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A Meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Gateway, Character Interview

Good morning, all. It’s finally Friday! And a Good Friday at that.

You think you’re funny, don’t you?

*Glances around to see who could have possibly said that* Oh, it looks like my guests have arrived a bit early. *Blushes with embarrassment at being caught snickering at her own joke. Clears throat* Well, today I have with me, the Duke and Duchess of Gateway, Benjamin and Madison, the hero and heroine from To Win His Wayward Wife. All right, so let’s get started.

B: How ‘bout that, we have some important things to go do.

Like what? I already gave you a baby. Sort of.

M: Yes, yes, that’s true. Say, what are you looking at?

*Moves laptop out view of nosey character* Nothing. Now, let’s talk about you two.

M: No. You shan’t get a peep out of either of us until you reveal what you’re looking at. I know you, Rose, every time you drag me here, you focus completely on me. But this time you’re not, you’re grinning like a jackal and staring at a bunch of pictures. What’s going on?

*Sighs* All right, here it is. *Turns screen to face invisible character joining me at my dining table* Brooke’s book make number one on the Regency Bestseller charts at Amazon.

M: I have no idea what the significance of that is, but I’m guessing it’s good. Oh, look, you waited too long to add the link and the book moved back to no. 2.

*Gasps* I sure did. Okay, here’s what we’ll do… I took a picture of it earlier this morning when I first saw it, so I’ll just attach it here.

B: Pardon me, ladies, but I was in that book. I do believe I was the best part of that book. If not for me, and my undying love for my wife here, that book would not have existed. *Folds his arms and shoots me a smug smile*

Perhaps you’re right, Benjamin. However, you forget, it was my overactive imagination and fast fingers that created that world and put you in it, unrequited love and all.

B: It wasn’t unrequited. She loves me now and she loved me long ago. We just had a dry spell, that’s all.

If that’s what you want to call it, fine. Why don’t you tell us all about that “dry spell”?

B: Well, as you know I was in America visiting my clodpole of a cousin when we first met. We spoke a few times then were separated for a few years then met back up in London where I took advantage of a situation that led to our hasty marriage.

Is that really all you have to say on the matter?

B: Yes.


M: In America we didn’t really have much to say to each other, though we tried. Sadly, whenever we’d start to talk, Robbie would jump in our way. After a few weeks with several interrupted attempts to talk, things fell apart completely when that cad lied to me and manipulated me into thinking Benjamin’s intentions toward me were dishonorable.

Were they?

B: No. Never. I would have married her the day I first saw her if her father would have agreed to perform the ceremony.

Interesting. Next week you’ll be back to talk to me again about the deal you made with Andrew, this is part of Brooke’s agreement with me in order for her to get past her hurt of having her book uh…shall we say, frowned upon due to lack of historical mentionings (read post here). So she requested we do interviews for her book because she thought how I handled her story was boring and droll. Anyway, we’ll talk to you about that then. So for now, we’ll skip that and you two can tell us about the early weeks of your marriage.

B: Do we have to?

Yes, you have to. It wasn’t so bad, was it?

M: No, it wasn’t so bad. Not all of it anyway. Benjamin and I didn’t hit it right off, so we agreed to go live at Rockhurst—

B: Agreed? We didn’t agree. I was forced into it by that weasel brother-in-law of yours.

M: Oh dear, well, yes, um…following our wedding night, which is one of those memories I’d rather forget about, I went to talk to Brooke and well, one thing led to another and soon we found ourselves living at Rockhurst where Benjamin stayed in a gamekeeper’s cottage and spent his days trying to woo me. And his nights thinking about me. *winks*

Is that so?

B: That’s about the lot of it. And I was doing a good job wooing her, if I do say so myself.

M: Yes, you were until you decided to abduct me. That did not endear me to you, I’m afraid.

He abducted you?

M: Yes. Twice. After he abducted me the second time, he hired a Neanderthal to follow me about all day.

B: Jamison is not a Neanderthal, he’s just husky. Anyway, I did that for your protection. Your addled former suitor could have struck at any time.

M: Pffft, you’re paranoid.

B: That may be. However, I’d lost you once; I did not want to take a chance on losing you again.

