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One Sale and Two Giveaways

1. In case you haven’t already heard, from now until the end of the week, my entire first series is on sale for $2.99 from  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Scandalous Sisters Cover 1400x2000 72dpi

2. There is still time to enter into the giveaway at Herding Cats & Burning Soup for a chance to win a signed copy of His Contract Bride.

3. Today I am talking tea and bizarre combinations that actually taste good over on the Timeless Quills Blog. Stop by and tell me about your favorite tea combination (or just straight) for a chance to win a gift card to Teavana.

4. Speaking of Timeless Quills–which is made up Jane Charles, Amy De Trempe, Suzie Grant, Jerrica Knight-Catania, Ava Stone, and of course me, we are days away from sending out our first official eZine! If you’ve signed up for any of my mailing lists (or theirs) you will not be automatically signed up for this. But if you’d like to sign up for it, click here for the link.

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Another visit to the Draft File

I was scanning through my old drafts this week to see if there was something I could come up with to post (I did find a few older posts that I made when I had like four people following me that I might repost) and while I found several drafts that appears promising by the title, they were all blank… Here are some titles:

Character Interview with Carolina Banks, Secondary Character from Intentions of the Earl

Unconventional? Me??? No way!

Right on!

(No Title) (There was no content, either.)

Do Romance Novelists have an extraordinary amount of romance at home?

OT ( Off Topic) Men are SUCH babies

Sometimes it’s tough being a writer…

Guilty Pleasures

I did manage to find a few that had content though, one of which I’ll post below. I wrote it as soon as I got home from my first parent-teacher conference, approximately a year and a half ago. It’s titled: Ever wish the ground would swallow you whole? I have.

In books a lot of time we read about characters who wish the ground would open up and swallow them whole. Heck, I’ve even had a few of MY characters think this.

Today, thought it.

Today was my boys’ first official parent-teacher conference. Oh, boy. Having two active little boys, I steeled my spine, curled my hair, and prepared myself for the worst.

The conference started out okay. “Mrs. Gordon, Henry here likes to answer my questions. ALL my questions. In fact, he’s normally got his hand up—or his mouth open—before I even finish the question. Eddie, not so much. I feel like I have to pull the information from him.”

I nod. I expected this. My older son is quiet and reserved, my younger one can talk and bounce around all day long.

The conference goes on a bit longer, then suddenly it happens:

“Mrs. Gordon, does your family have a friend named Earl?”

“Uh, no. Why?” I cough to cover the hitch in my voice. Earl? The only Earl I know is one of my friends from high school’s husband, but I haven’t seen them in years. The only other “Earl” I know of…

“Well, Eddie talks a lot about an Earl.”

My heart picks up, and my hands start to sweat. I know exactly where this is going. For more than a year and a half around our house, my husband and I have openly talked about my books, giving them each an abbreviated name: Earl, Liberty, Wife, Sudden, Reluctant, Secondhand and soon to be Imperfect. Oh my word, the “Earl” the teacher is talking about is NOT a man named Earl, but rather a character: Andrew Black, Earl of Townson or rather his book.

 Needless to say, I had no idea how to respond to this, so in ordinary way of doing things, I sought a diversion. “Do you think this would be a good age to start piano lessons?”
I found a few other really good drafts, some I’ll post, some I think I might just finish up a bit and make them regular posts. A lot of them go with my “day in the life” series that I have sorely neglected. I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!
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My first series is now a bundle! And a Giveaway!

First, I’d like to announce that for a limited time I have bundled all three stories from the Scandalous Sisters Series and put them as one book.

Scandalous Sisters Cover 200x300 72dpi

This is on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now for $2.99, that’s less than the price of one book by itself!

So if you haven’t read all of these yet or would like to gift it or recommend it to a friend, now is the perfect time!

Second, today I am over on Herding Cats and Burning Soup talking about the very glamorous life of a romance writer and all of the perks that put me above the rest of the human race. Anna, the blog owner, is being kind enough to run a giveaway of my books, so be sure to check it out as we all know I herd my children and dozens of others and burn far more than just soup, unfortunately.

Have a great weekend!

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Intentions, Good or Bad?


It’s hard to believe it was nearly a year ago that I shoved a slip of paper in the middle of the novel I was reading, tossed it on the counter and plopped down behind my laptop, intent on writing a story about a plot I’d never read before.

Sure every Regency romance reader has read about an impoverished lord who is out to gain his fortune by duping some wealthy chit (usually a naive debutante or an old maid) into marrying him so he can have her dowry. In the end it comes out in one way or another that he’d only married her for her money, but fell in love with her along the way…blah, blah, blah. Very plain, boring and quite frankly overdone.

But what if the hero’s intentions were not so noble, hmm? What if the hero would gain the fortune he needs not by marrying an heiress, but by not marrying her? And what if said hero loses his heart to her along the way, but is forced to choose between marrying the woman he loves and remaining impoverished or doesn’t marry her in order to regain his much-needed fortune?