Character Interview, Brooke Banks, Heroine from Intentions of the Earl

Today I’m here with Brooke Banks as she discusses a gentleman she recently met. Good morning, Brooke. What can you tell us about that handsome stranger you met yesterday?

Hmmm, what do you want to know?

Whatever you feel like telling us.

Not much to say. A very handsome earl showed up unannounced yesterday to call on us.

And that doesn’t seem odd to you?

No. *shrugs* I know some people—mainly my sister Liberty—see something wrong with that, but as a regular rule-breaker myself, I see nothing wrong with it. There’s no reason that a man should have to be formally introduced to a lady before he can call on her.

I see. And I take it you liked this man well enough?

Of course. There wasn’t anything not to like about him.



Well, he didn’t seem to like your fabulously decorated drawing room very much. Did that not bother you?

Pfft. My “fabulously decorated drawing room”, goodness. *looks around the room* Actually, I see some rather unappealing similarities. Say, did you base that horrific drawing room on your house?

No. Well, sort of. See, I had this grandmother who decorated her house in some of the most clashing colors. Her house was decorated like that on purpose—I based Watson Townhouse on her house. I, on the other hand, have clashing colors—green walls, gold couch, cream curtains, blue recliner, white and wood glider and a hardwood floor—all thrown together in one room because all that furniture I’ve acquired for that room was given to my husband and me within the first few years of our marriage. Therefore it was that word every young newly married couple loves: free. I just haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet.

Well, see that you do! It looks awful in here. I’ve never seen so many contrasting colors in such a small area except on one of Madison’s painting palettes.

Enough on my horribly decorated room, let’s talk about you and this stranger. What did you say his name was anyway?

Oh for goodness’ sake, you know what his name is.

I do. But I just wanted to make sure you did.

And why wouldn’t I know his name?

Because from what I understand you seemed awfully smitten with him.

I was not smitten.

Uh huh. That’s what I gleaned when I heard about the painting.

Oh stop. That was all in good fun, not because I have any feelings for him.

Sure. See, I think you gave him that so you’d have an excuse to see him again if he didn’t call on you himself.

And why would you think that?

Because that painting doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to your uncle. Therefore, at some point you’ll have to see him again to ask for the painting back. Correct?

I could care less about getting that eyesore back.

Really? So then what will you use as an excuse if he doesn’t come back around on his own?

I don’t have to think of one. He’s coming by later for a ride in the park.

He is?

He is.

And your mother is going to let you go off with a stranger?

He is a gentleman, you know?

I know. But even gentlemen can do ungentlemanly things.

Not this one.

Oh. What makes you so sure?

I can just tell. I guess you could say it’s in his eyes.

Hmm. Well, I won’t try to dissuade you from your belief. I do hope you enjoy your ride in the park with him today and neither of you let things get too scandalous.

Scandalous? What scandalous could possibly happen during a ride in the park?

I don’t know. Perhaps nothing.

Exactly. You know, you’re worse than Liberty worrying about inappropriate behavior. Someone really needs to talk some sense into that girl.

*rolls eyes* I’m sure someone could say the same about you needing some sense talked into you.

Never. I am very sensible.

Yes, going on rides in the park with a complete stranger sounds very sensible.

He won’t be a stranger forever. Besides, how is he supposed to move from acquaintance to someone I can trust if I don’t spend time with him?

Good point.

I thought so, too.

All right, you go enjoy your ride in the park and I’ll be here preparing for my chat with Liberty tomorrow.

I’m sorry.

*grins* Don’t be sorry. She and I won’t be having a conversation like you and I are having. I have something else to talk to her about tomorrow.

Do tell.

Not a chance.


Character Interview with Andrew Black, Hero from Intentions of the Earl

Today I have with me Andrew the impoverished earl from Intentions of the Earl. Though he doesn’t look particularly happy at the moment, he has agreed to come visit with me. Thank you for coming, Andrew.

You’re welcome.

All right, let’s get down to business.

Business? *arches one dark brow*

Yes, business. I saw you at a ball last night–talking to Gateway.

Yes, well, uh…there’s nothing to discuss.

Yes, there is. What did the two of you speak about?

Nothing that’s fit for a lady’s ears.

Oh, save your chivalry spiel for someone else.  I know several not-so-chivalrous things about you already. Now dish the dirt on your conversation with Gateway or I’ll do it for you.

And just why are you so interested?

I just am. And so are our readers.

Well, I’m assuming if they’re readers they’ve probably read all about my unpleasant conversation with Gateway last night.

That may be, but now that you’ve had a night to sleep on it, why don’t you tell us about your plan.

I’d rather not think about it, to be honest.

Why not?