M: You didn’t. Not that Jamison did any good. He wasn’t even around when Robbie came at me with the gun; he was too busy throwing punches.

B: Yes, I’m aware. And believe me, he received quite an ear blistering for that, too.

M: *rolls eyes* And so did I.

B: That had nothing to do with your leaving Jamison’s side.

M: I know.

We all do.

B: Tell me, Ms. Gordon, do you think she deserved what I said.

This isn’t my fight. Anyway, two can talk about this later—

B: Then we’ll get to make up. *eyes light up*

M: *shakes head* You’re insufferable. Pray continue, with whatever it was you were about to say before my rude husband interrupted you.

That’s quite all right. I’m used to being interrupted.

M: I told you that was Brooke’s idea, not mine.

Well, it doesn’t matter, the problem got solved. Or so I hope. All right one last question, if you could go back in time and change everything starting from the time you first met, would you do things differently?

B: Yes. I would have throttled my cousin that first night and made Madison my wife the next.

M: Actually, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. At one time I think I might have but it I’d have found my happiness back then, Brooke would never have found hers. Nor Liberty.

That’s a very strong sisterly bond right there. I do wish you both lasting happiness in the future. Don’t forget you’re going to come talk to me next week (but you won’t remember agreeing to this since we’re going to go even further in the past to hear the details of Brooke’s romance). Then, in early to mid-May, everyone will be back one last time for a final catch up on life after the novel. Have a good weekend, everyone.


Character Interviews with John and Carolina Banks, (Minor) Secondary Characters from To Win His Wayward Wife

This morning I’m once again on at ship making a voyage to England from America, but instead of talking to Robbie again, I’m here to interview John and Carolina Banks. John, Carolina, are the two of you excited to be going back to England?

CB: Of course we are. We’ll get to see our three girls.

JB: Which is a good thing, indeed. Carolina will be there to console them after I kill two of their husbands, one in particular.

Now, now, I know you have no intention of doing such a thing. However, I must know, which husband in particular would you like to kill, or shall we say injure because you will not be killing anyone?

JB: Which one do you think? The one who caused this situation.

CB: That could be both of them, dear. Ms. Gordon, the one he’s most angry with changes hourly. Just excuse his attitude. He doesn’t like being in a situation where he cannot do anything at the moment.

Very well, Mrs. Banks, and are you angry with one of your daughter’s husbands?

CB: Of course. But unlike my husband, I think this all could have been avoided had Andrew and Brooke been keeping a better eye one her. See, I imagine Brooke wasn’t the best chaperone I could have found for her. Looking back on it now, I should have asked Regina, or even Liberty would have been a better chaperone than Brooke.

*Coughs and nearly chokes* Liberty? But she’s the younger sister by three years that would not have gone over well at all.

CB: No, it wouldn’t have, would it? But the truth of the matter is, while Andrew will take the brunt of the blame from my husband, Brooke probably ought share it.

JB: Townson will not be encountering my temper alone. He’ll have company. That no-good, filthy wastrel who married Madison will be right beside him.

*Exchanges looks with Carolina* I see. So, is it safe to assume if you’d been present at the wedding you would have objected?


A moment later: CB: No. Though the whole mess is rather sordid and does not meet our approval, we would not have publically objected to the match that way—

JB: Instead, we would have never agreed to it in the first place.

CB: But we weren’t there when the betrothal was announced. All we could have done had we made it back to England before the wedding would have been to try and convince him to cry off.

Him? Why not Madison?

CB: She wouldn’t have done so. She may not be as much as a propriety-lover as Liberty, but she also wouldn’t have acted as Brooke and refused marriage to the man who created a scandal around her, no matter how unsavory he is.

Is it fair to say you don’t approve?

CB: As a mother, no. I honestly don’t know anything about the man to recommend him as marriage material for my daughter. On the other hand, I do know he comes from a family with a respectable position and has the means to take care of her. If he chooses to do so, that is.

You don’t think he will?

JB: We have no idea. He may have money and position and it may be known he keeps his business affairs in order, but our concern is his private life, which happens to be the part of his life our daughter will fall into.

I suppose that’s a legitimate concern. But would it help if I guaranteed you that when you arrive in England you’ll learn he’s turned out to be a better husband than you’re thinking he is?

