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Visiting the “Draft” file…

I spent a good part of Monday afternoon reading through the 123 (no exaggeration!) blog posts I’ve drafted but haven’t published. Some turned out to be great stories that I’ll publish with a word of warning that the content came from the draft file. Then there were several wonderful titles that got me super excited to read what in the world I’d blogged about, only to open the post and see nothing, or just a few words or sentences. So, because misery loves company, I’m going to share some of these titles with you all so you can all be like me and wonder “where was that going?!”.

  • Yard Sales vs. Rose Gordon (The only line in the post said: Yard sales for the win!)
  • Backhanded Compliments (The only line in this post read: No matter who you are, we’ve all received one of these little jewels…)
  • Let it Go! (Not the song)
  • My Favorite Things (Yes, because you ALL have been waiting with bated breath for what I love. As if I’m Oprah. Good grief.)
  • In My Former Life (Actually, this one has a LOT of content. I write it when I was 27–I’m now 31–but I might post this one one day when I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel.)
  • From the Marshmallow Man to a Beast! What’s a mother to do?! (This was from two years ago when my son started wrestling at school and got his butt handed to him. That didn’t last too long. 😉 )
  • Candid, Blunt and…well, perhaps a little TMI
  • Didja Know #10 the definition of a Nincompoop
  • Wicked Wednesday!
  • Didja Know Facts about Humans (Contrary to the cute kid in Jerry McGuire, the human head weighs approximate 12 pounds.)
  • The Truth about Passions of a Gentleman (Ooooh, so many things this post could have contained, but probably didn’t.)
  • Wanna be my friend? Probably not.
  • Looking into 2015
  • Sometimes I wonder…
  • A Day in the Life: Humble Pie (I dearly wish I’d written something–ANYTHING on this page to know what I was talking about because I am quite certain that since the date I wrote that heading I’ve eaten a lot more humble pie.)
  • Ten Year Reunion?
  • Unspoken, but not unimportant, rules among authors
  • End-of-Year questions for teachers and moms (final plea as homeroom mom). This was the year an alien had inhabited my body and told the teacher I’d be delighted to be the homeroom mom for a gaggle of kindergarteners. 
  • Research
  • RT Anyone?
  • Kids + Outside = Resistance, “no fun”, and a tinge of whining! Why, oh why?
  • Awkward confession…totally off topic.
  • Seeking suggestions.
  • I need help… (yes, yes I did and still do!)
  • A writer’s confessional
  • A writer’s biggest reward
  • Let’s talk spam, and I don’t mean food.
  • No title
  • Advice on friends from Edward Banks
  • Poor Bob
  • A candid discussion and a few revelations
  • Come laugh at me!
  • Authors are human, too. At least this one.
  • Writerly Woes
  • Oh. My.
  • Scandalized. (Another Florida escapade.)
  • An Impromptu poll (AKA I need help again.)
  • Inside joke for those who’ve read Intentions of the Earl (I’d love to share with you all where I was going with this, but alas, the contents were blank.)
  • Oh help us all…I’ve been asked to act as host.
  • Drawing lines–Warning Touchy Subject
  • It’s tough being a writer… (So tough, I seemed to have given up on this topic after writing the title.)
  • In regards to my books, please note:
  • Guilty pleasures
  • A hot date
  • 10 things you probably don’t know about me (Seeing as how I only got to #5, I’m going to take that as a hint that I’m pretty dang boring.)
  • Hard lesson: old manuscript copies do not make suitable scrap paper.
  • Not a fairytale wedding
  • Do romance novelists have a more stellar romantic life than everyone else? (I can answer that without a post: no.)
  • Ever wish the ground would open up and swallow you whole?
  • Honest chat
  • Perceptions
  • Men can be such babies
  • Henry and June, Part 2
  • Right on!
  • Unconventional
  • Where did you come up with THAT?!


There were many other fully written blog posts that might require a little polishing and posting. Turns out I blogged more than I originally thought I had. 😀


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Long time, no blog

For those of you who don’t know (or remember me :-p ) my name is Rose Gordon and once upon a time I wrote historical romance–mostly Regency-era.

Here’s a few visuals…

Me at RT in Chicago 5 *gulp* years ago.



And when I wasn’t slaving away to write about unsuspecting fellows and their over-scandalous counterparts, I was on here blogging about nonsense like…

Jezzie–the mannequin head my family and I pass around.


