent prayer of thanksgiving that it was me drinking that slop and not you. Oh, and comment for a chance to win a $10 gift card to Jamba Juice (or the equivalent in your area).

3. His Contract Bride took first in the Gulf Coast Chapter’s RWA Silken Sands-Star Contest (a reader’s choice award)!

In December I saw this email going around about contests that I’m eligible to enter–which let’s face it, there aren’t many. Because I don’t have a true publisher (only the company I incorporated myself for tax purposes) I am restricted from entering most writing contests because I’m published (from myself), thus making me ineligible to enter in the unpublished category, but because I’m publishing my own work and not being backed by a different entity, I can’t claim to be published, either. I’m in limbo and the amount of contests I’m eligible for is about 1/20 (if that).

But there is one that caters to and only allows those in my position to enter–which means it’s flooded with entires, including my own. I entered this last year and took third for Her Secondhand Groom. This year, even though there were even more entries and the competition was tougher, I gave it another shot and sent Contract and Yankee off not thinking I’d even final this year. Let’s face it, there are so many of us who fall into this category and so many have so much talent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downing myself and saying that I don’t, but I know my books are a bit different and don’t follow the mainstream crowd. Either people love them for that or just hate them, but it’s what makes my books unique and even if it means harsh criticisms at times or not winning contests and whatnot that’s perfectly fine with me.

So when a forward email of an old PayPal receipt with the word “Congratulations” and a link came in, I was caught completely off guard, followed the link, then nearly fell of my kitchen barstool!

One reason being what I already stated about my books pushing the edge of the mold and while some like that, others don’t and really it’s up to whose hands the book lands in. The bigger reason for my reaction being, I almost didn’t submit that book! I thought Yankee was more “exciting” and stood a better chance so I almost just sent that one, but in a last-second decision, I sent them both.

I cannot thank the Gulf Coast Chapter of the RWA enough for being the first chapter brave enough to offer such a contest and I have noticed a few others who are now allowing those in my position to enter, but I think they really helped pave the way.

I also want to thank everyone who helped me with the book: editors, proofreaders, critique partners, early readers, reviewers, and particularly all of you who’ve ever read any of my books. Had it not been for the response to my early books, I’d have never continued to write books and this particular story would have never been written.

*In all fairness, I am not the only one who can claim to have won first. Apparently it was a tie!

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 7.07.09 AM

Congrats to the other winners and finalists.

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New for April…and beyond!

Here’s what’s new!

1. His Brother’s Bride is set to come out later this week.

Late this week, His Brother’s Bride will be hitting the virtual bookshelves. This makes me both very excited and also very sad as it is the last Banks book I’ll write (for now).

With this occasion swiftly approaching, I’ll post my husband’s oh-so-helpful editing suggestions as well as a brief scene/excerpt this week!

2.  RT is swiftly approaching and I’d LOVE to see you there!

May 1-5 I will be in Kansas City for the RT Booklovers Convention. Come find me in Club RT on Weds. May 1st from 1-1:30pm or Thursday May 2nd from 2 to 2:30; or at the Indie Expo on Thursday May 2nd from 4 to 6pm. I will be signing books and giving away lots of nifty things so come see me! 

For more information about the RT Convention, please visit their website.

I also have something else in the works, so if you plan to go, drop me a line and I’ll let you know what I’m scheming when I have more concrete details!

3. Buy a Groom and help a cause!

Starting on May 1st, Brenda Novak will start an auction that will benefit diabetes. This year, I have donated my entire Groom Series in paperback form (signed, of course) along with a writing quill, ink pot, a wax seal and wax, notecards and swag. The starting bid is $3.00, with all the proceeds going to help find a cure for diabetes. If you’d like more information on what I’m donating or to find other items that might be of interest, please go check out the listing page.

4. His Yankee Bride is almost an audiobook!

My narrator has only five chapters remaining before she’s completed with His Yankee Bride.  It’ll be completed early next week and be on sale hopefully by the end of April or beginning of May.

After this book, the next one that should be available will be Her Sudden Groom coming in May or early June.

Older News you might have missed…

1. The audiobook format for His Contract Bride is now available at all outlets.

    Or listen to the sample.

2. Her Reluctant Groom (plus 5 other books) are on sale as a compilation for .99!

Even if you’ve already read Her Reluctant Groom, you might want to take advantage of this because you never know who you might discover. I have gotten together with a few other ladies from our Timeless Quills group and we’ve put together a compilation of six book for the incredible price of only .99!

Here is what is included:

HER RELUCTANT GROOM by Rose Gordon ~ Marcus Sinclair, sixteenth Earl of Sinclair, has lived the last thirteen years as a recluse following an accident that left him heavily scarred. Though a recluse, Marcus has still managed to fall in love. The problem? The woman he’s taken with is none other than the sister of the lady he was once betrothed to!


TO WALK IN THE SUN by Jane Charles ~ Hiding from a dangerous man, Tess Crawford thought The Wiggons’ School for Elegant Young Ladies would be the perfect place to disappear. Vincent Latimer, Viscount Atwood, is not a vampire and He wishes the book, Wake Not the Dead, had never been written. When a storm thrusts Tess into Vincent’s path and destroys the school, both of their pasts collide.