JB: I suppose it might help ease our minds a bit. But not much. Knowing him, he’s probably abducted her or some such.

CB: Oh, John, don’t be so dramatic. Even he wouldn’t do that.

JB: *Snorts* Yes, he would. He is exactly the type who would do such a thing.

CB: Don’t mind him. He’ll be on edge until we arrive and find out the truth of everything, including just how exactly she ended up married to such a reprobate.

Yes, well, I…um… I think I better be going now. It was very nice to talk to the two of you, we’ll chat again later.

CB: That was most odd.

JB: She ought be running. Marrying our daughter to him.

CB: Would you stop it. I wasn’t talking about that. Did you see the started fidgeting when you mentioned an abduct…


Interview with Robbie Swift, Character from To Win His Wayward Wife

Good morning! As promised, today I will be interviewing Robbie Swift, Madison’s former love interest. Fortunately, I was able to intercept him before that fateful ball so we’ll be able to ask him about his motives for coming to England and what he hopes to accomplish. Good day, Robbie, it sure is windy out here on the ship deck.

You’ll get used to it. I take it you haven’ t done much sailing.

Not hardly. A few ferries and speedboats, nothing like this before.


Right, um never mind, it’s nothing for you to worry about. Anyway, my aquatic background isn’t the point of our discussion.  Let’s talk about Madison Banks, shall we? What’s your plan where she’s concerned?

I’m not sure exactly.

What do you mean you’re not sure?

Just that. I’ll figure out a plan once I get there. I’m not too worried about it.

You’re not?

No. Not in the least. Madison loves me. She always has. She’ll come around.

You seem rather confident, sir.

I am.

But what if she’s found another? It has been over a year, you know?

I never thought of that. But it’s not likely. I was her first love. Her true love. In the unlikely event she’s found another suitor to amuse herself with, she’ll throw him over soon enough.

Tell me, sir, what makes you think you are worthy of her?


Because she once loved you?

And I her.

You have a rather strange way of showing it, don’t you think?

No. I don’t think so.

But you threw her over for another.

Ah, but that was before.

Before what?

Before I realized I loved her.

So you’re saying during that five years you courted her you didn’t love her?

Yes. No. I don’t know . Does it matter? I love her now.

Do you, or do you want her now because you can’t have her?

I have no idea what you mean. But I do mean to have her. One way or the other, she’ll be mine.

But aren’t you forgetting something?

I don’t think so.

Hmm, what about a small detail?

Do you always speak in wriggles?

Do you mean riddles?

Yes, those. Can’t you just come out and say it?

I was under the impression you threw her over for another woman, one named Miss Small.

Oh, her. No matter on that score.

And why not?

That’s not important.  Do you have any other questions? Because if not I’d like to go the galley and eat.

Of course I have more questions! Everyone wants to know the dirty details of your relationship with Madison and since you have no plans to spend the rest of your voyage forming a plan to appeal to her, you can talk to me.

Fine. What do you want to know?

The details of your relationship with Madison!

Well, there’s not much to say that you don’t already know. We grew up together and were even childhood playmates seeing as my family attended her father’s church. As we got older, her feelings changed. They weren’t so friendly.

And yours?

She was all right I suppose. Far too beautiful for her own good, to be sure. Of course she had a few unsavory tendencies that she learned from her hoyden older sister, Brooke.

You don’t like Brooke?

Not in the least. The less I think of her the better. She was always interfering in our relationship.

Did she have call to interfere?

I’m not quite sure what you mean.

Never mind. All right, so you started courting Madison, then what?

Well, we courted. That’s what.

Yes, but then it ended.

Yes, yes, it did. But that couldn’t be helped at the time. But now, I’ve come to reclaim her.

And you really think this will work?

I’m certain of it.

Well, there you have it, folks.  A very optimistic Robbie Swift is on his way to reclaim the woman he claims to love.  In a week, we’ll find out if his efforts will be successful or not. Don’t forget you can go have a peek at the new cover here and find out how to win a free copy here.

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Madison from To Win His Wayard Wife, Answers Readers’ Questions

Good nearly afternoon, everyone. Today I have Madison Banks soon-to-be—

Don’t you dare say it.

