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This page has General FAQs about me or my books. If you have a specific question about a series, click on the series link to read all the FAQs for those books.

Scandalous Sisters Series

Groom Series


1. Where (or when) can I pre-order future books?

Unfortunately, my books are not available for pre-order. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. However, if you’d like to be notified when they go on sale, please send an e-mail to rose@rosegordon.net with “upcoming books” and I’ll add you to the list.

2. How long will it take for Book X to reach iBooks?

That’s the million dollar question. Usually, within a week of approval from Smashwords it’s at iBooks. They’re very quick to get it up. But…Smashwords sometimes gets slowed down in approving books due to how many books are submitted there each day. I’ve tried to sell direct so it can be at iBooks on the same day as it goes up on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords, but there are far too many hoops to jump through and a lot of frustrations about things I had absolutely no control over.

3. When will Book X be at Sony, Kobo, Diesel, etc?

I have no idea. Sony usually has them up within 4-5 weeks after they publish. So Reluctant should be there now and Secondhand around the first of the year. It’s not possible to sell direct with these places, so it’s out of my hands.

4. Is it imperative to read the books in order?

Yes and no. While I did put enough information in all of the books to make it not necessary to have read the other books in the series, it would help to understand the emotions and situations better if you read them in order.

5. Are the Scandalous Sisters Series and the Groom Series connected?

Yes. Alex, the cousin from the first series, will play the hero in the first book in the Groom Series, Her Sudden Groom. This allows for a lot of overlapping characters. There are also cameos of the characters in the first series in Her Reluctant Groom and Her Secondhand Groom. However, in Her Imperfect Groom, they all play a small role as once again, Her Imperfect Groom is about a member of the Banks family.

6. Where can I find blog posts about each of the books or blogger reviews?

Please visit the individual page I have set up for each of the books I have out. If you scroll down past the cover and brief description, you’ll find links to all the posts I’ve done about that page. A little further down and you’ll find links to all of the blogger/review site reviews.

7. I wrote to you, but you didn’t write back OR your monthly newsletter (which is sent on the 1st of the month) didn’t come. How come?

I write back to everyone who writes to me, with exception of the blank message with the word “newsletter” in the subject–my assumption they don’t really want a response (right?). So if you didn’t get a reply later that day, or at the latest, the next day, please go check your junk/spam mail folder, very likely you’ll find it there! If it’s not there, then please do not hesitate to resend your e-mail!

8. Psst, you have a typo!

*Gasps!* A typo? You don’t say! Hmm, how did that get past the editor and my line of proofreaders? Well, it does happen, so if you happen to stumble upon a typo or two in one of my books (or on my website) and feel it’s something I should know about, please don’t hesitate to inform me. I promise as long as you are nice about informing me, I will be more than thankful for the information! You can either write me at rose@rosegordon.net or go to my contact page and fill out the auto mailer form.

9. Do your books have S E X in them?

Yes. All of them. I cannot give a “heat” rating though. I’ve been told by some, they are super hot and I had an older reader who compared them to a PG rating of what she normally read in historical romance. I think “heat” varies greatly from person to person.


1. What are you working on now?

Another series, of course! It will be about three U.S. Army Officers in the 1840s finding their perfect wives.

2. Who is your favorite hero and heroine that you’ve written?

This is tough. At one time, I’d always say, “The two who I’m currently writing (or editing) about.” But now that I have fourteen different heroes and heroines to pick from it’s a little harder. My favorite pair together are Benjamin and Madison. I like how they’re both able to verbally spar with the other with sarcastic remarks or plays on words. I also like that four books later and he’s still trying to get her to kiss him by spouting off random science facts. But if I have to break the couples apart and pick a favorite. I’d say Juliet is my favorite heroine and for as weird as he is, Wallace is my favorite hero.

3. Which two books did you re-write?

A: It wasn’t two fulls, it was more like one full book and two partial books. I re-wrote the first half of Her Sudden Groom. I had gotten to the part where Alex and Marcus were talking after Alex had just returned Caroline from the day with his family (where he proposed). I remember I’d just written the line about Marcus crossing his ankles on his desk and scraping one boot edge along the side of the other. Then suddenly the computer froze and never turned back on. Rewind thirty minutes, and the computer had taken a slight tumble… If I’d been smart, when I realized the laptop was still working after its recent hit on the floor, I would have e-mailed myself a copy of the manuscript so I would have had it. But I didn’t. I took for granted that the computer was still working… Anyway, the hard drive died and I had to re-write the first half. Fast forward a few months, I lost the second half of Her Reluctant Groom due to technical difficulties. AKA the computer was acting up. Again. Finished it, then started on Secondhand. I had more technical difficulties on this one, so I bought a new laptop and was able to nearly finish it when I realized the hero and heroine didn’t give a fig about the other. I got all the way to the last chapter and the two weren’t even in “like”. So I literally threw the whole 95,000 words away and started over. I am so much happier with this version.

4. Did your husband really best you in pall mall (croquet)?

Yes. Yes, he did. Quite badly, too. Similar to Alex and Caroline, I was only halfway through when he announced he’d just finished. NEVER AGAIN!

5. Which is your favorite cover image?

The one for Her Secondhand Groom. I love, love, love, that green dress.

If you have a question that wasn’t asked, please feel free to contact me with your question. 


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