8 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Walking Pneumonia”

  1. Holy cow, Rose. You go through more stuff than anyone else I know. I’m very glad you’re feeling better! (But I’m sorry you go through this stuff at all.)

    I can’t think of anything I’ve ever had that was weird. My husband, however, has this large round belly ever since his appendix burst. A lot of people think he has a serious illness, but he’s fine. He had a balloon inside him for a couple of days that expanded his skin, so that’s why it never went back to normal. That’s the weirdest thing I can think of from personal experience.

    1. LOL and thank you!

      That’s really strange about your husband’s appendix and the end result. Hmmm, I wonder if my appendix burst and that’s the cause of MY large, round belly. LOL (Nope, just too many sweets. 😛 )

  2. When I was 14 years old I joined track at school. After 6 months I kept complaining on pain in my legs so off to the doctors we go and to a full of drama teenager I about died when the doctor diagnosed me with Osgood-Schlatter s disease. WTH is what I thought and luckily to my relief he then followed with the fact that all that meant was knee pain due to growing. 😜 hope you get better soon.

  3. I am so glad you are getting treatment for your Walking Pneumonia. When my sister got her diagnosis of the same condition, she was also told she had had it for about ten years and it had damaged her lungs. Prior diagnosis – smokes too much. Quit smoking. I do wonder about doctors sometimes. So, take those antibiotics and feel better!

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