All right, I won’t. Today Madison has graciously agreed to come help me answer some questions that some of the readers have asked. It seems you have become quite a popular person though you haven’t said much, Madison, and people want to know more about you.

Well, they can ask, but I may not tell. I do tend to drift of, you know?

Oh, would you let that rest already. All right, here we are, “In Intentions of the Earl, Liberty, who is always so proper uses the word ballocks. How in the world did she learn such a word? And, use it in the right context?” You know, I sometimes wonder if I should have left that tidbit of information out. I seem to get a lot of enquiring minds want to know type e-mails about this one. But, instead of me writing a boring response, Madison, would you like to tell them?

And why do you think I would know such a thing?


Oh, all right. She probably heard it from me.

Did she now? And why on Earth would you say such a word?

*Shrugs* It was part of a jest I heard once. She must have heard me repeating it. Would you like to hear it?

Not particularly.

Oh, why not?

Because this isn’t the time, nor the place, that’s why not. Next question. “What is Madison daydreaming about all the time?”

That’s enough. I did not come all this way for you to make sport of me.

I’m not. See, *showing her the paper* someone wonders what’s going on in your head, what you’re thinking all the time. Would you care to tell us?

No. There are some things not meant to be shared. This is one of them. Next question, please.

Sorry, everyone, you’ll just have to wait on that one. There will come a time–about the 15th of April or so—when she can no longer deny your request to enter her head. All right, next up, “After the third book, will there be a fourth?”

Don’t look at me, I have no idea what’s going on in that scheming head of yours.

You’re right. I’ll answer this one. Yes and no. There will be more books, but not right away and not part of this particular series. My fourth book will start a new series but will have some familiar characters playing a small roll, however.

Do you already have this fourth book written?

Yes. Why?

Just thinking, if it’s already written, why not skip my story and move whoever is up next to the fifteenth.

Not a chance.

It was worth a shot. All right. I guess I’ll be walking down the aisle and exposing my deepest secrets on the fifteenth.

Oh, don’t sound so distraught. You make it sound as if marriage is a terrible thing.

It is when you have to marry a man who—

Would you stop that already, we have one more question to answer, “Will you be interviewing Robbie so we get his side of things?”

I won’t be, but perhaps Rose will.

Actually, yes, I will. Hopefully on Friday. If not, then Monday. That’s all the questions today, if you have something you’d like to know, leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail. Now about that jest…


Character Interview, Brooke Black, Secondary Character in To Win His Wayward Wife

Today I have with me Brooke Black, Countess of Townson here to talk about her sister, Madison, and her past romance with a fellow named Mr. Robert Swift.


Thank you for joining me today, Brooke. The readers of the first two books are very curious about Madison and her past relationship. What can you tell us?

Nothing good. The three of us used to play together as children. As we got older, Madison developed a rather disturbing infatuation with him. From there, she allowed him to court her for five years before tossing her aside in favor of another.

And I’m guessing this did not endear him to the family?

No, it did not. Would it endear someone to you if you saw that person treat someone you love poorly?

Point taken. But I’m the one asking the questions, remember?

Then ask sensible ones, would you?

A mighty sharp tongue today, eh?

I just can’t believe you did that, that’s all.

You mean—

I mean who you affianced her to! Have a heart, would you?

I do. And so does he. He may not know how to show it, but he does have a heart.

Good to know. I’ll go cut it out after this is over.

Oh, don’t be so dramatic.

I’ll try, but no guarantees.

Very well. Let’s talk more about Madison’s relationship with Robbie—

I’d rather not.

—Why  specifically do you dislike him so much? And don’t just give the vague, “he treated my sister poorly,” line.

I think the better question would be why should I like him. But since you asked why I don’t, I’ll name you a few reasons. First, he’s dumber than stump. He can’t read his own pocket watch. He constantly confuses the meanings of words. He doesn’t think before he acts.

Perhaps he just gets nervous?

No. He’s not nervous, he’s a clodpole. And yet, he’s a walking contradiction. One minute he’s charming and has a silver tongue then the next he walks into a room and makes a complete fool of himself.

Sounds like an interesting fellow.

He’s not.

All right, I’ll take your word for it.  Just one last thing, is there a man somewhere out there you think she would have been a better match for?