A SCANDALOUS PURSUIT by Ava Stone ~ A very proper English lady has all her plans for the future disrupted when she innocently stumbles headfirst into a compromising situation with a very improper English duke.


MORE THAN A GOVERNESS by Jerrica Knight-Catania ~ Becky Thorn has been keeping a secret for more than seven years. A secret that could destroy her. So before she gets too ensconced in London society, she accepts a position as a governess for a reclusive Viscount, far away from the ton.


THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER by Suzie Grant ~ A bounty hunter facing his past

Gade Ryder returns to Eden, Texas, after twelve years to investigate a gang of rustlers on the family ranch. Had he accepted the job out of misplaced family loyalty or was it the compelling mystery of the devil’s daughter keeping him in the one place he didn’t want to be? Confronted by the memory of his mother’s suicide and the father he blames for her death, Gade finds himself seeking comfort from the one woman he couldn’t trust.


THE HEALING TREE by Amy De Trempe ~ Lady Lilian Bliant is determined to thwart her manipulative father’s plan to shackle her to a weak-willed man of the ton. Lord Maxwell Warrick is anything but weak-willed, yet Lily wreaks havoc on his heart. Will their differences be put aside and will Lily one day accept his faith as her own and Max as her husband.


This compilation will only be available for a short time and can be snapped up (or stolen!) at the following locations:


In the comment section, name a secondary character of mine who hasn’t yet received a book (Henry doesn’t count) that you’d like to see get their story along with a brief explanation (one to two sentences) of why you’d like to read their story (or why you think they deserve one) and you’ll be entered to win one of 15 digital copies of the Timeless Quills Timeless Collection I’ll be giving away and entered into the Grand Prize of an ARC of His Bother’s Bride. This is open Internationally and entries will be collected until 12pm CST April 2, when the winners will be selected and notified.

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One Sale and Two Giveaways

1. In case you haven’t already heard, from now until the end of the week, my entire first series is on sale for $2.99 from  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Scandalous Sisters Cover 1400x2000 72dpi

2. There is still time to enter into the giveaway at Herding Cats & Burning Soup for a chance to win a signed copy of His Contract Bride.

3. Today I am talking tea and bizarre combinations that actually taste good over on the Timeless Quills Blog. Stop by and tell me about your favorite tea combination (or just straight) for a chance to win a gift card to Teavana.

4. Speaking of Timeless Quills–which is made up Jane Charles, Amy De Trempe, Suzie Grant, Jerrica Knight-Catania, Ava Stone, and of course me, we are days away from sending out our first official eZine! If you’ve signed up for any of my mailing lists (or theirs) you will not be automatically signed up for this. But if you’d like to sign up for it, click here for the link.

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My first series is now a bundle! And a Giveaway!

First, I’d like to announce that for a limited time I have bundled all three stories from the Scandalous Sisters Series and put them as one book.

Scandalous Sisters Cover 200x300 72dpi

This is on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now for $2.99, that’s less than the price of one book by itself!

So if you haven’t read all of these yet or would like to gift it or recommend it to a friend, now is the perfect time!

Second, today I am over on Herding Cats and Burning Soup talking about the very glamorous life of a romance writer and all of the perks that put me above the rest of the human race. Anna, the blog owner, is being kind enough to run a giveaway of my books, so be sure to check it out as we all know I herd my children and dozens of others and burn far more than just soup, unfortunately.

Have a great weekend!

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Test Your Knowledge of Regency Slang

Today, I am over visiting Donna at Girl Who Reads and giving everyone a quiz! A quiz over how well you know your Regency Cant.

And of course, there’s a prize for you and (a friend):

Signed postcard, screen cleaner, pen, lip balm, USB drive and bandage dispenser.
Signed postcard, screen cleaner, pen, lip balm, USB drive and bandage dispenser.



Click here to go test your knowledge!

*Open Internationally.

**Winner will receive two of bags of swag.

***Entries will be collected until 3-11-13

****Answers do NOT have to be correct to win, just have fun.

*****My apologies to anyone who has seen this quiz before, it’s an older version of my newsletter…but you can still enter again!

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Winners, a new giveaway, and a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Winners of the free book from Suzie Grant’s backlist are:

AgouraLady and Heather

Congrats, ladies.

Another Giveaway:

I’ve listed His Jilted Bride as a Goodreads giveaway. This is for a chance to win one of three signed paperback copies–limited to the US. Here’s the link:

And now for a rare, riveting and possibly life-enriching opportunity–or two:

I’m going on tour…a blog tour that is and thanks to the awesome help of one of you, my dates have filled up rather quickly, but there are still some available for anyone who’d like me to come visit your blog for a chat and a giveaway or would like to review my latest book.

(Okay, so this isn’t as exciting as I’d played it up to be, but I had to do something to get you to read this!)

This tour is through Goddess Fish and I will list the links below. But, after a very enlightening conversation this past week, I wanted to tell you all this now, you do not need to be associated with any company that specializes in blog tours to have me come on your blog. I’d be happy (and honored) to make appearance or even just donate giveaway items to any one of you. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Anyway, here are the links:

Author Interview:


That’s all for today, now I must get back to a certain pair of newlyweds…