Contests, His Yankee Bride

The winner of the Caption Contest is…



“If my shelf-mate ‘All Signs Point to Murder’ gets any closer to me (or tries to steal my man), there WILL be murder.”

Thanks everyone who came up with something. This was really fun! I do/did have an announcement regarding this book…but after waiting ALL DAY LONG for permission to post it, it didn’t happen (get permission that is, the exciting thing is still a go). Maybe tomorrow.  I did want to post this though. Have a great night!

2 thoughts on “The winner of the Caption Contest is…”

  1. You just love to torture your blog followers dont you? hopefully you will get permission to announce whatever you have to announce tomorrow, so I won’t have to be on pins and needles for too long.

    Congrats to the winner. I love that caption.

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