Yes, but it matters naught now. She’ll never have the chance to discover the truth of that mess. Not that she’d want to. She seems bent to believe the worst about him, even if I don’t.

Thank you for talking to me today, Brooke. I hope you’ll all join me tomorrow when I invite Madison back to help me answer a couple of reader questions.


Character Interview with Madison, heroine from To Win His Wayward Wife

It’s Monday again, which means I’m back with another character interview, this time I’m going to talk to Madison, the heroine from my upcoming novel, To Win His Wayward Wife. Except this time, instead of making her climb into the rickety time traveling carriage and bringing her to the year 2011, I’ve borrowed an old DeLorean I saw these two chaps playing with and went back in time to July 1813, the night of the infamous ball in the last scene of Liberty for Paul to be exact.

Good evening, Madison.

What are you doing here?

I’ve come to see you! Now that you’re engaged and all.

Why him? Of all people on the planet, why him?

You’ll see.

I doubt it. I learned my lesson in love a long time ago. You’re going to be hard pressed to find a way to make me fall in love with that vile being.

So you agree you’ll be falling in love?

I’d like to think not. But I know this a romance so technically there has to be a happily-ever-after thrown in there.

Not necessarily. It just has to have an optimistic ending. Perhaps I’ll see the folly of this match and let you each live happily –ever-after in separate residences.

Oh, could you? I would be forever grateful.

We’ll see. But who knows, perhaps one day you’ll come to care for him and not want to be in separate residences.

Not likely.

No, not likely. But you never know. What’s so bad about him, anyway?

You cannot possibly be serious.

 I was. But I’ll let the matter drop. Just so you know, I could have picked a far worse man for you. There was at least one other man in attendance tonight who could have made a worse husband.

Please don’t remind me.

All right. I won’t. I need to return to the present before Andrew accidentally pushes the wrong button in that car and goes in my stead.

Perhaps we can chat a bit longer, then.

I see your ploy. You’re trying to distract me so Andrew can change your story for you. Sorry, but that won’t be happening.

It was worth a try. All right, then. Go back to the future and spin your tales. Just remember, like every other writer, your happiness depends on mine, so perhaps you could change your mind—

Don’t count on it. Your fate has been sealed.


Character Interview, Paul and Liberty Grimes, Secondary Characters from To Win His Wayward Wife

Good morning, all. Thank you for joining us on this Friday morning. Today I’m starting my round of character interviews with the characters from my upcoming book, To Win His Wayward Wife, which is coming out April 15, exactly two weeks from today. I thought it would be best this time if we didn’t start with the main characters, but instead with the secondary characters. So today I have Paul and Liberty Grimes with me to talk about their happiness together and maybe share a little about what we can expect to see in To Win His Wayward Wife. Liberty, Paul, before you tell us what we can expect, why don’t you tell us how things are going for the two of you.

LG: Well, as you know, we’re expecting–

PG: That alone should tell you just how well things are going!

LG: Would you stop it?! The entire world was already privy to our first intimate encounter and knew full well we were about to have another; but must you feel the need to broadcast to the world that we still we have marital intimacies?

PG: Of course I do! As I already told you, I may be a Man of God, but I’m still a man. And a rather proud man at that. I certainly never thought such a thing would be happening between us, ever, so why not be happy about it?

LG: Men.

Just so. Now, lets quit this topic and discuss something else, shall we? When your story ended the two of you were at a ball hosted by Brooke, right?

LG: Yes, we were there.

I take it you have some rather sour feelings about that night?

LG: Why would you say that?

Because normally I cannot get you to close your mouth, and you just said a mere four words in answer to my question then you lips pursed as if you’d just eaten a lemon.

LG: I’d rather not discuss the night in question. That wretched man just cannot leave well enough alone.

PG: Calm down, darling. Just think, it’ s not you who married him. Though if Madison had accepted your previous offer of you letting her take your place across the altar from me, you could have married him.

LG: Well, let’s just all say a prayer of thanksgiving Madison wouldn’t have you.

PG: Yes, because I turned out to be such an awful husband.

LG: No, because you’re such an excellent husband. She’s the one who got the short end of the stick.

Now, now, I wouldn’t say that. I think he is the perfect match for her and will treat her just as well as Paul has treated you.