(The time I fell through the attic on Thanksgiving.)


(Crazy stuff I’ve found–and maybe bought…–at the fair or craft mall.)

I also shared on here about my failed attempts at crafts:

Held crazy votes:


Or shared stories about my kids:

(100 “signed by author” stickers, plus autograph for 100th day of school; and my kids fighting over a stuffed enema…)

So many of you supported me when I raised $10,000 for MS and looked like an idiot while doing it!

Let me share some seriously scandalous “swag” I’ve picked up at different conventions:


I had so much fun writing over 600 blog posts whether they were stories about the craziness in which I live, a man’s POV of my books, hosting contests and so much more. I have missed out on so much by not posting very consistently for the past three years. A fact I wish I could change–but some things aren’t things you post. Or at least not things *I* could ever post.

Many don’t know that about 3.5 years ago my world tilted on its axis when the happily-ever-after I believed I was living fell apart. I have gone through fire after fire since and in my own opinion, I think I’ve emerged a much different, and perhaps stronger person.

Am I ready to write romance novels again? No. Maybe one day, but not today.

Am I ready to start blogging about the craziness that I now face with boys who are 10 and 12 and have entered into their first year in public school? Oh, absolutely. (Funny sidetrack: on Halloween my kids left for the school bus 10 minutes earlier than they needed to. Why? Because they could and I was in the shower and couldn’t tell them, “Oh, hell no.” When I got out of the shower, I noticed I had received about 5 texts from my kids. “Mom, we’ve been down here for 5 minutes and haven’t seen a single bus. I don’t think they’re having school today. You know, Halloween is a holiday.” Oh, my poor kids who’ve always been in a church school or heaven help me homeschooled for an overwhelming year. I wrote back: “Wait for the bus. You left 10 minutes early. The bus doesn’t even get there until 7:40 and you usually leave at 7:30. Writing me at 7:25 to tell me you haven’t seen the bus and you think there’s no school in observance of Halloween will be posted to Facebook if you two argue when you get home tonight. 😀 Love ya!”)

So, if you’re up to following my blog to follow more about me and my shenanigans, my crazy parenting, unusual finds, ridiculous signs, craft fails, wild tales and other craziness where truth is stranger than fiction, than please stay tuned and subscribed. (After all, it IS called Rose Unscripted.)

If you followed my blog as a means to keep up with my writing progress and being informed of new books only, I will by no means be disappointed if you’d like to unsubscribe.

Again, I want to thank you all. Whether you’ve been a follower since I started blogging in Feb. 2011 or have subscribed recently, it doesn’t matter, I just appreciate that you’ve enjoyed my work enough to sign up!

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Blast from the Past! My style of Historical Romance? History or Romance?

Let me preface this post by saying this was originally posted April 19, 2011 only 5 days after To Win His Wayward Wife, the third and final installment in the Scandalous Sisters Series was released. When I wrote the first three books, I had been under the illusion that if a story is good enough, it would be okay if I wasn’t 100% historically accurate. (I mean come on seriously, how many daughters of nobility would be throwing away their virginity before marriage? How many would even enjoy the act? And how the heck, do the hero and heroine almost ALWAYS end up alone so they can be romantic before marriage? Highly unlikely, but we all read and accept it without a second thought.)

Oh, how wrong I was. At this point, all three of those early books were topping the Regency charts and the scathing reviews started rolling in at a rapid rate. The chief complaint: they weren’t full of historical facts or talks of politics or other such things I didn’t find pertinent to the story, but clearly someone did. 

So, I wrote the following post and with a little nervous hesitancy, I’m reposting it for anyone who hadn’t “met” me yet, to enjoy my getting ambushed by my own characters!


All right, so today I promised to tell you what my books are and—

Rose, we need a moment of your time!

*Turns head to see Brooke, Madison and Liberty all standing with their arms folded across their chests, looking decidedly upset* Ahem, ladies, is this something that could wait? I’m trying to do a little work just now.

Brooke: No, this cannot wait. There is a pressing matter we need to address, now!

Now? Are you sure we need to do this now?

Liberty: Yes, Mrs. Gordon, now. 

All right, what’s going on?

Liberty: Well, it has come to our attention that you didn’t do your job right.

Excuse me?

Brooke: These books are historical romances, correct? 


Liberty: Well, apparently there’s been a complaint about the lack of history lessons in the books!

