The editing husband returns…

I’ve been asked quite a bit about my husband’s editorial comments on Her Secondhand Groom so today I thought I’d be fun to post the lovely comments he left for me on Her Imperfect Groom.

(In case you did see the original post, see A Day in the Life Part 1: The Editing Husband)

  • It’s only the second paragraph and you’re getting corny already…
  • I use this sentence all the time, how is it ridiculous?
  • A dace is a small minnow, not applicable here (oops, somehow I missed the “n” in dance)
  • Did these exist back then? Just curious… (And the answer is YES! That particular object DID exist back then)
  • Really? Don’t you think you’re making him a bit too handsome? (What I’d like to know is is there such a thing as too handsome??)
  • Please clarify this. It just sounds wrong.
  • I’ll take your word for this.
  • Oh, the drama…
  • Was this intentional? (The answer is NO! I accidentally wrote “rousers” instead of trousers. Who knows what I was thinking about when I wrote that scene. Goodness.)
  • Ooo curvaceous!
  • You stole that from me! (It was a particular line/story he tells. And yes, I did steal it from him. Just a hint, it has something to do with rabid squirrels.)
  • You do need a thesaurus (This said after I used a pretty vague/common adjective.)
  • I don’t think three inch rocks make thuds when you drop them
  • “And eat it too?” (The sentence–which I apologize to my editor who reads these posts–was supposed to read: “…if you keep your calm…” But, I had: “…if you keep your clam…” He highlighted the clam and wrote in the margins, “and eat it too” however, and this is the part I’m apologizing for, I had no idea what he was talking about until RIGHT NOW, so I just now got that one. Sorry!)
  • Really? Wooee?
  • You mean Chatterfield?
  • Isn’t this supposed to be Sinclair?
  • Frankly dear, I think you have your ladies confused
  • You really should, you tease! (When I gave him this copy, I had one little scene that I hadn’t finished. Being my absentminded self that day, I forgot to tell him there was an unfinished scene with only: [FINISH] written… Oopsie!)
  • I think we need to have another woodcarving lesson, Mrs. Gordon. Carvers do not sand their pieces, they like them  to look natural. My opinion is: Rewrite!
  • Yes, we do need to go over woodworking again. “A tool with a sharp pointy tip?” Really? How about a gouge or chisel?
  • Maybe when he coughs, he should cut off half of the horse’s ear (don’t worry, it’s a wooden horse)
  • He’ll have to marry her if he sends her a letter? That’s ridiculous. (No, that’s the way of it, apparently.)
  • With his dirty fingers?!
  • I personally prefer the word heaved, but use what you want.
  • …?!?!
  • Wow, Sir Wallace is quite the lady’s man!
  • Not funny and quite unladylike!
  • What! And just how do you pronounce that?
  • Kate plowed over her own men? (During a game)
  • You goofball!
  • Crossing a line! (This part changed, as I thought it would before he even looked at it–sorry)
  • This sounds funny–and not in a comical sort of way.
  • Oh my! This scene just got juicy!
  • How is it physically possible for someone’s mouth to run independently of their mouth?
  • Really? No woman wants to bury her head face in a mat of chest hair–except for you maybe. (I must be weird, I guess, and since my husband lacks chest hair, I have to live vicariously through my heroines…)
  • What in tarnation are sausage curls?
  • I had use and used next to each other, so his note was: “using”. Guess he just wanted to make sure I had all tenses listed. (Apologies again to my fabulous editor. I had no idea what he was trying to convey. Perhaps if he’d try to be a little more serious and a little less humorous, I wouldn’t have sent you such a sloppy MS)
  • Um, I think this is a little convoluted–even for you
  • Oh how romantic. Swoon!
  • I think you mean “he” but you could leave it her, I’m sure if another man reads this he won’t mind. (The sentence was “…she shaped her firm breasts…” And yes, I blushed when I read that. Goodness.)

The last one is a bit of a spoiler so I put it at the bottom. I debated not putting in here at all, but for anyone who’s read any of my older posts they already know I said this might happen, so it’s not a huge spoiler, but just beware.

  • ~*~ SPOILER ~*~  Oh for goodness’ sake, these are two academics. There’s no way either of them could fight a duel this long.

14 thoughts on “The editing husband returns…”

  1. Oh Rose the two of you are a hoot!

    My hubby has a chest full of hair and I personally enjoy running my fingers through it. Some of his statements look familiar as to when I proof read for people. Like “it just sounds funny” or “wrong”.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I got a good laugh out of it and I think you should be honored that he enjoys reading your books, and by some of his comments…I do think he enjoys them 🙂

      1. After that discussion hubby had to put up with my hands in his hair. I was telling some women don’t have that luxury 🙂

  2. I think you should publish your books with his comments added in the proper places! How fun would that be?!! 🙂

    1. It might be fun for a few, but I imagine there would be a huge uproar about that! LOL When you read the book, you should be able to figure out where each of the comments went.

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