LG: Are you aware he’s kidnapped her?

Yes. And, I know just where he’s taken her.

LG: Well I should hope so. Brooke has guaranteed me that all shall turn out fine, but I have doubts about the optimism the two of you share.

Ah, but you also had doubts about the man who I chose to be your husband, too.

LG: True. I did have my doubts at first, but I did come around to see your way of thinking.

PG: And she’s very happy about it now.

LG:  Would you stop gloating? It’s rather annoying, you know?

PG: I know, but you like it when I’m annoying.

LG: I do not. Nobody likes to be annoyed. It’s annoying. Now stop.

(Perhaps I should have started with a different couple…) *Sighs* All right, you two, just answer some quick yes or no answers for me. Does Madison get engaged the night of the ball you all were attending in the final scene of Liberty for Paul?

LG: Yes.

And is Madison excited about her engagement?

PG: I think it depends on how one views excitement. In a way, yes she is. In another way, no she isn’t.

Very true. All right, what of the family? Are they excited about the man she marries?

LG: No.

PG: I don’t know everything about this particular man and his previous involvement with the Banks family, but I do know enough to know not a one of them was championing the match.

Well, that’s too bad. But you do think it’ll work out?

PG: I do. I know Liberty doesn’t, and where you currently yanked us out of the past, we were just in the middle of the story, so I don’t know exactly what is currently happening with the two of them or where it will lead. However, I imagine things will eventually work out for the two. I have my faith in him.

That’s good to hear. Before we go, I have one final question for Liberty. What did you store in your memory chest?

LG: Nothing so great. Especially not compared to what Madison had in hers if her reaction to seeing it was anything to go by. I mainly had a few special hair ribbons and a haircomb one of the little boys at my father’s church in New York gave me.

That’s still rather fascinating. I’m glad you and your sisters were able to recover your sentimental belongings, even if one of them didn’t want to claim hers. Well, have a good Friday everyone and I’ll be back on Monday to talk to another character. Enjoy your weekend!


Character Interview with Madison Banks, Secondary Character in Liberty for Paul

Today I have Madison Banks here with me to give us her take on Paul and Liberty and their unfortunate first impressions on each other. Thank you for joining me today, Madison. You are actually in a rather unique situation since you were present for the first…uh…incident involving Liberty and Paul. Is there anything you can tell us we don’t already know.

I don’t think so. I told everything to Brooke already, that’s all there was to say.

Ah, but you’re assuming everyone who’s reading this has already read Intentions of the Earl.

You mean they haven’t? Well, they should go to pick up a copy post haste! All right, you make a valid point, so I’ll just give a brief summary of what transpired that dreadful day. Mr. Grimes overheard Liberty say some unsavory comments and gently put her in her place. Shocked, and undoubtedly embarrassed, Liberty shot to her feet and said some equally unsavory comments to Mr. Grimes. Something about him not having any ballocks and hoping his troubles worsen so he has to go live out the rest of his life in a hole. It’s been a while, but I think that just about covers it.

She seems a lovely girl.

Actually, she is. Aside from her annoying love for propriety and her utter hatred for Mr. Grimes she truly is a lovely girl. You just have to get to know her a little better, you’ll see.

I think we shall all get to know her better very soon. However, do you think Mr. Grimes would agree with your description of her being lovely?

No, of course not. I don’t mean to sound critical, but have you read Intentions of the Earl? The two cannot tolerate each other, anyone who’s read the book would know that.

I’ve read that book more times than you think. But that’s not the point, what I was saying was… Wait. Have you read the book?

Of course, I did! Who hasn’t?  Well, except for those who haven’t found it yet and didn’t want to cut short this interview to go find their copy.  Although, just between us, I must admit I had to skim a few areas since Brooke is my sister and all.

But of course. And did you learn anything from the book?

Yes and no. Naturally, I already knew most of the details of Brooke and Andrew’s relationship because she told me, but I had no idea exactly why Mr. Grimes sported that nasty bump on his forehead at Brooke’s wedding, nor all the details of his lawn bowls game with Liberty. However, what I was most surprised to learn happened at the front of the book. Spacey? Really? Putting aside, the fact that the word “spacey” probably wasn’t even a term anyone would have thought to use back then, I was still rather shocked because all this time I actually thought you liked me.