Oh, was there now? Hmm, and the three of you care because… *Raises one eyebrow like Andrew and does rolling hand gesture to get them to give their reasons so we can have this out and they can go back to the corners of my imagination*

Brooke: Because…because…well, I don’t rightly know. *Shrugs and looks a tad uncomfortable*

Exactly. Girls, let me just explain something real quick, these are romance novels, not history primers. *Pauses and tucks a tendril of hair behind ear* Liberty, remember when you read all those romance novels?

Liberty: Yes, but I don’t see what that has to do with anything.

Just bear with me. Well, would you have enjoyed them nearly as much if there was constant talk of world politics, war, poverty or some other depressing subject while you were trying to read a romance?

Liberty: No! That would have detracted from the story.

Just so. And that’s why I didn’t wax on and on about that type of nonsense. See, readers crack the spine—or fire up their Kindle, Nook or other eReader in this case—and start to read in order to escape from the hassles of the world and the heavy burdens they face. Not to leave these harsh realities just to read about someone else’s.

Brooke: That does make sense…

Told you so.

Liberty: What of a compromise? What about a little history? You know, some random facts, just nothing about war and or other dreary subjects?

*Sighs* Did the three of you even read the books? I did slip a few history factoids in each of them. Admittedly not a lot, but some. Let’s see, does the talk of Kings Henry the VII and VIII at the museum ring a bell?

Brooke: Well, I…uh…

Wasn’t paying much attention to much of anything the day at the museum?

Brooke: Yes, well, my thoughts were— 

Occupied thinking of Andrew and that torrid kiss the two of you’d just shared in that empty room?

Brooke: Rose, my private life with Andrew is not the point of this conversation. Your lack of history lessons is.

All right, what about the origins of your names? Hmm. Did you forget about that?

Brooke: Well, no, but I hadn’t really thought of that as history, but I guess it is.

Yes, it is. Oh, wait, I have another example, one Liberty might remember very well. Remember when you were in the pantry and Paul was in the tub singing Yankee Doodle—

Liberty: All right, all right, you’ve proven your point. *Flushing bright red*

That’s what I thought. Anything else? Madison, do you have something to add? You’ve been awfully quiet over there.

Brooke: Don’t mind her; she’s still steaming about the “Pouting Princess” remark.

*Rolls eyes and bites lips to keep from grinning * Oh, don’t get your feathers ruffled. She’s entitled to her opinion.

Madison: It’s not her opinion that bothers me, it’s yours!


Madison: Yes, yours. I happen to love him, faults and all. But to hear you snicker at that comment hurt my feelings.

You have got to be kidding me.

Madison: No, I’m not. All right, I am. My feelings aren’t really hurt and I honestly confess had the comment  been made about either of their husbands I would have died laughing, too.

So then what’s the problem?

Madison: There really isn’t one. Brooke dragged us all here and told us to wear our angry faces. I honestly don’t give a flip about the lack of historical politics mentioned in the books. I agree, they’re for entertainment purposes only. When I told her this, she told me to imagine my husband wearing a tiara and a pink frilly dress. That’s what I’m steaming about. I’m unhappy with Brooke.

That’s nice. *Snickers at Brooke* Just remember you’re the one traveling back with her, not me.

Brooke: Can we leave her here? Just for a while?

No. She’ll be back on Friday anyway.

Brooke: You know, Rose, that’s something else I wanted to talk to you about. Andrew and I were never interviewed about our book. All you did was write up droll summaries of our characters. Talk about something that’ll make a reader fall into a deep sleep.

So are you saying you’d like me to do a round of interviews with you, Andrew, your parents, sisters and the Dangerous Duke?

Brooke: Yes! Do that and I’ll forgive you for…for that other nonsense.

Hmmm, but don’t you think it’s too late? I mean the book has already been out for two months.

Brooke: That’s not too late. Surely there are some people who have yet to read it. Perhaps they’d enjoy the interviews rather than the boring drivel you posted previously.

*Rolls eyes* All right, Brooke. You win. Next week I’ll start in on the interviews for the characters in your book. Then after that’s all done I plan to have one more go around with everyone to catch up with what they’re doing after the end of the books. Fair?

All three: Fair.

Liberty: All right, now that we’ve voiced our complaints and were so nicely put in our places perhaps it’s time to go back to the past.

Good plan. But wait, before you go, there’s something I wanted to you see.

Madison: What’s this?

