To Win His Wayward Wife

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To Win His Wayward Wife

Not to be outdone by her sisters’ marriage-producing scandals, quiet and withdrawn Madison Banks quickly finds herself walking down the aisle to a man who has secretly loved her for years.

Her groom, however, has no idea how to show his new bride that he truly loves her and following a bungled wedding night, finds himself in a position to either win his wife once and for all or lose her forever.

Can he prove himself worthy of her? Will she accept his love? Or will jealousy and past insecurities tear the pair apart?

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Dedication Page

Interview with Madison I

Interview with Liberty and Paul (leading into the book)

Interview with Brooke

Interview with Madison II–Answers Readers’ Questions

Interview with John and Carolina Banks

Interview with Robbie Swift (Madison’s old flame)

Interview with Madison III–Day before book release

Interview with Benjamin, Duke of Gateway

A meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Gateway


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