I do like you. That’s why I have the perfect hero lined up for you to marry.

Save your ink. My interest in marriage in general rivals Liberty’s interest in Mr. Grimes. Actually, that’s not true. Liberty does have an interest in Mr. Grimes. It just seems his indifference toward her soured her feelings for him.


Just because I sit quiet and tend to let my eyes wander off to…to….out the window, does not mean I’m a featherbrain. The truth of it is, I’d wager Liberty was attracted to him from the start, but he seemed rather disinterested. Or if he was interested, he surely didn’t make it known.

Very observant. Would you say if the two were to marry interest for the other would spark?

I suppose it’s possible. But it’s unlikely they’d willingly marry.

So it is. That just means the hand of fate (or in this case, my hands) will have to interfere and see what can be done.

Just as long as those hands don’t try to create a fate for me, I don’t care what you do.

Oh, ye of little faith, you–and all our other readers–will just have to see what I have in store for you in To Win His Wayward Wife. Don’t roll your eyes, you will be the heroine.  And, even more exciting, you’ll be back in the interview chair in the next week or so when I do character interviews for the characters in that book. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Can hardly wait.

I knew it. But please try to contain your excitement. Until then, keep reading everyone!


Interview with the Earl and Countess of Townson, Secondary Characters in Liberty for Paul

Good morning, all. Thank you for joining us on this nippy Monday morning. Today I am interviewing Andrew and Brooke Black, the Earl and Countess of Townson. Brooke is Liberty’s eldest sister and seemed to be her greatest confidant during the time in which Brooke was securing her own match. Would you agree with that statement, Brooke?

BB: Absolutely. Liberty came to me several times during my courtship with Andrew to complain about “him” as she’d taken to referring to Paul Grimes.

What kinds of things did she say to you about him?

BB: Oh, well, nothing you don’t know already. She hated the man–

AB: And, I think it’s just as important to add, he rather disliked her, too. However, his reasons seem to hold far more water than hers.

BB: He’s right. The poor man had far more reasons to dislike her than the other way around.

Now, Andrew, quit grinning like a simpleton. I know it must be rare your wife admits you’re right, but try to dim that handsome smile, it’s hurting my eyes. Instead, why don’t you tell me about some of these incidents?

AB: To be quite frank, the one event I was privy to hear about is not one I–or any man for that matter–would like to discus, much less think about again.

Brooke, I see you giggling. Care to answer for him?

BB: No, I quite agree with Andrew’s ascertainment. I can see why a man would be loath to remember such a thing. Nor do I wish to revisit that particular conversation. Instead, I’ll just tell you that it took me about fifteen seconds to surmise the two disliked each other when I first saw them seated next to each other at dinner. She confirmed it, however, the next day when she burst through my door like a madwoman and declared she absolutely hated him and rattled off the most awkward story I’d ever heard, up to then, that is.

Are you saying that the awkward story that goes along with the memory Andrew is so vigilantly trying to repress over there is currently the most awkward story you’ve ever heard?

BB: Yes. I’d say so. Her second tale was far worse than the first.

Well, considering she’d practically accused him of lacking ballocks during the first story, I can only imagine how much worse the second story was. For Andrew’s sake, I’ll stop this vein of my interview. How about we talk about Mr. Grimes. What do each of you think of him?

AB: I rather like the man. He’s a good man to have around when you’re in a tight spot.

BB: Oh, stop. Andrew only likes the man because he agreed to marry us on the spot without asking any questions or putting his palm out for money.

AB: No better way than that to endear oneself to an impoverished man.

That’s right. You had what was it, forty pounds to your name at the time?

AB: Sadly, yes.

And now?

BB: Let me answer this one! To quote Andrew, “I have enough, madam. Discussing money matter is considered vulgar in English households. But if you truly must know, I have enough for you to have this…” Then he usually whips something he’s bought for me out of his pocket.

You actually ask your husband about his finances?

BB: Only because I know it leads to him giving me something! The first time I did it, it was completely innocent. It was right after he installed his mines and I asked if they were producing. He scowled, told me money matters were a man’s affair, then gave me the wedding ring he couldn’t when we married. Now, I just ask him to see if he has something for me.