Another review. This one posted just Sunday on Shameless Romance Reviews. [Site no longer exists–in 2016 😦 ] I think you’ll be much happier with it.

Here’s a few of the things she had to say,

“I read for the entertainment of a good story, and this book kept me turning the pages.

“I thought the characters were wonderfully written, Rose Gordon really brought out the personalities well, and their emotions and thoughts are always known to the reader.”

Oh, and listen to this last part,

“The secondary cast of characters were great as well. Gateway is that bastard you love to hate. And the sisters, Liberty…she tries to be the prim and proper one, doing everything by the book, she tries anyway. She is a little bit of a drama queen too. And Madison, who is wise beyond her years, I bet there’s a story behind that one.”

Madison: Seems like nobody has anything nice to say about him.

Brooke: Dearest, considering he tried to pay Andrew to ruin your reputation, you cannot argue with her conclusion.

Liberty: Besides, he really is a bastard. And I should know, I seem to surround myself with them.

Very good. All right, ladies, I think it’s time to go back to 1813 now. If you’d like, you may take a copy of that with you.

*Girls exit, chatting about the wonderful review*

Well, I guess I did tell you what my books are and aren’t, didn’t I?

Mrs. Gordon I need but a moment of your time, please.

*Turns head* Why if it’s not, Alex, one of my all-time favorite heroes.

*Snorts* Does that mean I’m one of the winners in a six way tie?

No. Just a two-way tie.

*Shakes his head and plops down in the closest chair* I’m flattered. Now, there was something I wished to talk to you about. What were you thinking naming my magazine Popular Plants?

Um…well…don’t kill me, but I hadn’t been thinking about it when I jotted that down. It was one of those things I meant to change later, but I just needed a quick name to throw in just then because the scene was coming together so quickly…but then…but then…well, I forgot to change it. I’m very sorry.

Yes, well, see that it doesn’t happen again.

That’s not possible, I’m afraid. Now that it’s been published that way, whenever I refer to the magazine in future books, I’ll have to keep calling it that. I’m dreadfully sorry.

*Groans loudly* Why do you need to write a story about me anyhow? I’m perfectly content without a wife.

Yes, well, as content as you may be to continue living the bachelor life, you won’t be able to much longer. It seems your father may have done something that is about to put you on the fast track to marriage.

What? What did he do?

I’ll let him tell you about it later. *Glances out the window* You better get back out there before they take off in the time travel machine without you.

I’m not worried about that. Between the three of them they don’t know how to run it. I’m always the one who gets it going for these little trips.

Is that so? Well, that won’t be possible any longer if I write you have an accident where you hit your head and lose half your precious brain cells.

You wouldn’t dare.

Wouldn’t I? If you don’t get going that’s exactly what I’m going to do. You better go, I’m opening up my file titled, “Her Sudden Groom”. Hmm, where could this accident go? The first page perhaps?

All right, all right, I’m going. But if you think I’ll be coming back here for some any of your ridiculous interviews, you’re mistaken.

We’ll just see about that.

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What I’m working on

What I’ve been working on…

…and no, it’s not the railroad (although I do live waaaaaay too close to the train tracks, but that’s another complaint for another day).

I’ve been a little silent the past few weeks. It’s been busy ‘round here. The end of the school year is swiftly approaching which means track meets, awards banquets, photos, talent shows, auctions, spring colds, the list goes on and on.

Then there’s the writing front: Finished The Wooing Game! Writing full-force on Passions of a Gentleman. Nearing that “make a mad dash for the finish line” point. As soon as it’s done and in the editing stage, I’ll put it up for pre-order.

And once again, my blog has gone dead.

But I have an idea. Character interviews have always been fun. A few years ago, I did them on my early books and I think it’s high time I repost them as I had literally about 10 people reading them back then, so maybe a few more can enjoy them now. Also, I plan to intersperse some interviews from different authors/books so I don’t bore you all too much!

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Sharing some good news!

A few weeks ago IEvading the Duke mentioned that I had a project that was due in May that I’d need to put before I finished Passions of a Gentleman. Well, I am happy to report that The Wooing Game (part of the anthology Evading the Duke) is completely written and firmly in the editing stage! This book is about Charlotte Cavanaugh the younger sister of Jane from the Perfect Lady Worthe and the older sister of Daphne from Mistletoe & Michaelmas.

This book, and the three others in this four-book, 12 story anthology, will be available May 24, 2016 and is currently for pre-sale: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo (Blurb coming soon.)

