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Big, Exciting News!

I need to preface this with a few weeks ago I mentioned I have three Facebook accounts: one for Rose Gordon the person, one for Rose Gordon the author page and one where I use my real name and nobody knows what I really do (or at least that’s what I pretend).

So last night, I got some, what to me was is, exciting news. Will others think it is? I have no idea. I almost doubt it. But nonetheless, there I went to Facebook to “vaguebook” as my friend calls in when she posts something so vague it intrigues half her friends, but she really can’t reveal what it is and I did it under the wrong dang account! Instead of vaguebooking privately to just my friends, I put it on my author page for 500 sets of eyeballs to see.

Of course, prodding and questions came in, most notably: are you having a baby? Uh, no. (Ironically, as I was editing this, I my mom called and before I could even say hello, she asked if I was having a baby! No, no, no!)

Back on track.

I did make a promise to share this news on here today so it will stream to FB and everyone will know at once.

In no particular order here are my updates for the day:

1. Live Chat

Live chat image

WHEN: Tonight April 4, 2013

WHERE: On my website. Follow this link or click the graphic above.

WHY: To celebrate that the somewhat unapproachable Henry Banks will soon meet his match and reflect on all of the Banks men that I shall miss dearly…

TIME:  Starts at 8 pm EST  and will go to 9 pm EST.

This is a come-and-go event, you do not have to be there at the beginning and stay to the end. Drop in whenever you’d like and stay as long as you’d like–until 9, then I’m going to bed..

Looking forward to seeing you there!

2. It’s Thirsty Thursday again over at the Timeless Quills Blog.

Because I know how everyone just loves to hear about my eating/drinking habits, I have once again posted for Thirsty Thursday over at the Timeless Quills blog. Come see why I’ve gotten so much writing in the last few days (more than 15,000 words combined) and say a silent prayer of thanksgiving that it was me drinking that slop and not you. Oh, and comment for a chance to win a $10 gift card to Jamba Juice (or the equivalent in your area).

3. His Contract Bride took first in the Gulf Coast Chapter’s RWA Silken Sands-Star Contest (a reader’s choice award)!

In December I saw this email going around about contests that I’m eligible to enter–which let’s face it, there aren’t many. Because I don’t have a true publisher (only the company I incorporated myself for tax purposes) I am restricted from entering most writing contests because I’m published (from myself), thus making me ineligible to enter in the unpublished category, but because I’m publishing my own work and not being backed by a different entity, I can’t claim to be published, either. I’m in limbo and the amount of contests I’m eligible for is about 1/20 (if that).

But there is one that caters to and only allows those in my position to enter–which means it’s flooded with entires, including my own. I entered this last year and took third for Her Secondhand Groom. This year, even though there were even more entries and the competition was tougher, I gave it another shot and sent Contract and Yankee off not thinking I’d even final this year. Let’s face it, there are so many of us who fall into this category and so many have so much talent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downing myself and saying that I don’t, but I know my books are a bit different and don’t follow the mainstream crowd. Either people love them for that or just hate them, but it’s what makes my books unique and even if it means harsh criticisms at times or not winning contests and whatnot that’s perfectly fine with me.

So when a forward email of an old PayPal receipt with the word “Congratulations” and a link came in, I was caught completely off guard, followed the link, then nearly fell of my kitchen barstool!

One reason being what I already stated about my books pushing the edge of the mold and while some like that, others don’t and really it’s up to whose hands the book lands in. The bigger reason for my reaction being, I almost didn’t submit that book! I thought Yankee was more “exciting” and stood a better chance so I almost just sent that one, but in a last-second decision, I sent them both.

I cannot thank the Gulf Coast Chapter of the RWA enough for being the first chapter brave enough to offer such a contest and I have noticed a few others who are now allowing those in my position to enter, but I think they really helped pave the way.

I also want to thank everyone who helped me with the book: editors, proofreaders, critique partners, early readers, reviewers, and particularly all of you who’ve ever read any of my books. Had it not been for the response to my early books, I’d have never continued to write books and this particular story would have never been written.

*In all fairness, I am not the only one who can claim to have won first. Apparently it was a tie!

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 7.07.09 AM

Congrats to the other winners and finalists.