Because it’s wrong! I have no idea how I’m going to pull this off.

Oh, I’m sure you’ll think of something.

Sure I will. Do you have any suggestions?

Of course I do. But I shan’t reveal them here. Although, I do wonder, do you think there is any possibility of this not working?

No. It’ll work.

You’re rather confident, aren’t you.?

You have to be when you’ve made a bargain with the devil, so to speak.

Hmm, and do you think there’s any chance one of these young ladies may not like you?

There’s always the possibility, I suppose.

How will you handle that?

I’ll have to charm her. There’s nothing else for it.

All right, and what if she does like you and you begin to grow feelings for her.

That will not be happening.

And what makes you so sure?

I just don’t see that as a possibility.

And if it happens?

It won’t. I won’t let it.

As if you can control such a thing. All right, why don’t’ you give us a brief run through of your plan of attack, so to speak.

I have no grand plan. I plan to head to the townhouse the family is staying at just as soon as I’m done here with you, then we’ll see from there.

I guess that’s a start. Do you have an idea how long it will take to see your plan to completion?

I have no idea. It depends on how well she responds to me.

Well, I do wish you the best of luck with your endeavor this morning. Tomorrow I plan to bring the selected young lady in to find out what she thinks of you.

Do you mind saving me a copy of that interview so I have some idea where to start?

Absolutely not. You must find a way to charm her all on your own. Nothing worth having comes easy.

I agree. Especially when it comes to an income.

Quite so. Enjoy your visit with the Banks women–oh, and be sure not to look around their drawing room too much.


Character Interview with the Duke of Gateway, the Villain from Intentions of the Earl

Good morning. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I’m sure some of you might be scratching your heads at the title of my post. But, it was brought to my attention last week that I didn’t do a very good job of introducing the book Intentions of the Earl. Something about a bunch of dull interviews or something. So, to appease one Miss Brooke Banks, I’ve gone further back in time and will be doing character interviews for that book like I’ve done for the other two. (If you’re interested in the post where this came about, click here.)

All right, then. Friday, I wasn’t completely sure who we’d start with, but I think it’s best we start with the villain behind the whole thing. As he pointed out last week, if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have had a plot. Not to mention, I’ve had villains on the brain this weekend…

*Clears throat* Your Grace, it is so nice of you to join me today.

Is it?

Well, no. It was nice having you here on Friday, but not today.

Pardon me?

Uh… never mind. (Oops, I forgot for a second we’re going even further back in time and he doesn’t know it all works out for him). Anyway, I understand there was something you wished to speak to me about.

Yes, there is. A most pressing matter, really. I need you to find a way for me to corner Townson.

Whatever for?

No need for you to worry about that. Just make sure he finds himself in a situation where I can take advantage of him.

Now if that doesn’t sound promising I don’t know what does.

Just do it.

Hmm, I do love a good conflict–both physical and emotional. All right, I’ll do it. But I’m warning you, if you take this too far, you’ll pay for it.

*Snorts* How could you possibly make me pay for it?

I’m the author, remember? I could inflict pain on you in the worst way?

I admit Townson packs quite a punch, but surely even you would be so barbaric as to have us fight.

We’ll see. But that isn’t the only type of pain I can inflict.

*Laughs in the most disturbing manner I’ve ever heard* Madam, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Inflict pain on me in the worst way, indeed.

You forget, I know everything about you. I made you. I know what makes you tick and I certainly know what can make you hurt.

Sure you do. You also made those two little Heathens that are running around, but I’m more than willing to bet you don’t  know everything about them.

Are you trying to tell me there’s more to you than meets the eye?

Yes. No. You know what? I really don’t wish to discuss this. Just get Andrew in a situation where he owes me something and I’ll take care of the rest.

Is that so?

Yes, that’s so.

Would you like to share your motives?

No. Those are none of your business. Besides, if and that’s a big if, I were to tell you, you’d probably blab it all to your readers. No, thank you. 

 So there are motives?

That doesn’t matter. Just do what you’re supposed to, would you?

I’ll see what I can do.

Good. And the sooner the better. It seems Brooke’s current lack of interest in me is not working for me at this point.

Hmm, is that where you were before we were chatting?

Yes. I was with Miss Banks in the garden.

Uh huh, and dare I ask what that is in your pocket?

*Looks down and pats his breast pocket* Oh, just a deed. *Eyes light up* Excuse me, Rose, I have something to go do.

I know. He’s headed for the door, you better hurry.


Well, I see my work here is done for the day. I’ll do more “early in book” interviews this week and part of next, then I’ll do another round for mid-book, so if you didn’t think Gateway was villainous enough today, don’t worry he’ll be back later to discuss Andrew being too slow in his scheme. Have a good day!