Now, back to Simon and Henrietta and their…Passions!


Updates, Writing

Some Updates

Today is the final day of spring break YAAAAAAAAYYYYY! Oh, sorry, that wasn’t the nice, motherly reaction, was it? Truth is, this week has been crazy!!!


1. Passions is still in the works. I opted to go ahead and squeeze in my May commitment before finishing up Passions. Hopefully this week I’ll finish this other one up and can get back to Simon and Henrietta.

2. Jane and Daphne’s sister Charlotte will be getting her story! This is the little project I had to detour for. Charlotte will be going toe-to-toe with her match, James Noble, Lord Wynn in The Wooing Game. Just like her sister Daphne, Charlotte’s story will be debuting in a Danby collection ~ Evading the Duke.

Evading the Duke

This book will be available May 24, 2016 and  is currently for pre-sale: Amazon  Apple Barnes & Noble  Kobo  

Now it’s back to writing for me!



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Now Available Jessie: Bride of South Carolina!!!

I’m so excited to finally announce that Jessie: Bride of South Carolina is now available at all major eBook retailers!!!

This was the book I did as part of the 50-states American Mail Order Bride series and was exclusive to Amazon for the first 90 days.


Tired of living under her father’s iron thumb of control Jessie Wilcox decides to do the unthinkable: run away to Montana as a mail-order bride. The only obstacle in her way: the one hundred miles between her home in Williamsburg County and the train depot in Charleston.

Joel Cunningham is in utter disbelief when the girl he once loved beyond reason is on his front porch asking him to disobey her father’s wishes and drive her to Charleston. Logic and reason scream no; his lips, however, say yes.

Will the one hundred miles ahead of them be enough to overcome the five years of painful regrets or will Jessie follow her dream for a new life in Montana?


Amazon ~*~ Apple ~*~ Barnes & Noble ~*~ Kobo

On another note, for those who have Google Play or Google Books, I’m in the process of moving all of my books over there, too! With so many, it’s taking a little time, but hopefully by the end of March they should all be available over there, too.

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Passions of a Gentleman–DELAYED

(WAIT!!! Before any of you regular readers start forming a lynch mob, I am merely posting this so I have a “landing page” of where I can direct readers who e-mail me inquiring as to the whereabouts of this book.)

Please note that while I’d love to divulge more details, I just can’t. I’ve always tried to be very honest and open with my readers and I’ll try to be both of those with this post, however, some details are not mine to share.

Originally, I’d planned to put out Passions of a Gentleman in August-October 2014. But as we all can see, that didn’t happen.

Leading up to the release of Desires of a Baron (and even while writing it), I faced some unforeseen life challenges. After I finished Desires but before it released, I started headstrong in Passions and came to a screeching halt at the end of April when I realized that because I’d finished Edwina’s book (Her Imperfect Groom) with Edwina being at the same ball as Lord Belgrave (Sebastian from Secrets of a Viscount) and his wife (Isabelle) commenting on Sebastian’s flirty nature, I had a problem. All of these books take place at the same time which meant that Juliet couldn’t be Henrietta’s chaperone.

This sent me back to the drawing board and I had to find a new game plan.

A few days later I went to RT in New Orleans and while traveling to and from RT I came up with a new idea and wrote a loose outline. But when I came home and started going again, crazy, hurtful, overwhelming personal events befell me right and left and soon I had no desire to write the book. Sorry, but there it is.

Every time I’d start on it, it was like something awful seemed to happen until eventually working on it seemed like I was inviting chaos to ensue and I didn’t want to think about it. I’m not superstitious and I know in my heart that the two are not connected, but the bitter feelings I had over some of the things clouded my ability to enjoy the story.

I did write a book (The Perfect Lady Worthe) as a means to be a fun, light project to refocus. And it worked and I was able to go back and re-start Passions. I didn’t get far, however, because there were several group projects I had agreed to participate in (Jessie: Bride of South Carolina and Mistletoe & Michaelmas) and needed to focus my attention there, with writing Passions on and off in the meantime–and when I say meantime, I mean as time allots around my other projects and my literally full-time job. In the past few weeks, Passions has been my sole focus (and yes, I’m enjoying it–I could have forced myself to write it before now, but I’ve noticed books where I’m not enjoying them and I force them, readers aren’t as crazy about..and frankly, neither am I).