Smart girl. I wrote you well. It seems Andrew’s mines were just the ticket. Very good. I’m glad it all worked out. For both of you. Now, back to Paul, Brooke what are your feelings on the man?

BB: I truly don’t know him so well, I’m afraid. When we first met, I thought he was a bit off. Cold. But the few times I’ve been around him in the past few months, I’ve rather warmed to him. He’s actually not so cold and distant, nor boring and stodgy like Liberty seems to think.

AB: I agree. He’s actually rather nice when you get to know him.

Do either of you think Paul and Liberty should set aside their differences and make a match of it?

Both: NO!!!

BB: You better not suggest such a thing to Liberty, steam will start spiraling out of her ears.

AB: I’d like to amend my former statement. I don’t think the two would willingly put aside their differences and try to make a match of it–nor would we all wish for them to. However, if something–such as a scandal–were to come up that would force them to marry, I think they could eventually push aside their dislike for the other enough to give off the appearance of a cordial marriage.

Cordial? Not love?

AB: Probably not.

Is love so important?

BB: I think so. I know we can’t all marry for love, but love does make the harder aspects of marriage easier. I don’t care who her husband ends up being just as long as somewhere in his heart he loves my sister and her insufferable ways. If he does, I”m nearly certain she’ll be hard pressed not fall in love with him, too.

AB: But in the meantime, he better guard his–

Oh dear, look at the time. I think it’s time for you two to back to living out the rest of 1812, while I go make breakfast and pack lunches. Join me next time when I talk to Madison, Liberty’s other sister, to see what she can tell us about Liberty, Paul and their rocky relationship last year at the house party.


Character Interview with Turner, the family butler from Liberty for Paul

Good morning! Today I’ll be talking to Turner, the Banks family butler from Liberty for Paul. Please excuse my tardiness this morning, Turner. I seem to have been caught up in tasks such as laundry and cleaning. In the year 2011, the words: maid and mother have become interchangeable, I’m afraid. But I’m sure you understand household tasks better than anyone being a bulter and all, right?

That’s right.

Good. So tell our readers, what is it like being the butler for the Banks family?

Quite interesting really. There’s always something going on in that appallingly decorated house. Sometimes I’m allowed to admit a certain earl and sometimes I’m not. One time–

Excuse me for cutting in, sir. Please remember our stenographer over there is writing down everything you say and posting it for all the world to see. We wouldn’t wish to unintentionally get you fired for revealing too much private information.

Right you are. I’ll just say the house is always abuzz.

Abuzz? I wasn’t aware someone from the early 1800s knew that word.

We don’t. I’ve never heard it before. But I overheard you use it while you were talking to that little black box thing a moment ago and gleaned it meant a lot was going on. Did I use it incorrectly?

No. You used it correctly.

Good. Then it is safe to say, the Banks house is always abuzz with some sort of exciting activity.

Very good. Let’s move to our next question. Would you say, with the exception of during this interview, that one of your most important roles as a butler is to exercise discretion?

Yes. Always. I should hate to bring embarrassment or shame upon the Banks family by revealing something that might be considered…uh….shameful or embarrassing, such as the time I found young Liberty in a compromising situation where she was–

Remember our stenographer?

Of course. How could I forget her? She’s rather fetching, she is.

Yes, well, please remember she is taking notes of everything you say. Turner, be completely honest now, is there anything that might make you abandon discretion and spill all you know to an outside source?

Absolutely not.



Hmm. What about a thousand pounds?

One evening in December, around Christmas, I saw Miss Liberty heaping clothes–

Well, I guess now we know his price.

No, you don’t. I gave my story to Lady Algen for a tankard of ale and a plate of hot mutton.

All right, then. I think that does it for today. Enjoy your weekend and come back Monday for another character interview. Now that we’re off the record, dish the dirt.

I was walking down the hallway, trying to look busy when I saw a slightly open door and a pile of men’s clothes sitting just outside. Being the ever dutiful servant that I am, I brought them downstairs to be laundered. Then when Mr. and Mrs. Banks came home, I led them upstairs to greet their guest and when the door opened, there it was,  Mr. Grimes and Miss Liberty were…