Character Interview, Benjamin Collins, Duke of Gateway, Hero from To Win His Wayward Wife

Good Thursday morning to you, today I have joining me Benjamin Collins, Duke of Gateway, the hero from To Win His Wayward Wife. He’s going to talk to us today about how it felt to go from “that bastard you love to hate” in Intentions of the Earl to “the most besotted man in all of England” in To Win His Wayward Wife.

*Groans* Madam, do you have to call me that? It’s bad enough my wife does. Do you have to, too?

Of course, I do.

*Rolls eyes* Very well. Let’s just get on with this interview; I’d like to return to my fetching wife.

All right, so tell us something we don’t know about you.

I don’t like interviews.

Funny. Find something else.

Hmm, well, it seems you already know everything about me: I’ve married the best woman in the world—who I practically stole from her family; I’m a bastard—literally and figuratively, I’m afraid; I have a total dunce for a cousin; and I once tried to pay a man to run a family off the continent.

For good reason though, right?

Depends who you ask. I thought it was at the time. I later realized it probably wasn’t and just left things alone.

I see. Do you wish now you’d just left things alone to begin with?

Absolutely not. If I had, Brooke and Andrew wouldn’t have me to thank for their lasting happiness.

Oh, I see. It was all just part of one big scheme?

Of course.

You’re full of hot air; and worse yet, you know it.

All right, truthfully, in the year that passed between my offer to Andrew and my marriage to Madison—and even for a while after my marriage to Madison—I might have entertained a thought or two wishing I hadn’t done that. *shrugs* But it makes no difference now, it all worked out.

Yes, it did. Now, tomorrow you’ll join me again with your wife, so I won’t go into asking you questions about your current relationship with her. But I do want to know what went through your mind during those four weeks leading up to your wedding.

The same thing that goes through every man’s mind leading up to his wedding. I’m not going to deny that I was looking forward to getting her in bed.

And that didn’t go so well the first time, did it?

Not as planned, no.

Do you blame her for leaving?

No. I admit I was pretty nasty to her. Not that I intended to be.

Yes, I know. All right. Can you tell our readers what it’s like to go from one personality extreme to the other?

I didn’t. Not really anyway. I read those scenes I was in in Intentions of the Earl Brooke and Andrew painted me a villain worse than Satan himself. However, that’s not really who I am. It’s just their tainted opinions.

Well, do you blame them?

No. Not really. Andrew’s despised me since school—

For good reason I hear.

That may be true, but I do not cackle and sneer nearly as much as they both claim I do.

Uh huh, and let me guess, you don’t have an eerie villain’s laugh, either?

Well, actually, that part might be true. I’ve heard that a time or two for others.

Have you now?

Of course. But still, I believe both Andrew and Brooke made me out to be far worse than I am.

Is that so? Do you plan to call them out?

*Chuckles* No. Only him. I couldn’t bring myself to kill my wife’s sister. Her husband, however…

Oh, do be serious.

All right, no I have no plans to call him out. Even if he did slander me quite thoroughly.

*Rolls eyes* How in the world does Madison put up with you?

Don’t know. She just does. Guess that’s the magic of love.

Must be. For just now, I think I’m siding with Brooke and Andrew, you’re being insufferable.

No, I’m not. I’m just not answering like you’d like me to. Much like in the book. You tried to keep me all ogre like, but I wouldn’t heed your commands.

Yes, I noticed.

That’s just what happens when a man loves a woman. If he really loves her he’ll treat her right. Now, I’m not saying I didn’t have my moments where I wasn’t a shining example of a good husband. But, I did treat her well overall, and the reason for that was because I loved her. Love softens the hardest of hearts.

Wow, rather eloquent words from a snake, don’t think?

Of course. But it’s true.

It’s good to know you love her so much, both now and before your marriage. Tomorrow I’ll talk to the two of you about your first meeting in New York as well as the early weeks of your marriage.

Fine. Now can I go back?

Yes. Be gone with you.

Don’t have to tell me twice, *muttered as he springs from his chair and walks out the door.*


Character Interview with Madison Banks, Heroine from To Win His Wayward Wife

Good morning! Today is Thursday, and as promised I will be interviewing Madison once again. I’ve caught her at a time where she has just as much anticipation as the rest of us: the day before her book starts.

Madison, thank you for once again coming to join me, it was most kind of you.

You’re welcome. But you know I only agreed in an attempt to talk you out of this…this foolishness.

Poppycock. You know you’re warming up to him.

No. I don’t think I am.

Well, you’re planning to be warming up to him tomorrow night, right?