As my sole focus, I’d *like* to be finished in early March. But…again, I have two contracted projects coming up so if I don’t get it done before I need to start on the next book, it’ll be delayed again.

GOOD NEWS: I have a plot/plan, that works and that I LOVE and I’ve learned the word “no” when it comes to committing to other things. If I can get it done by early March, this will be an April release. If I can’t and have to work on something else for a few weeks it’ll be a June release. If, heaven forbid, that doesn’t work out, I’ll be pulling out my own hair in frustration. I don’t anticipate that, though! Things are going good.

Thank you again for all of your continued support. I appreciate it greatly!

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Is it impossible to die of embarrassment?!

Earlier this school year, my kids started getting into chatting on the phone. I am not a fan of this as it’s not just the phone, but it’s…FaceTime and it makes me feel as if I HAVE to keep my house spotless at all times because you never know when one of their little friends is going to call.

For example, this morning, I got out of the shower and just as soon as I got my hair up into a makeshift beehive with my towel, the phone starts ringing. I picked it up and almost hit answer when I realized it was a FACETIME call and there was no way I was going to answer such a call wearing a beehive and my birthday suit! Good heavens.

Not to be deterred, a little later when I was dressed, my kids got their grubby hands on the phone and FaceTimed one of their friends. As is custom, each child MUST give a complete tour of their home to everyone who calls–no matter if they’ve seen the house before or not.

After several wails and giggles, I heard them nearing the living room where I’m tapping away on a very…involved scene with Simon an Henrietta (with super messy hair, I might add) and my husband was lounging in a robe and underwear on the couch watching The Larry Crowne Affair. Carefully, I draw myself away from the computer and creep down the hall and position myself so I’ll be out of sight from the camera and inform Henry that his tour needs to stop at the end of the hall today.

He nods his understanding and immediately says, “Billy, I can’t show you anymore, my parents are in the living room watching an adult movie.”

I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t tell if I wanted to laugh or die of humiliation! Unfortunately, I only made it worse when I said, “Tell him the movie is fine, it’s that your dad isn’t dressed for viewing.”

He nodded again, “My dad is being inappropriate.”

Just kill me now!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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I’m sure it has not gone unnoticed that roughly a year ago my blog postings came to a screeching halt. Several times in this year, I’ve tried very hard to re-start them, but had so many stumbling blocks. Unfortunately, I cannot share the details of my hiatus, but I can give some updates!

1. I am getting ready for a trip to Phoenix, AZ where I’ll be presenting a workshop at Buildin’ the Dream–a writer’s conference. 

The workshop is titled Write with your Heart, Sell with your Brain. This is definitely author-focused so if you’re a writer or aspiring author, or even an assistant or publicist, and you’re in that area or planning to attend the conference, please come see me!

Speaking of conferences…

2. I just got home for RT in Dallas!

I drove myself to and from the conference this year so any crazy travel shenanigans were my own doing… Which admittedly, did happen, but I shan’t divulge details and incriminate myself! I had a ton of fun while there and met many new authors. I also picked up TONS of swag and books (some signed, some not) that I’ll be giving away soon! Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, giveaways…

3. I currently have a super giveaway already up on Facebook.

For the past few months I’ve been giving away a box of books and swag to a random fan who likes the post. Comments are awesome and totally appreciated, but you don’t have to leave one to be entered.

Click here for the post.

Also, I have a 0ne-day giveaway as well (this will end at 12pm CST today). This one is a little more involved. I just need a comment with your favorite book quote (doesn’t have to be one of mine). Click here and see top post (pinned).

4. The book featured in the second giveaway is my new novella, The Perfect Lady Worthe

I hope you all knew I put out a new novella in March, but just in case, here are the details.

Lady Worthe Cover for HJ

The last thing Jane Cavanaugh would ever expect is to be married—she is an invalid, after all—but that doesn’t mean she can’t help with her sister’s husband hunt! (Even if it is with a wee bit of reluctance.)

The last thing Gareth, Lord Worthe would ever want to do is to fall in love with his closest friend’s younger sister.

But fate just might have something else in store for these two…

Please note, this novella is approximately 23,500 words and is on sale for .99 at the following places:

5. And finally, Passions of a Gentleman

Still making progress. I know I’ve said that multiple times, but I really am. It’s just slow progress. I’ve had more re-starts than I could have ever dreamed about having. I just want to make sure it’s right. That’s what’s fair to you all, to me and well, to the characters, too!


Have a blessed week!