Answer to an “Urgent” Reader Question

With the permission of the sender, of course, I’m going to repost part of an e-mail from a reader and answer it in case anyone else was curious.

Subject: URGENT! URGENT!!!! I need to know!!! Is this your husband???

(Intrigued, and slightly uncomfortable, I cautiously click on the message)

So…if your husband isn’t the earl, is he Paul Grimes?

(After blinking a few times at the screen, giggles–yes, giggles–overtook me)

The answer once again is no. However, as much as my parents want to argue with me that Andrew’s character was written after my husband, my husband argues that with the exclusion of Paul’s looks, Paul is him. But he’s not.

I get the impression that authors really do write their characters about people in their lives–sometimes as the hero/heroine, but usually as the villan or scapegrace. I, however, have not done this. Yet. There’s really only a few people I’ve encountered in my life I disliked enough to want them to suffer…

Same goes for “good” people. As much as I love my husband, and I really do, I promise it, there are other personalities I like and I see no need to model my heroes after my husband for now. But you never know, one of my future heroes just might be my husband–if I could get over the jealousy of writing him falling in love with another woman, that is.

Thanks to this reader for reading my books and taking the time to write me. Thanks to all the others who have done the same.

*It should be noted, I don’t post all questions from my readers, and only with their prior permission. I do write a personal response to each, but typically do not post them. You’re welcome to write me with your own questions at or by leaving a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Answer to an “Urgent” Reader Question”

  1. This was so funny. I like to think there might be snippets here and there, but characters tend to take on a life of their own. I can honestly say this question has never appeared in my inbox.

    1. Thinking of it that way, I agree. I do see similarities to my life/people I know that sometimes pop up. But it would actually become rather uncomfortable to model a character completely after someone you know.

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