 *Grimacing* Yes, I know my duty, but that doesn’t make it any less daunting. I’d prefer not to think of sharing his bed, please. Let’s talk of something—anything—else.

 Hmm, well, the last time we spoke you were about to begin a formal courtship with him. Has he proved a good suitor?

No. Although, I can’t fault him there. It’s not exactly easy to conduct a courtship with Andrew and Brooke hovering about.

So he did try to court you?

I suppose.

Good to know he’s coming around a little and making an effort. 

I guess.

Is there any part of you excited about tomorrow?

Depends how one defines excitement. Eager? No. A basket of nerves? Yes.

You’re not nervous about—

The wedding? Yes, actually I am.

That wasn’t want I was going to say.

I know. I just wanted to halt your words before they scared your readers, or me.

All right, I’ll change the subject. Is there anything you’d like to tell our readers before your debut?

No. You know, Ms. Gordon, this is our what, fourth interview now? I daresay nobody else has been interrogated as much as I have. Do you know what it’s like to be constantly asked questions and forced into exposing parts of yourself you hadn’t planned to. 

Are you asking me if I’ve ever found myself on the other side of the interview?


Yes, I have. In fact, just yesterday I was and you can read about it when we’re done.

I think I just might.

More power to you. Now, let’s talk more about you impending marriage.

Let’s not and say we did.

Why, Madison Banks soon-to-be—

Don’t you dare say it!

—that would be lying!

Oh, and you’ve never fibbed?

No. Never.

*Snorts* You just did.

I know. Back to our interview, and don’t you dare think that if I get sidetracked talking to you this morning I’ll forget what I have to do here in a little bit.

I wouldn’t dream of it.

Yes, you would and we both know it. All right, do you at least think he’s handsome?

 Yes, he’s handsome Nobody could deny that.

And, do you think some girls have ever spun dreams about marriage to him?

Probably. And if any of those young girls would like to step up and take my place at the church tomorrow they are more than welcome.

That won’t be happening, dear girl. You will be the one on Andrew’s arm trotting down the aisle tomorrow.

I can hardly wait.

I know. And neither can I (or the groom)! But we must. Tomorrow all will be revealed and you shall be a married woman! Until then, have a good day everyone!

Now about that interview…

Oh, here it is.


Character Interview with Liberty Banks, Heroine from Liberty for Paul

Good afternoon, Liberty. Thank you for meeting with me.

The pleasure is all mine.

We’ll see about that in a minute. *Clears throat* Very good. Well, what can you tell our readers about yourself?

I’m the youngest of three daughters. The oldest is Brooke, she recently married an earl after the two of them were found….found…uh…in a peculiar situation. Then there’s Madison–

Pardon me, can you tell them more about you?

Sorry, I get carried away at times–

…That’s putting it mildly…

…Anyway, hmmm, I don’t know what you want to know.

Do you have any hobbies our readers might be interested in knowing about?

I like to read.

Very good, so do our readers. Most of them enjoy romance books. Do you enjoy romance novels as well?

I suppose. I’ve never really read one.

But you love to read! What does a young lady your age read then if not tales spun of a romantic nature?


Is that code for books about manners?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I get the feeling like someone else I recently interviewed, you don’t wish to discuss certain topics–

How very perceptive of you, Ms. Gordon.

Unfortunately for you, there is a subject you are going to discuss. Quit shaking your head. You’re going to discuss it if I have to burn your precious propriety books and pin you to the floor.

I don’t want to even think of him. Please. Let’s talk of something else. Anything else. I’ll even tell you all the details of my five hundred ninteen books about manners. Please just don’t make me speak of that dratted man.

The lady doth protest too much.

Oh, stop it. I have no feelings for that…that…that creature. He needs to do the world a favor and go crawl into a hole.

And do you see yourself joining him in this hole of his?

Ms. Gordon, if I was not just a figment of your imagination I might take umbrage with that comment and chalk you up on the same list I have him on. But since I cannot do that, I shall simply fold my arms and shut my mouth, effectively giving you writer’s block.

Ah, I see. You do care for him. Contrary to what you believe, I am rather perceptive at times and I think his indifference toward you has fueled the fire for your angst against him.


You should probably stop that. It’ll eventually leave marks. Now, just tell me this, I know you haven’t seen the man in some months now, but is there any reason you might have for seeking him out?


Fascinating. What if he were to see you naked?

He wouldn’t! He couldn’t! He shouldn’t! He better not!  What are you talking about?!

Well, that concludes our interview for today. Come back tomorrow to see what Mr. and Mrs. Banks have to say about Liberty and Paul’s unusual relationship.

Ms. Gordon, don’t ignore me! You better tell me what you were talking about right now. Rose! Rose! Come back here…